Next! Hair Salon Offer Permanents For A Passing Clientele

GxZTiI saw this on Reddit and had to post it. I would not view this as a very enticing offer but that may just be me.

The clear message is that they are really offering Temporaries for their senior customers.

A more sinister reading would wonder what is happening to the little angels once they enter the Little Beauty Shop Of Horrors.

That would certainly explain the short expiration date at the bottom. That is presumably for the Permanents.

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  1. Jean, I saw Tabitha on YouTube and was hooked. I have a disrupted sleep schedule and the great virtue of such a thing is that I can sit for hours all night and watch a series on YouTube. Same for the TV marathons. I watched so many salon take-overs by Tabitha I started looking for black pleather coats and boots to buy. LOL, I’m glad you liked it. Amazing how far common sense can take you in any small business.

    It’s amazing what turns up on TV in the middle of the night. I was watching some mini-marathon show about bosses actually working in their own factories. The one I recall was a high-end cosmetics factory owner assigned to the lipstick assembly line. All of the other workers were women and many of them didn’t speak English well. He just couldn’t get the hang of it. He kept hollering ‘Slow down the line!, slow down the line!’ then he got like, ‘these are $60.00 a piece, slow down the line!’. The other workers on the line tried to just act normal but eventually they were all laughing at him -while doing the job, and he just kept freaking out. He got the same ‘training’ everybody else got, which was just an explanation and demonstration of what was expected. He was though not used to manual work.

  2. To lottakatz, Great, I watched the video of Tabatha. It was great. Thank you for posting it. Even though they were talking about a hair salon SO many of the lesson can be applied to ones life and moving forward! Thank you. Last comment….Tabatha looks a little scary…I think she needs to go to finishing school herself.

  3. “old fashioned beauty parlor charm” “many years experience with roller sets”, they work for an older demographic and probably do a lot of bouffant styles and pink hair, the kind of stuff you find from the 50’s, 60’s and in certain regions. Unfortunately, there is a time limit on her speciality. Paging Tabitha!

  4. Very interesting marketing technique. I guess if you want to make sure your hair is just right for that special occasion of attending your own funeral, this is the place to go!

  5. Itchinbay, HBO has a very interesting and pretty balanced documentary on the selling of kidneys for transplant. They kinda come down on the current ethics but do present a case for the allowing of selling w/ safeguards. Now it’s done w/ no safeguards. It made both my wife and I think about the alternatives.

  6. Speaking of funeral parlors, what is up with that news story about dead guy found in the bleachers in some gym? When they did an autopsy of the dead and buried body they found newspapers stuffed in the carcass where organs should have been. Did they sell his liver? Inquiring dogs wanna know.

  7. She probably does the dead women’s hair @ the funeral parlor. A kid I went to high school w/ inherited his family funeral parlor biz. He had some great stories. Fast forward 30 years and it was nice to have a high school buddy help you bury your parents. But those stories were still rattling around in the back of my head.

  8. Look at Trudy’s own haircut. No self respecting Poodle would go out looking like that.

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