Optical Illusion or Martian Looking For His Car Keys?

622x350New pictures from Mars has people talking about the possibility of an artificial light source on the planet. This photo was taken last week, apparently by one of our NASA rovers and has UFO folks launching all types of theories.

Scott C. Waring, who maintains the website UFO Sightings Daily, says that “this could indicate there is intelligent life below the ground and uses light as we do.” It could also be some lens issue or optical illusion, right?

Of course, every scary movie shows the perils of walking toward the light. We just might find a ticked off Martian with a flash light.


12 thoughts on “Optical Illusion or Martian Looking For His Car Keys?”

  1. Oh, Spirit Rover found some of the powdery white silica too, and got trapped in it and “died” there in Gusev crater trapped in the soft, powdery stuff cause it could not get enough traction to get out.

  2. Mike Appleton

    You’re all wrong. If you look very carefully, there’s a sign under the light the reads “Last Gas For 500 Miles.”
    Nick Spinelli

    MikeA, Lol! I drive Interstate 70 through Utah…
    So the Mars trip is fake too … like the Lunar landings are alleged to have been?

    I wondered what Rover took the photo, because that terrain is not exactly what Curiosity or Opportunity seemed to be traversing right now as I had recalled.

    So I looked it up on the NASA Curiosity Rover site.

    The photo was very recently taken (“2014-04-03 10:00:03 UTC”) on Sol 589 by Curiosity Rover’s “Navcam Right B” in Gale Crater, while heading toward Mt. Sharp (NASA JPL Photos).

    It is near a strange topographical area with little grooves in the ground, and layered rock outcrops laid down by water long ago.

    Another thing it could be is a dust-devil hitting some of that very white powdery silica that has been found by both Curiosity and Opportunity rovers in different locations on Mars.

    Or, it could be some of the early Earth mission residue from craft that became lost and have not yet been found (most Mars missions have crashed so far).

    But, that is not likely since this site has been photographed from above by orbiting satellites so many times, and then looked over very carefully for possible landing site problems, and also for good routes to take.

    Thanks JT!

  3. If NASA released the picture to the public, they already know what it is. They are waiting until all conspiracy theories have been weighed and measured to tell us it’s an errant weather balloon.

  4. MikeA, Lol! I drive Interstate 70 through Utah. It is breathtakingly beautiful and desolate. For an introvert, the desolation is a bonus. In the middle of the state is a sign, last services for 170 miles. Those gas stations @ that exit are gold mines. We folks don’t want to ever run out of gas and little powdered sugar donuts.

  5. You’re all wrong. If you look very carefully, there’s a sign under the light the reads “Last Gas For 500 Miles.”

  6. Clearly it’s reflection from a pair of binoculars. It’s Russians, who have a secret base there and are spying on us for as yet unknown nefarious reasons. Probably haveing to do with furthering the expansion of the Russian Empire, so we need to send a battalion or so of Marines to Mars immediately.

  7. I love how “We don’t know what it is yet” = alien life.

    Um, no.

    We haven’t found ancient microbial life yet a fluke reflection shows an evolutionarily developed life-form? Please.

    Either there’s a reflection caused by a shiny rock or even glass (formed from the heat of prior meteor impacts) or it’s a lens flare or a sensor issue, etc.

    UFO “specialists” simply want to interpret every crumb to match their unfounded hypotheses (they’re not theories, by the way).

  8. You see this kind of thing in the Mojave a lot and then its usually something man-made reflecting the sun. But sometimes its a shiny rock, perhaps mica. Did we get that diamond shaped monolith on Mars sorted out? Lowell was a good astronomer but went quite daffy on the supposed canals and a few other things before we got a closer look. Of course it doesn’t help to have a government we can’t trust who doesn’t trust us, but NASA and the NSA are in different camps.

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