The Golf Club is Mightier Than The Sword: 89-Year-Old Golf Club Wielding Woman Defeats Sword Bearing Robber

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Miyo Koba
Miyo Koba

Proving a new twist to the old adage, it seems the sword is quickly losing its reputation for might. Eighty nine year old Miyo Koba, a Moses Lake, Washington store owner, fought-off an alleged robber who brandished a three foot sword she described as being “little.”

sword-moses-lake-evidenceFor sixty years Miyo and her husband have owned Frank’s Market. She said she noticed a man wearing a ski mask and dark glasses standing behind her cash register on a Sunday attempting to open the till. It would soon prove to be a career limiting move for his apprenticeship in the armed robbery trade.

Miyo spoke to a KREM 2 news reporter, recalling her experience:

“I had the scissors in my hand like this, and he was trying to open the till, and he said, ‘Open the till!’ I said, “No I’m not going to open the till for you’, and I said, ‘If you don’t get your hands of the till, I’m gonna stab you with the scissors.’ But I didn’t. I didn’t have the nerve to stab him,”

Miyo said the man became irritated after she would not help him get money out of the register for him.

“He started pounding on the register trying to open it because I wouldn’t do it for him,” He pulled out his little sword out of his little jacket, and he just kind of waved it a little bit. I didn’t feel threatened. It just probably made me a little bit more brave. I fell down here and so I got into a sitting position. I got into a sitting position and I found the club so I went tried to swing this club at him and I tried to hit his head a couple times but I couldn’t reach it.”

Five Wood
The wood would prove mightier

Miyo was however able to strike the robber in the legs. He then snatched the till and ran away to an unknown location. Miyo did not indicate whether she would take a mulligan.

According to reports the defeated later ditched the sword and the till after removing his clothing and disappearing.

“He must have been running around in his underwear and no shoes because that’s what they said, they found all his clothes.” Miyo lamented.

By Darren Smith


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  1. Echos of Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren and with Tiger Woods backing out of the driveway…

  2. Karen, Having coached for decades, I would ALWAYS rather have a player w/ a big heart than size, speed, etc. Now, when you have someone w/ talent and heart, well then you have gold.

  3. Go get ’em girl. She was so tiny she couldn’t even reach his head with the golf club, but she had more heart.

  4. Those who steal by the sword die by the sword. And I would swear to it.

  5. Seems like we are periodically seeing these articles of senior citizens holding off armed intruders. Gives me hope. 🙂

  6. Good for her. I guess it takes a good man with a gun to take down a bad man with a gun (or sword) OR it just takes a elderly woman who’s creative.

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