Ohio Judge Poisoned With Antifreeze . . . Wife Of 45 Years Arrested

00000HAGUE_20131204054128_320_240In a case that seems right out of Arsenic and Old Lace, Carla Rae Hague, 71, has been arrested for allegedly attempting to kill Judge Charles Hague, by putting antifreeze into his food or drink. Judge Hague survived but the hospital found high levels of ethylene glycol in his system. Police arrested Carla Rae Hague for felonious assault and is sitting in a jail cell next to the courthouse where her husband is a judge. She is expected to be charged with attempted murder and possible tampering with evidence.

Hague is a former nurse and was married to the judge for 45 years.

The case will go to the grand jury as Hogue remains in jail and her husband recovers at home. There is obviously a potential conflict in trying this case in Ashtabula County where the judge sits. It would seem clear that the case should be handled outside the county.

I have not been able to locate the basis for the tampering charge. Often police will tack on the charge if the person is accused of hiding or throwing away the evidence. In this case, they could be accusing Hogue of throwing away the antifreeze container or taking some step to hide the evidence. They have publicly said that they have evidence of intentional poisoning but it is not known if this was a statement by Hogue or forensic evidence. Local coverage does not detail the basis for the tampering charge or the basis for the murder charge. More will likely be learned after the grand jury acts.

Source: ABC

13 thoughts on “Ohio Judge Poisoned With Antifreeze . . . Wife Of 45 Years Arrested”

  1. Gang-stalkers/police give their girlfriends permission to poison off husbands by using antifreeze in coffee pots and police cover up victims calls for help and deny victim any form of emergency help from any and all hospitals!


  2. ”a sweetener in some products”
    It keep the ‘ice’ cream from turning rock hard

    The Mrs would probably like to plead (attempted) Justifiable homicide, but could be hard pressed to find a willing lawyer,
    esp w/o a change in venue.

  3. you’d think being a nurse she could come up with something a bit more creative and surefire than ethylene glycol. nicotine maybe, those little patches can be really handy.
    or so i’m told


    they use propylene gylcol (marketed a few years ago as a slightly less toxic antifreeze) as a sweetener in some products.

  4. The defense is simple. She was simply winterizng him.

    Currently in Milan, MikeS. They have the internets here and I thought you might be missing me.

  5. Actually, any one who has seen the movie Arsenic and Old Lace know that this situation nothing like the great movie with Cary Grant or the play. Not even close.


    Your Honor,

    I just couldn’t get the old bugger to “fire on all fours”, and I thought if I gave him some Antifreeze, it would get him to move!

    Our sex life is like a Model T Ford, instead of a Ferrari.

    I had to hand start the “old wreck” every time I needed a ride!

  7. What other product contains ethylene glycol? Or however ya spull it. Maybe he was drinking some bad moonshine. Judge not, least ye shall be judged. Something smells rotten about the charges here.

  8. He survived??? – Hmmmmmmm…….An effective Criminal Lawyer would likely say he did it and is framing her as it’s a lot better on him than her wiping him out in a divorce. Wish I’d have thought of that*!*

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