17 thoughts on “For David Drumm (1948-2013)

  1. Very thoughtful. Nice job. I’m going to miss the find the kitteh contest along with Nal’s writings on the other thread.

  2. Thanks, Mark.
    I doubt that Nal would approve of us making a big deal of his passing, but he is missed. I could post some kind of smarmy poem, but he definitely would disapprove of that.

    As I wrote in the story about my friend Sabrina Jackintell several weeks ago, some people lead lives that leave nothing in the bottom of the glass. Nal was one of them.

  3. David was my husband’s brother. I just saw this kitty and it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you to all of his friends for your sweet and perceptive tributes. Richard, our two girls, and I miss him very, very much.

  4. Sue:

    We are very grateful to have David as a part of our circle of friends here. David wrote many things on this website and is something you and your family might find comforting.

  5. Thanks so much. I’m glad that Richard provided that picture of David making the sister sandwich with our daughters. He was a big, tall guy but a gentle roughhouser, and the girls (now 18 and 19) loved it. They would torment him no end!
    Anyway, it’s really comforting to know of his online life and network, most of which was unknown to me. As a public interest lawyer, I, of course, know who Prof. Turley is, but never knew of David’s connection to the blog!
    Thank you again. I feel better.

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