Government Moves To Drop All Charges Against Dr. Sami Al-Arian

module_img_1The press has reported on the motion of the Justice Department to drop all charges against my client Dr. Sami Al-Arian. Obviously, we have been seeking this result for years in this case. However, as lead counsel, I am limited in what I can say about the case before the dismissal of all charges. My office is receiving a great number of calls from the media, but I will continue to defer to the Court on the pending motion.

Our pending motions on dismissal are a matter of public record on the docket in this case. Until a final order is issued, neither Dr. Al-Arian or myself will be making any further public comment. I will post a public statement if and when the order is signed to drop all charges against Dr. Al-Arian.

7 thoughts on “Government Moves To Drop All Charges Against Dr. Sami Al-Arian”

  1. The trumped up charges against Dr. Sami Al Arian, then the long legal battle to get them dismissed expose the corrupt and unjust nature of the US judicial system. Since I am required to leave my name and email address I am certain that the NSA or some other element of the fascist state apparatus will note this. What Orwellian hubris. Nonetheless, congratulations.

  2. What an awesome man you are !!!!!!! I tip my hat for you…working on a case like this for years pro bono so that truth prevails and our legal system does not get hijacked and terrorised by the powers that be….you are a absolute hero in the true sense of the word……THANK YOU

    1. Anon – thanks for the article. Now I kind of know what went on.

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