Proof That Someone Is Good With God?

If you watch closely, this bizarre hit and run involves a truck that first hits the man and then a mattress flies off the truck and cushions the man before he hits the ground. If this was staged, it was an impressive piece of work.

Clearly, this guy is right with the Almighty. He seems to have fulfilled that Irish Blessing: “May the road rise up to meet you . . . May God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

11 thoughts on “Proof That Someone Is Good With God?”

  1. I concur.

    The cyclist was not hit by the truck but the mattress flew off the back and under-cut him. He then landed atop it.

    This would have been much to difficult to state.

  2. Dave, has it right.
    The mattress flies off the truck and hits the guys bike. The guy ends up on top of the mattress. He then takes his bike from under mattress and rides home where he can clean his pantaloons in private.

  3. No, it wasn’t staged but the guy wasn’t hit by the truck either. He was riding in the back on top of the mattress to hold it down. The speed got too high and the air lifted the mattress and the guy off the back of the truck. He became an Ali Baba of the sleeper set.

    I’ve never seen someone fly off but I’ve seen people do this often.


  4. Watched it twice, I’m pretty sure it’s not staged. The speed of the vehicle is one of the reasons.

  5. He was hit by the mattress that “saved him.” If the mattress didn’t fly off the truck, he wouldn’t have been hit. Watch it and keep hitting Pause: the truck doesn’t touch him.

  6. I first I was with the staged group. However, this appears to be a CCTV and you would have know exactly what its range was and where you wanted it to land. In a staged incident I would have expected the spectators to get on the scene faster especially since the stuntman was not getting up fast.
    Either way, I am not going to attempt to duplicate it. šŸ™‚ This is something to send to Mythbusters.

  7. On reviewing it a few times, it looks like this event was staged? No church service tonight….lol…

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