Mad Slasher Captured During Flight Video

I sincerely hope that this document was not too important for this passenger on a recent flight. On the other hand, he could be a Hollywood screenwriter with another slasher film to his credit.

At least it was not a question mark where the flight attendant would ask if there is an existentialist on board for an emergency intervention.

I must confess that I have done the same thing but not to this extent. Whatever problems he may have as a typist, he clearly makes up as a solid sleeper.

9 thoughts on “Mad Slasher Captured During Flight Video”

  1. The poor guy catches his flight and a little shut-eye… and he wakes up on Jonathan Turley’s blog.

  2. Look at that screen.
    Not a single paragraph. Who is going to bother to read that?

    Speaking of reading …….
    This thread caught my attention because I had read the headline as “Mad Flasher Captured During Flight Video”

  3. The Privacy and Civil Rights Oversight Board report says that the NSA spying on Americans is illegal.

    Two of the five members of the board partially dissented. One was legal counsel for The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the other was legal counsel for the national republican party.

    One of the members who said the military NSA was conducting illegal surveillance was on the Federal Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit for twenty years, and its chief judge for 5 years.

    Obama did the mad slasher on the report and agrees with the two neoCons on the board.

  4. People that take vertical video should be ashamed to call out **other** people asleep at the wheel.

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