Florida Lawmaker To Propose Bill To Make D’Souza Film Required Viewing For Students

s11_4787Republican state Sen. Alan Hays really really liked the film “America.” So much so that he wants to make viewing the film by conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza required viewing for all students. Hays seems entirely unaware of the inherent conflict in responding to what he views as the dangerous influence of liberal views by seeking the mandatory viewing of conservative views.

Hays reported that “I saw the movie and walked out of the theater and said, ‘Wow, our students need to see this.’ And it’s my plan to show it to my colleagues in the legislature, too, before they’re asked to vote on the bill.” He would make every student, absent parental objections, watch the film in middle and high schools. That would cover 1,700 Florida public high schools and middle schools. For many of us, such a law seems a tab Orwellian.

D’Souza has become a rallying point for conservative due to a federal investigation that was launched while he was marketing the movie. He pleaded guilty in May to a charge that he made improper donations to a Senate candidate in 2012, though he insists that the case was the result of selective prosecution.

In fairness to Hays, he said that he would not object to a pairing of the movie with Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth (which is already shown in many classes) or some of Michael Moore’s left-leaning films. However, mandating such films through legislation is a dangerous and destructive path for politicians. These classes should be left to teachers and school administrators — not dictated by the shifting alliances of the legislature. These children are not a captive audience to be tossed about by our increasing rapid political debate. While I have been a long critic of administrators over the application of zero tolerance rules and lack of accountability, this intrusion into the classroom is menacing and ill-considered.

On the slippery slope of politically mandated education, we could see a race to the bottom as liberal and conservative states implement their own agendas of education. The result will be the further reduction of educational standards in the United States and the replication of the same intolerance that we see across the country in our political discourse. I have not see D’Souza’s movie or read his book. However, I am opposed to politicians picking reading or viewership lists for students. Indeed, politicians may be the least suited for such a role. There has to be some limit on the mutually assured destruction of the two parties — some protected zone that can be free of this self-destructive internecine struggle. We should at least be able to tell politicians to keep their hands off the kinder.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. ‘Hands off the kinder?’ How laughable. The left has indoctrinated children from kindergarten right through undergrad and grad schools for years. Of course, we wouldn’t want to allow another viewpoint, now would we? Instead, you’ll continue to force feed the liberal/socialist views. Our country has been taken over by this clap trap even while you run this country down rather than building her up. How sad.

  2. I’ve seen the movie. As a Libertarian I found it refreshing to see a more positive perspective from someone that has come to this country from a pretty poor background. To see America as an idea. The Constitution as a set of Principles.

  3. Keep politicians/politics out of the classroom.

    Look what politicians have accomplished with the centrally planned state/federal mandated testing curriculum’s found across the US.

  4. This is a stupid proposal. That said, there is a very revealing UCLA Study. The following is how US professors identify themselves;

    Far left 5%

    Liberal 42%

    Moderate 34%

    Conservative 17%

    Far Right .3%

    These are the people who educate the educators. I taught. Teachers are overwhelmingly liberal, they vote Dem 80% the last time I checked. This stupid proposed law originates from frustration. I’ve not seen D’ouza’s flicks but have read him and seen him interviewed. He’s a helluva lot smarter than Gore or Moore. Although, that is damning w/ faint praise.

  5. mespo, You ideology trumps your professional training. There is a good case this was a selective prosecution. I know you would find that impossible w/ Eric Holder, your hero.

  6. Since people are apparently not reading carefully, please note I think this is a stupid proposed law, but silly me, I like to provide context and background. D’ouza did a film critical of Obama and that would be the reason for selective prosecution by Holder, a disgrace to the office.

  7. Why is it ok to let non-elected state school personnel out pick required text books and not let elected representative sponsor films as required viewing?

  8. I am a liberal, and concur that D’Souza is less stupid-sounding in interviews than most conservatives. However the rhetorical trap he (and other conservative thinkers like Sowell, and a few liberals as well) tries to use is the straw man tactic. He sets up a case where there appears to be a popular advocacy in, say, “equality of outcome,” when in fact nobody wants that. I can listen to D’Souza (etc.) until I see the outlines of the trap, and then they lose me.

