Connecticut Dentist’s License Is Suspended After Elderly Woman Dies During The Extraction of 20 Teeth In One Session

220px-Dental_office-1The dental license of Dr. Rashmi Patel has been suspended in Enfield Connecticut after a horrific session with Judith Gan, 64, ended in her death. Patel reportedly extracted 20 teeth in one session and Gan became unresponsive and then died.

It is hard to imagine removing 20 some teeth in one session, even for a young person. However, the state board is also investigating allegations that Patel failed to respond appropriately when Gan’s oxygen levels dropped. She was later pronounced dead at Baystate Medical Center.

Patel has two clinics, in Enfield and Torrington, and in December a 55-year-old man “aspirated [a] throat pack” and was rushed to the hospital after he stopped breathing. He spent six days in the hospital after suffering heart and lung damage.

Even more chilling is the account given by state investigators that the patient was in obvious distress but Patel “wanted to complete the placement of implants” as “the assistant begged (Patel) to stop working, and finally ran out and called 911, but the patient had already flat-lined.”

Patel’s attorney Michael Kogut objected to the entire hearing, saying “this arbitrary action was taken against Dr. Patel before the cause of death was determined. The Department of Public Health has again acted outside its limitations.”

Obviously, the suspension of Patel’s license is only the first possible legal action. He will presumably face a major tort lawsuit for negligence and even battery. While this currently appears a civil matter, he could even face a criminal investigation if police believe that circumstances raise questions of potential manslaughter. Certainly his counsel would need to be prepared for all such eventualities in such a case.

Source: NY Daily News

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  1. What is the case number for this case, I understand the hearing was July 16, 2014. I’d like to keep up on what happens. This happened in a town I grew up in. Thanks………..

  2. Is mr patel did the procedure under local anesthesia or LA with sedation?
    Will be of great use to me as I am a practicing oral surgeon in India. I was told by my American collegues that 911 response is very quick and they are not very worried about medical issues. We always get medical opinion and sedation is given by the anaesthetist.please wait for the results of the. proper investigation.if he is not guilty the mrdia trial would ruin his practice.
    I feel sorry for both the patient ,dentist and the family

  3. Randyjet should shut their mouth when they don’t even know the whole story. They are going off an accusation of one person who needs to be drug tested. This is a case that shows we do not live in a country of innocent until proven guilty but guilty until proven innocent. Even when the truth comes out the media and morons that eat up anything they read on the internet have probably ruined his good name and lively hood.

  4. Jail time, rather prison time for the Dentist is in order. That’s a lot of teeth and the warning signals were there to stop.

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