13 thoughts on “The Ultimate Soccer Mom”

  1. I worked for a law firm in Chicago that defended Jewel Food Stores, the largest supermarket chain in the metro area. You can’t believe the footage on surveillance tapes in a big city supermarket. Before the Tylenol case, when all food products were accessible, I would see women opening up and tasting different types of dip to see if they liked it. The usual process was to lick the cover. If they liked it the container went in the carton, if not then right back on the shelf. This footage looks contrived to me. FWIW.

  2. Great. It is not enough that Richard Sherman is about 10 standard deviations ahead of me in every possible area of human endeavor.

    Now I can feel inadequate when I shop the produce department too.

    Just give me the bok choy and get out of my way.

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