Not Recommended by AAA

In Saudi Arabia, this appears the way to change tires on a SUV.

One question that I have is why at least one tire on the lifted side is not spinning on a 2W or 4W drive. I am sure that there is a simple answer but I would be interesting in any enlightenment.

There are actually sites showing how to “ski” . This is called high skiing and more specifically
Driver’s high side skiing” on the passenger side wheels.

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  1. Been there, but didn’t do that, ALSO whoever took the Flick, should be aware–Off comes Yo’ head, in Saudi, taking a picture is A big No No, dumb Ass !!!!

  2. This is not new. Back in 1953 the Canadians had a team that was doing the fair curcit in Michigan that were using a Ford metor to do the same.

  3. What is it about this video that leads me to believe that Wahhabi Islam will disappear in a generation?

  4. My guess is the car is All Wheel Drive, which means posi-trac at all 4 wheels. Once the car is on it’s side, the two wheels no longer in contact with the road lose the sense of traction & the posi-trac system will cut power to the wheels, letting them spin freely, or not at all.

  5. Anyone know how the car does not fall on its side? Is it purely skilled steering to keep it on the corner of the tire? How come y’all spelling tire the British/Canadian way?

  6. That’s quite a circus trick! Bored, rich Saudis I would guess, unless its working class acrobats getting paid by bored, rich Saudis. Expensive tires now unevenly worn on the passenger side. I guess they can even it up on the driver’s side next Saturday!

  7. I’m surprised that our American hot shots did not think of this stunt first. They let the Saudis beat them at the game, we are slipping. Barefoot? ever see a tightrope walker use sandals to stay balanced.?

    Alcohol or Drugs? Man with all that money over there, they can corner the market on any drug.

  8. It would be a simple matter to separate right rear and left rear parking brake control. such that activating the left rear (high side) parking brake would make the rear differential put all the engine power on the right rear (low side) tire, provided that the SUV is not in 4-wheel drive.

    When the car is first tilted, the left front tire spins for a short time, while the left rear tire stops almost immediately as the car tilts.

    Also, sparks from the right (low) side running board are sometimes visible, the SUV was riding on the two right side tires and the running board, such that the tilt of the SUV was inherently stable so long as the passengers moved so that the center of gravity remained within the trapezoid formed by the contact of the wheels with the pavement and and the contact of the running board with the pavement.

    All sorts of seemingly peculiar phenomena can be reverse-engineered by an engineer with adequate situationally-relevant engineering competence?

    Can the adversarial system of law and jurisprudence be accurately enough reverse-engineered so that, if the adversarial system of law and jurisprudence as actually founded on a prehistoric event in which a mistake about the nature of mistakes has led to a false implicit premise in the core belief structure of adversarial law and jurisprudence can be identified with resounding scientific accuracy?

    That question, if it be a question, inspires me to work to find such an error and its socially viable remedy, if such error and remedy can ever actually exist…

    And life is, as life does.

    Or does it? Or is it?

  9. Nick Spinelli

    And these guys can’t blame it on alcohol or drugs.
    They are drunk on, and addicted to, the blood of OIl-Qaeda Nick.

    It gets around you know.

  10. Would any of those guys want their mothers to see that video?

    Now that I think about it, my mother would have just said “Put on some shoes.”

  11. False advertising!!! They put the same tyres back on the vehicle. What I did find interesting was they were all bare-foot. Is this a requirement to ride is the guys car? Or was he making sure his precious car was not scratched by evil shoes while they were pulling this stunt?

    Let’s start with, on the LA Freeway system they would be dead. They were driving too slowly. And the first swerve they made would have wiped out a lane of traffic. This makes as much sense as a high school friend of mine who would take his father’s plane out, fly it up-side-down and shoot jackrabbits. He and these young men were both bored.

  12. Thinking about the practice sessions learning what would and would not work out. Yikes!

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