Massachusetts Teacher Charged With Indecent Exposure After Incident With Mailbox

driveway26n-1-webNorfolk County Agricultural High School teacher Marc Mertz has been arrested in a rather bizarre case where he was seen walking around his driveway wearing only a ski cap and googles. What is most interesting about the story is that this is not the first exposure allegations that Mertz has faced.

A woman in Walpole said that she spotted Mertz on this driveway and called police. Given the scene and the weather, it was a chilling sight from both a criminal and climatic viewpoint.


However, the woman reported seeing him in a ski cap, googles and a towel. The last item raises a question over the basis for indecent exposure. It would still be enough for the police to intervene for the man’s own protection but the legal defense was lost when the woman drove back a second time and the towel was gone. She says that now Mertz was completely nude and thrusting his hips onto his mailbox as she drove by.

The mailbox is not being listed as a sexual assault victim at this time but I doubt the mail carrier is going to want to use that box for a while.

Mertz was charged with open and gross lewdness and disturbing the peace.

What is a matter of even greater concern is that Mertz was previously cited for exposing himself to boaters in nearby Natick in 2012. Yet, he remained a teacher at the high school.

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  1. I have never understood people’s problem with nudity, there is nothing indecent about it. I don’t understand why this behavior should have any effect on his teaching job.

  2. I think the case is going to come down to whether or not these women were truly shocked at what they saw given the necessary element in the crime alleged, especially when at least one of them drove back to witness this again. But it could be argued they didn’t expect to see the suspect depositing his package into the mail.

  3. How do ya spull goggles? The article says googles. I am gonna google it on google dictionary.

  4. Never trust anyone under 30. Or a teacher who grows a beard and shaves his head. Or a mailbox by the side of the road outside that teachers house. He has a mental illness and requires treatment. I looked through the DSM 5 and could not quite chose a diagnosis. The bi polar thing gets a bit overworked.

  5. “….he was seen walking around his driveway wearing only a ski cap and googles.”

    Are “googles” those crazy glasses with giant bloodshot plastic eyeballs hanging from the frames with small Slinkys? Was the towel wrapped around his head?

    I’m thinking Mr. Mertz has an unusual sense of humor that some people have difficulty appreciating. I bet he’s a real hoot in the classroom. I wish I had such an amusing neighbor – as long as he leaves my mailbox alone.

  6. High school teacher arrested after alleged naked walk

    On a 911 call the shock at witnessing Mertz’s alleged actions can be heard.

    “There was just a nude man walking down his driveway. He’s got a ski cap on and no clothes. I don’t know if he’s still there or not but I just saw him, very weird. I don’t know who he is or if he lives there or what he does, but all I know is this guy was stark naked,”

    According to Walpole Police Deputy Chief John Carmichael, Mertz was doing more than taking a walk.

    “He was naked and he began to gyrate toward his mailbox as the victim drove by,” Carmichael said.

    Police investigated the incident and arrested Mertz on Wednesday.

    Parents say he was a good teacher.

    “He was a good teacher, my daughter had him for a couple classes. I met him a once or twice, seemed like a nice guy to me,” one man said.

    They say he has a history of this type of behavior.

    “He had apparently exposed himself to some boaters at a lake in Natick, I don’t know if he was arrested,” Carmichael said.

    Police say the incident was very upsetting for the two women who say they saw him parading in his birthday suit.

    “We charged him with open and gross lewdness. Part of the elements of that crime are the victim must have been shocked and alarmed by the behavior that was exhibited. In this case both victims were shocked and alarmed,” Carmichael said.

    School officials said Mertz has been placed on administrative leave.

  7. nick spinelli

    The union will protect this pervert @ work. You have to wonder what this agricultural teacher is teaching his male students about sheep??
    “The union” … you mean the one and only big bad omnipresent union that is always bothering Gov. Walker?

    Not likely in MA, because the behavior is statutorily implicated.

    The behavior is governed by:

    A teacher with professional teacher status, pursuant to section forty-one, shall not be dismissed except for inefficiency, incompetency, incapacity, conduct unbecoming a teacher, insubordination or failure on the part of the teacher to satisfy teacher performance standards developed pursuant to section thirty-eight of this chapter or other just cause.

    (Section 42). Anyway, if “the union” provides an attorney, like insurance companies do, in the proceeding that is fine because the statute also requires that the case be proven, and that those accused my have a lawyer if they want to.

    You know, the not just firing someone on just anyone’s say so due process thingy.

    Americana, if you will.

    Teachers in MA are held to a fairly strong standard under that statute.

    In Mackenzie vs. School Committee of Ipswich a teacher firing was upheld when she said “son of a bitch” in an inappropriate manner in an inappropriate place.

  8. I’m kinda foggy on the details…. But where the mailbox is located would seem to be pert ….

  9. The union will protect this pervert @ work. You have to wonder what this agricultural teacher is teaching his male students about sheep??

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