I Love Tenure

wEQshQeA Reddit contributor posted this picture of the office of a professor. According to the contributor, he was rarely in his office so he put this poster over the door as an alternative to being present.

If this is true, this academic has achieved a level of perfection only dreamt of by most faculty members. I remember that when I got tenure, I brought in a bucket of water the next day with a piece of wood in it. When people would ask, I would explain that I was studying dead wood for my post-tenure stage.

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  1. J Brian Harris, Ph.D, P.E., … Your twisted humor was just what I was seeking here! Thanks for the laugh! 🙂

  2. :O randyjet, you equated a prof’s door poster with Bush’s response to 9-11-01.
    John’s cheeky comment begot Pete’s response. No big thing until these provoked your passionate reply. I’m really sorry I joined the thread. Thanks for the lesson.
    Both 9-11-01 and Benghazi’s 9-11 were horrific….I did not intend to make any equation to degree of horror or impact. Didn’t this blog begin with an amusing PAPER PICTURE hung on a door?! Have a great day & I hope something prompts you to chuckle. I’m running up to Kinko’s to make my life-sized selfie poster request! 🙂

    1. Peg I understand why you are a conservative since you have a hard time understanding simple things. I did not compare the poster to Bush’s response to 9/11. I was responding to JOHN, one of your type who compared that poster to Obama’s supposed lack of concern about Ben Gazi. Try and use some truth and intellect here. I was also not the one who brought up 9/11 either. As most folks here know I love the fact prof Turley has a great sense of humor and willingly play along whenever possible.

  3. phillyt

    Wow, I haven’t been here in a while. When did TurleyBlog turn into a tin-foil hat tea-party troll site?

    Are the Turley Blog comment section hosting the Tea Party convention this year? I can only imagine if there were more Bundy coverage here the shit storm cess poll this place would devolve into. Might be time for Turley to look into more stringent moderation.
    Qien sabe.

    The US military is developing software that will let it secretly manipulate social media sites by using fake online personas to influence internet conversations and spread pro-American propaganda.

    A Californian corporation has been awarded a contract with United States Central Command (Centcom), which oversees US armed operations in the Middle East and Central Asia, to develop what is described as an “online persona management service” that will allow one US serviceman or woman to control up to 10 separate identities based all over the world” (Guardian). As you can see if you follow it closely, there are a lot of bugs to work out. 😉

  4. Are the Turley Blog comment section hosting the Tea Party convention this year? I can only imagine if there were more Bundy coverage here the shit storm cess poll this place would devolve into. Might be time for Turley to look into more stringent moderation.

  5. phillyt, Being a PI, I always compare what people say to what actually occurred. At the time of your snide comment there was an even mix of views, So, the accurate comment should have been, “When did this place stop being an echo chamber?”

  6. I can think of a way for that professor to improve his artwork. Take another picture, only with the door with the poster on the door shown in the new poster. Then take a picture of that and make a newer poster showing the previous poster, containing a picture of the first poster. Repeat, pro re nata.

  7. Nick & John, YES! Re: Pre-election talking points on Benghazi : “Dude, …your editors edit scripts multiple times.” – T. Vietor to Bret Baier

    Isn’t this blawg about the prof’s snicker-worthy door poster?

  8. Wow, I haven’t been here in a while. When did TurleyBlog turn into a tin-foil hat tea-party troll site?

  9. John, Both attacks occurred on 9/11. But, the latter was on the eve of an election!!

  10. BDS has not subsided for some even though he’s been gone for 6 years. Get over it folks. Let it go. Move one. Resentment is like hating someone and wanting to kill them but you end up drinking the poison yourself.

  11. “….Red is gray & yellow white, but we decide which is right…and which is an illusion.” – Moody Blues (Nights in White Satin). Maybe this is a professor who can’t be in 2 places at once (recall Clark Kent as Superman?) & he has an amazing sense of humor. Perhaps this is the equivalent of ‘talk to the hand’. “Man~ana” (wait until tomorrow) is a mantra, attitude & life-style for many in the deep South-West. Did a student put this up as a prank? Hummm, I’m willing to bet this professional is working harder than ever with every advancing year & he wishes he could be Superman but knows that’s a fantasy! Does the government or do his superiors know Superman isn’t real? Here’s your sign!!!!

    Amid 9-11 Bush should have immediately gone where & done what? At least he was briefed and there is evidence of his whereabouts (he was present & accounted for) in those moments regardless of your feelings about his policies. We still don’t know where Pres. Obama was amid Benghazi attacks. Obama’s policy peddling & persona are based upon illusion. We are a society chronically chewing on perception ( & most enjoy it) rather than pursuing facts & applying common sense.

    1. Peg The US has perhaps close to a thousand consulates and other like facilities throughout the world. If Obama had to be briefed on every incident or attack on any US post, he would have little time for anything else. Obama was more than likely in bed in the White House at the time of Ben Gazi. In fact, I saw in the news even some GOP legislators are getting rather tired of the partisan political crap about this bogus “scandal” at that you can equate 9/11 with this shows the mark of a true believer.

      As for what Bush should have done, I will tell you. He should have graciously thanked the kids, made his leave normal and explain something important had come up he had to take care of. He would have returned to Air Force One, gotten a full assessment of the damage and continuing threats, ordered and granted power to the USAF to shoot down civil jetliners if needed. Then he could have taken command of the US military resources and had a conference with his advisors on further actions to take.

      I charge Bush with dereliction of duty leading up to 9/11 since he blew off the PBR which was titled Bin Laden determined to attack the US. I did not expect him to personally figure out what measures to take, but a competent commander would have forwarded that intel to the department heads to review with their staff what measures could be taken in the event of some attack. I will not list all of those measures, but if he had done that minimal bit of leadership, I would not have any complaint against him. I suggest you read Clark’s book Against All Enemies which gives a gripping account of the White House on the day of the attack from a person who was THERE at the time. I also charge Bush with dereliction of duty for disbanding the Bin Laden hunt group at the CIA and saying he did NOT much care about Bin Laden any more after having promised to get Bin Laden dead or alive. Obama PUBLICLY stated that as a goal BEFORE he became President and was chided by his opponents for doing so. Tell me who is the more serious and responsible person. As an airline chief pilot, for that alone Obama in my view is a successful President, and I would hope that you could lay aside your blinders to at least grant him credit for that, though I doubt you can.

  12. lol at anyone who believes that the body laying in the bottom in the ocean is really bin laden who died in 2003 from liver disease and how exactly is it that barry sotero was able to find bin laden when bush who’s family was good friends with the bin ladens couldnt find him for years? and why throw his body in the ocean instead of burying it in a grave that would give the people someone to go and vent? but then they would have to answer questions as to how bin laden was fat one video thin the next? tall in one yet short in another? and the dialect constantly changed… but hey keep right on believing the lies told to you by the elites who have stolen everything not NAILED DOWN including your true history./..

  13. John, it sure reminds me more of Bush when 9/11 happened and he SAT for 20 minutes while the worst attack in US HISTORY was going on. Then I cannot forgive Bush for saying he did not much care what happened to Bin Laden since he was hiding in a cave somewhere. That was one hell of a nice cave he had. Then I have to remember that Obama made getting Bin Laden a priority in his first day in office. He even said that is what he would DO before he won the election. As a true believer, I am sure you will dismiss any criticism of Bush.

  14. This is the teacher equivalent of sleeping students with open eyeball pictures on their glasses.

  15. I think Bush was just having trouble with the words on the vocabulary list.

  16. This image brings to mind Obama on the night of the Benghazi attack.

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