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  1. skepticdoc1,

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  2. TOM, thanks. It’s such a disappointment. For another kind of portrait artist, for real, check out Jennifer Day, quilter. She prints a photograph on fabric then covers the fabric with thread. http://www.jdaydesign.com/ click on art quilts.

  3. Argh, WordPress ate my comment from last night, maybe because of a link, but a forensic analysis of the actual image file as well as some measurements on the picture itself seem to show that the image was not created within the program that they’re advertising for, and was instead likely created in Photoshop directly from the reference image. The analyses are summarized on the Hacker Factor blog and gone into detail on another blog called “Sebastian’s Drawings”. (Googleable enough, but I haven’t linked them so as to avoid further WordPress disagreements.)

  4. Bettykath and Blouise

    i know what ya’ll mean. i would watch (i can’t think of his name, the white guy with the fro) on public t v. he could make a beautiful picture with two brushes, a four inch house painting brush and two putty knives.

    and i don’t know what i’d do without if the red line that shows up whenever i misspell a word. right click and it guesses what i’m trying to spell. i misspelled beautiful so badly above that when i clicked on it, it only word it showed was “pitiful”.

  5. I don’t know if this is a fake or not, I’m inclined to think not, but there is an Australian porcelain artist who puts a lot of paint on the porcelain and then moves it around and wipes it off, producing a portrait that is very realistic, near photo quality. I watched her do this a few decades ago. She achieved an excellent portrait within a few minutes. Her finished works took longer to achieve. Can’t remember her name and don’t have the magazines readily available to see if her work was published in them. Haven’t found her on the internet.

    An world class photographic quality portrait painter on porcelain is San Do of Tampa FL.

    Sorry, don’t know the technology stuff. I can’t even operate an mp3 player and don’t do much with my phone but make calls.

  6. Why the Morgan Freeman finger painting is probably not fake:

    How exact is Lambert really, though? We fired up Black Pixel’s Kaleidoscope app to see if it could spot any differences between the original photograph and the painted image. Kaleidoscope has an Image Scope tool that’s designed just for this purpose — it’ll reveal differences between images that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

    According to Kaleidoscope, there are only a few pixels that match up precisely, and these are marked with white dots in the image above. Even though we can’t detect it with our eyes, most of the painted image is indeed different from the photograph. If the two images were identical, the result from Kaleidoscope would be entirely white as shown below.

  7. Now let me be clear…. ooops, sorry, that’s the Dictator-in-Chief’s line.

    Getting back, this is the first email I clicked on this morning, (if one considers noon morning) and when I saw Morgan Freeman’s face I thought it was a photograph and couldn’t figure out why Mr. Turley posted it. Seriously. As the artwork progressed and I saw a face take shape I was truly amazed. And in awe of the talent this gentleman possesses. I’m with you on this one Annie! Period.

  8. I have such admiration for those who are able to visualize and then create. That was beautiful to watch.

  9. The truth of a good portrait is the eyes. Incredible. This is world class talent. I have always been a sucker for photorealistic painting, although many art critics belittle the photorealism school of art, saying it would just be easier to use a camera, and it is not true artistic interpretation.

    I am a long-time fan of famous aviation artist Dru Blair, and met him once. He disagrees with that criticism completely, saying that a good photorealistic artist can bring out things in the image the camera cannot capture.

    Here are some of his aviation art images.

    And here is his portrait of Tica.

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