Vegas Police Release Hit-and-Run Video in Search of California Driver

LVpolice212_20140221_145305Las Vegas police have released the video below of a hit-and-run at a gasoline station that left an elderly man injured. The crime occurred on February 6th at an Arco station on West Flamingo around noon when a white male in a hoodie also hit the man. When the victim turns toward the car, the driver then speeds up and knocks him over.

The driver leaves the elderly man on the road writhing in pain. Police say that it is a gray 2010 or 2011 Honda Accord with a tinted back window and a California license plate beginning with “6C”. That is actually a fairly good lead and I am surprised that they do not have any matches on the make and partial plate.

The suspect is described as a white male in his 30s with a medium build. With this video, the guy is toast with a high likelihood of capture and a bad case for a plea offer. The best thing he could do is to turn himself in. In the meantime, there are a lot of ticked off folks looking for him. This will not be one of those things that stays in Vegas if he makes it for California.

Anyone with information is urged to call the LVMPD Violent Crimes Section at (702) 828-5634, or Crime Stoppers at (702) 385-5555.

17 thoughts on “Vegas Police Release Hit-and-Run Video in Search of California Driver”

  1. What I also found disturbing was that all the gawkers didn’t attempt to get close to the stricken man. Reminds me of incidences where people step over badly injured people or even dead people. No matter what this old man said there is on excuse to run him over.

  2. gbk, It doesn’t read that way, but I will take you @ your word. Thank you for taking the time to explain.

  3. Pedestrian has the right of way. Man didn’t hit the hood of the car until the car ran into him. Dredd, yep. And leaving the scene.

  4. “And I shall be El Toro Tina, Numero Uno, Toro come back…….”
    or something close to that, = the old Kingston Trio song?
    Attorney for the criminal – don’t forget to blame the victim for going around just asking for it by wearing that enraging red shirt and hat *!*
    You only have to be right once, to make a policy of regarding people you don’t personally know, as potentially ticking time bombs, and it all pays off……

  5. nick spinelli,

    My comment wasn’t meant to annoy you; rather it was an admission of your fervent dedication to what is right in as little words as possible.

  6. Being a good citizen is not vigilantism. People who cavalierly throw out labels like bigot, racist, homophobe, sociopath, etc. are part of the past. If I see a vehicle matching that description I will call the police. That’s being a GOOD CITIZEN, not a “vigilante.” Those epithet days are over, gbk. But, there are plenty of venues for them. Carry on.

  7. nick spinelli,

    “This ISN’T ABOUT RACE. Maybe ageism?”

    Or vigilantism given your post at 6:55 pm.

    No doubt the guy’s — as you say — a shirtbird, but, well, I’ll stop there.

  8. I wouldn’t discount the race potential so easily. If it had been a black youth demanding respect and the driver was a white person, the youth could have been run down, shot, or whatever for pounding on the car. The old white man dared the driver and was run down. Regardless, you don’t run people down, shoot people, stalk people, or do you?

  9. Waldo, Let’s stick to the facts of this case and not interject “white privilege” into it. This ISN’T ABOUT RACE. Maybe ageism?

  10. The driver should argue he feared for his life based on the angry and violent reaction of the pedestrian (he slams fist on car’s hood). I say this mostly in jest, although I suspect if the pedestrian were a young black male instead of an elderly white man who responded exactly the same way then this argument would get some traction.

  11. I’ll keep my eye out. I was constantly looking @ license plates for over 30 years. I still do just out of habit. This happened in Vegas and this shitbird will be staying in Vegas @ the luxurious Clark County Jail.

  12. Man verses car, I’ll take the car, you don’t know what the guy that didn’t move out of the way said, looks like he dared the driver to run into him

  13. It’s sad….. I hope they catch the B***tard……

    We had a similar situation here ….. They caught the guy trying to flee the country back to Jordan….. But the seventy year old was out for his morning jog and got hit…. If I recall… He got out if the hospital this morning….

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