13 thoughts on “Obama’s NSA State of the Union: A Political Cartoon Video”

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  2. Our new stable datum on American presidents: If you vote for Tweedledum or Tweedledee, the New President will be worse than the last!

  3. Don’t you feel safer knowing that your government knows everything about you and your doings? Ben Franklin would be ashamed at what America has become. “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    The govt is now in the business of punishing the truth tellers (Snowden, et al) and rewarding the lying criminals (banksters, Clapper types). .Welcome to Bizarroworld,

  4. Paulette you propose changes that would be helpful. It may be time to intertwine direct democracy (electronic voting on some issues) with traditional representative democracy. Snowden for President 2016.

  5. I wonder how long it will take before the American public becomes uniformly upset with all that is going on with the spying on the public.

    One aspect of of Edward Snowden’s interview Chuck brought to our attention a little while ago was how he alluded to the industrial spying that was happening with the NSA on German Industry. This is something I have to wonder what is going on with the notion of private/government data collection that might be channelled to US business interests who lobby politicians. There as a big stink about this when it was shown China was doing the same thing. Now, it seems the NSA is doing the same thing and those who reveal it face prison sentences.

  6. What no comments on the O’Riley encounter ? Was it a learning encounter ? What is the duty of a journalist in the questioning of a Head of State ? Who determines its tone ? Any thoughts ?

  7. I propose a single six year term for the Presidency. That way we can be done with perpetual campaigning. The same one-time only election restrictions would apply to both Senators and Representatives but with different term lengths. Let’s end this re-election debacle.

  8. In the upcoming midterm election how can anyone vote for someone that helped pass the affordable care act. Think about it, the congress passes a law that they don’t have to live by, but you do

  9. For many of us Republicans who voted for BHO in 2008, and then again in 2012, the POTUS has not disappointed us. We saw in him a moderate, not an extremist. I have been disappointed to not see in him the man who addressed US national interests in the speech in Cairo, in the continuing use of drones, in the over dependence upon military force instead of diplomacy. But in his SotU address, he seems to have gotten back on track. Certainly John Kerry has helped restore some of the Cairo image. Healthcare reform was, is, and will remain an uphill battle. I know second hand about the river of fraud in healthcare. I had clients who explained this to me. So Obamacare is just a first step in that reform, reform of those who cheat government sponsored programs, be they doctors, hospitals or insurance companies. I do not favor toying with the minimum wage. But fundamentally I am a Keynesian. I hope my party suffers in the upcoming elections. No one can lead when the legislature will not follow.

  10. A vote against Obama can get you labeled as a racist…. A vote against Hillary means you hate women….. How about a vote against anyone who has ever held elected office…… Dump the incumbent…..as they are becoming redundant….

  11. O-bummer…… The greatest disappointment of my 69 year old political life… Even bigger than George W. Bush. With Bush, at least I knew what to expect.

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