“Lord and Lady Chisholm” Arrested For Welfare Fraud In Florida

040114_otr_conti2_640If the police are correct, Colin Chisholm III, 62, and Andrea Chisholm, 54, just may be the most outrageous welfare frauds in history. The Chisholms lived on a $1.2 million yacht when they were not in one of their expensive homes. However, they still collected more than $160,000 in state welfare benefits. They each face one count of welfare fraud. They also portrayed themselves as Lord Colin A.J. & Lady Chisholm of Struy.

fl-yacht-food-stamps-1-jpg-20140327It is a belong to fraudulently accept public assistance worth more than $35,000. The Chisholms are charged with lying to get food stamps, medical benefits, and other benefits from 2005 to 2012 in Minnesota and Florida. They collected welfare in both states at the same time.

While collecting welfare, they lived the high-life. Colin Chisholm claimed to be a Scottish aristocrat and identified himself as Lord Colin Chisholm, III and his wife as Lady Chisholm. He also claimed to be a wealthy and successful executive in the broadcasting industry as the chief executive officer of TCN Network. Andrea Chishom ran Strathglass Kennels, a real dog kennel that bred and sold pedigree championship puppies, according to Freeman. Police say that she never reported that income which leads to the question of why they are not also charged with tax evasion.

The bizarre fantasy world is still apparent on the Strathglasskennel site which says


“Strathglass Kennel has a long tradition going back to 1800 hundreds in Strathglass Scotland.

In 1912 in Westchester, New York Mr. Hugh J. Chisholm carried that traditions forward and today Colin A.J. and Lady Andrea Chisholm of Struy carry on a first rate Breeding and Show Kennel.”

One report says that they attempted to rip off friends in Florida by asking for a $100,000 investment in one of their homes that Colin claimed was a historic site. What is curious is that this couple appears have made some money. These homes and this boat did not come from welfare fraud. It is not clear what the source of that money is beyond the kennel operation.

Thus far, the case seems undercharged given the alleged scope of the deceptions allegedly perpetrated by the couple. I am not concerned with the lies about being royalty or his claim to be an executive. However, there appears to be a broad range of fraudulent acts alleged in the complaint beyond a single count of welfare fraud.

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  1. The judge needs to fine them for 96 million dollars, leave them crooks just 1 million to live on. Then put them in jail for 90 days, or until they pay the fine!

  2. Just for the record – The Chisholm’s donate money to the GOP ongoing. According to Open Secrets (a sight that reports on donations given to political parties) Colin Chisholm donated a total of $1,250 to Republican-related groups. Specifically, $250 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee in 2005 and $1,000 to the Connecticut Republican Campaign Committee in 2008. This from a guy who said he had no income and only $85 to his name at one point. He is listed as the CEO of TCN Networks, a cable and broadband company with operations in the Caribbean. If they have any decency, the NRSC and the Connecticut GOP should return the money. This is money that may rightfully belong to the taxpayers of Florida and Minnesota.

    1. Ghostly Wolfe – the amount the Chisholm’s donated to the GOP would not buy you a salad plate at an Obama fund raiser. You are going to have to raise your sights higher.

    2. Colin was always a sleazy creep. Nothing he did surprises me. It’s a shame he hurt so many people. He had an inflated ego. Narsissism in the utmost degree. Always putting everyone down to build himself up. I hope he takes a long hard look into his character , how so many people bought into his lies. I saw him in action in Greenwich Ct. Once a creep always a creep. Praying on the elderly is abominable. May it come back to haunt you in tri-fold. You so deserve all that is coming to you.

  3. Colin and Andrea lived here in Greenwich ct. He got away with stealing $250 thousand from Verizon by saying he was bipolar. What next Colin the embalmer.

  4. >>You have to Know the Law<< These folks might actually be found innocent of fraud b'cuz the Federal Laws for receiving assistance are based solely on earned income. Meaning… You can own a Multi-Million dollar mansion and still legally be eligible for food stamps if You have N0 money coming in on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis. (If You don't believe Me look it up for Yourself) Sure, common sense says…**Sell the freakin' yacht and buy Your own dadgum food!!** ((L0L)) But the truth is liberal laws are routinely written in broad strokes. With absolutely N0 for thought as to how a system set-up to help the less fortunate could easily be abused others. [Sad-but-True]

    1. Bobo I see that you have not read the law since it prohibits food stamp folks from owning a new or recent car, much less a yacht. Try doing some reading of the law and policies. They also have a max you can have in a bank account. The problem was that the people in charge did not investigate their claims.

  5. Well, human nature being what it is, people will engage in fraud wherever they can. Efforts to root out fraud and abuse will ensure funds go to those who truly need it. Every con artist like this wastes money that could have really helped someone.

  6. They should have their assets seized and sold to pay back the taxpayers.

  7. Paul, some men think it takes a woman 5 hours to put on makeup and then do it once in a lifetime. I felt the need to share the reality of an average woman’s daily toilette. 😉

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