Bank Robbery Suspect Nabbed After Allegedly Posting Selfie With Sub-Machine Gun

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Sub-Machine Gun SelfieIn another example of felons making law enforcement easier Jules Bahler allegedly posted onto Facebook images of himself toting a sub-machine gun the same day he reportedly robbed a Chemical Bank branch in Bay City, Michigan. He is also accused of two more robberies over an eight day period.

On March 5, Bahler reportedly walked into a Chemical Bank branch in Bay City and “displayed what appeared to be a black sub machine gun and demanded money,” according to an affidavit sworn by FBI Agent Sean Callaghan. After a teller gave Bahler $7000, he fled the bank. The prior Pontiac robberies, Callaghan noted, netted Bahler a combined $8300.

A police sergeant Thursday pointed the FBI to Bahler’s Facebook page, which included photos of him posing with “what appeared to be a sub-machine gun and wearing clothes matching those used in the aforementioned bank robberies,” reported Callaghan. The affidavit does not reveal how the cop identified Bahler as a possible suspect.

Selfie With An UziInvestigators conducted a traffic stop on Bahler after they watched him depart his Pontiac home. “A black sub machine gun was found in a duffle bag that was located at Bahler’s feet,” Agent Callaghan reported. During a subsequent interview, Bahler waived his Miranda rights and reportedly confessed to all three bank robberies.

It was very fortunate nobody was hurt in the robberies considering this man’s expertise with firearms. Note on the second image, finger on trigger, hand in front of muzzle. Hopefully he won’t get confused when he wants to take a picture and thinks: “Point and Shoot”.

By Darren Smith

FBI probable cause affidavit
The Smoking Gun

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18 thoughts on “Bank Robbery Suspect Nabbed After Allegedly Posting Selfie With Sub-Machine Gun”

  1. uzi made them with the longer barrel for legal reasons. they call it a carbine.

    Mr. Hacksaw says he can change that.

  2. The FBI probable cause affidavit stated the firearm was a sub-machine gun.

    And what Bigfatmike said.

  3. Big mike….. Just file the pin down a little…. They transform….

  4. Here I am… Come and get me… he was so bright he left his. GPS on when he took the photo….

  5. What makes you think it’s a Sub-Gun? A real Sub-Gun would not have such a long barrel. Perhaps you don’t really know what a Sub-Gun is. Is a AR-15 a Sub-Gun? Thanks

    1. “What makes you think it’s a Sub-Gun?”

      I am going to assume that by sub-gun you mean sub machine gun.

      I would argue that the most widely accepted meaning of sub-machine gun is a fully automatic weapon firing hand gun ammunition.

      The weapon in the picture is clearly a Uzi variant. Many of these weapons are chambered in 9mm Luger or NATO (basically the same cartridge that differ in the amount of pressure generated at firing). There are some available in .45 cal. And conversion kits for .41AE and 22LR are also available.

      It is possible that the weapon in the picture is fully automatic, either because it was manufactured that way or because it was converted later. But I would guess that this is the semi automatic version because that version is more widely available, far less expensive, and does not require special machine gun licensing. And conversion of this weapon requires skills most people do not have.

      The long barrel of the pictured weapon suggest it is a commercial version manufactured to meet requirements for export to the US for civilian use.

      Basically it is a very large, scary looking, semi automatic hand gun.

      But a sub machine gun? Probably not. But not because it has a long barrel.

      BTW, AR15s are not sub machine guns because they are semi automatic and they fire a rifle cartridge. Some of the CAR variations of the M16 family are fully automatic. And some of them have very short barrels. But they are not considered sub machine guns either because they fire the 5.56mm rifle cartridge.

  6. This is why I think the oft-used phrase, “dumb crook,” is redundant.

    Some years ago, a bank robber handed the teller a stickup note….written on the back of one of his own bank deposit slips from another bank. Took the money and left the note behind. The police just went to his apartment and waited for him to return.

  7. Does being incredibly stupid get a lighter sentence? Or, just the opposite?

  8. Big fat mike, you are so right. Only one addition to that advice, when you work for that bank be the CEO because if you misbehave you will not only not get jailed you will get a big raise and praise from the President!

  9. What. Was he doing a job interview when he sent in the selfie?

    Now his job will be an Orderly or Trustee.

  10. Unlike Lanzer(? the Sandy Hook killer), a suspected psych drug nut case, this guy’s expertise with firearms might be a plus point. There seems to be a Bonnie & Clyde bravado & showing off here that’s more a fetish or abberation than an out and out psychosis. Its possible he might have backed down rather than kill or maim someone, but just the brandishing of firearms threateningly like that deserves three years or more.

  11. When you consider the cost of the Uzi and the time he will get, he didn’t even make minimum wage. What a sucker.

    It does raise the significant question should he be allowed to plead to a better deal because he self reported on social media?

    A life lesson for all students everywhere. If you want to be a criminal don’t steal from the bank – work for it. That way when you get caught bank attorneys will negotiate a civil fine for you – and you will probably get a bonus.

  12. Ah yes, another case of “even bad guys have a ‘want to be good’ streak in them, so they make it easier to be caught”.

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