16 thoughts on “Can You Guess Ronnie’s Alleged Crime?”

  1. Being arrested for being under the influence of (anger, inattention due to cell phone use, eating while operating a motor vehicle) may well become a criminal offense one day. This guy doesn’t seem to understand that being arrested when you haven’t harmed anyone is not a laughing matter.

    Maybe he understands the absurdity of his situation, and that’s why he’s smiling. Could be.

  2. Hell, his pic would look on his driving license. Mine looks like Herman Munster.

  3. [music]
    When your smiling in a Rambler…
    The whole world smiles at you.

    When he gets to court and they ask about the photo he will have to tell them about the cop holding up the photo of the judge caught porking a goat.

  4. Never had the opportunity, but I would be smiling for a mug shot. Here’s why: 1. That’s my usual expression almost anytime, 2. If a judge or potential juror in my case got to see it, a smile would give them a better impression of me than a disheveled Nick Nolte-like scowl would, and hopefully might influence their verdict in my favor, 3. Smiling would make people wonder what I had been up to, and 4. Facing the ordeal of a court appearance with a smile might give me grounds for an insanity defense. The justice systems are all just magnificent theater, anyway, no matter what. Better to not get caught up in it at all.

  5. Well, it’s obvious that for once the cops didn’t shoot, taze, or beat their victim.

  6. The story in the local newspaper reveals that the photographer was a female cop who mooned him just as she was getting ready to take the photo and caught him off guard. So to speak.

  7. Happy drunks are so much nicer than angry ones. But neither should be driving.

  8. A mugshot award? And what exactly was this guy under the influence of? Just asking.

  9. Proof there really is an officer Friendly.

    On the other hand, does this send the wrong message about being arrested?

  10. It must have been quite a strange one for the arresting officer.

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