  9. FRACK, “Less stupid.” That says it all. Is he less stupid than Al Sharpton. Al Gore. Nancy Pelosi. I could go on.

  10. Sen. Hays is basically around the corner from me. He is from Umatilla and represents a highly rural and highly conservative district that provides virtually no Democratic opposition. He is also another fundamentalist theocrat who would love to mandate a lot of things if it were possible.

    His proposal won’t be adopted, but nice try, Senator.

  11. nick:

    It says in the letter I provided (that Mr. D’Souza signed with his attorney present) that he “pled guilty because he was in fact guilty.” District Judge Richard M. Berman rejected your right-wing talking point that D’souza was treated unfairly stating, “The court concludes the defendant has respectfully submitted no evidence he was selectively prosecuted.”

    D’Souza did tell Judge Berman, “I knew that causing a campaign contribution to be made in the name of another was wrong and something the law forbids. I deeply regret my conduct.”

    So, nick your ideological obfuscation aside, D’Lieza (as I call him) was neither innocent nor selectively prosecuted. He was however likely an appropriate poster child for all those Lee Atwater wannabes out there on the right.

    BTW, I wanted to express to you my utter contempt for your loathsome and cowardly verbal attack on Elaine M on a recent thread where she had not even bothered to comment. It was despicable and unmanly.

  12. Mespo and Nick,

    I am not going to delete any comments but, before this thread descends into name calling and tit for tat, I would like to return to the subject of the blog. You were both arguing about the selective prosecution issue which is a fair debate. Indeed, I was finding the debate interesting until it started veering into personal observations.


  13. D’Souza has become a rallying point for conservative due to a federal investigation that was launched while he was marketing the movie. He pleaded guilty in May to a charge that he made improper donations to a Senate candidate in 2012, though he insists that the case was the result of selective prosecution. ” – JT

    All prosecutions are fundamentally selective.


    Then prosecute.

    Like Spinny does on a thread.

    It is a lot better than thinking about the issue.

    Anyway, I would be surprised if any political prosecution was not selective.

    Nevertheless, prospecting for gold entails processing the tailings, and other work.

    The issues involved are the gold.

    Let’s do JT a good and deal first with the legal, constitutional, and bigger issues.

    In due time we will deal with Spinny PI issues such as Bubba, in due time, Bubba, in due time.

  14. Why is the discussion about Mr. D’Souza have any bearing on content of the his movie? Why can’t the movie be judged on it own merits?

  15. What’s wrong with this picture?

    The education industry and school curricula have been commandeered by the government which, by definition, is indoctrination.

    For example, the lesson might be pro-abortion or anti-abortion. For the government to operate the industry, the lessons it approves will be the lesson taught, implicitly or explicitly, and that is indoctrination. School choice addresses differences in opinions and positions and provides freedom which is the American thesis. Is America for freedom or for indoctrination? Seems clear to me.

    Private school offers choice in every form and aspect to citizens. Freedom of education must be commensurate with freedom of speech, press, religion, etc. How can it be that the Founders provided Americans with these freedoms and not the freedom of all industries including education, charity and healthcare? How can Americans be free and simultaneously subject to the dictatorship of the proletariat.

    Did Stalin, Mao, et. al. commandeer the schools and indoctrinate children?

    Someone here is not being honest and objective.

    Does public school/college exist solely to redistribute wealth to the “poor,” teachers unions and elite “administrators?”

    Does anyone believe that the Founders deliberately denied the freedom of educational choice to citizens? Was the Constitution written to afford the opportunity for government to dictate the education of the children of citizens?

    Someone has something disturbingly wrong in America.

  16. mhj:

    “Why is the discussion about Mr. D’Souza have any bearing on content of the his movie? Why can’t the movie be judged on it own merits?”


    Sort of like asking why another personal odyssey, Mein Kampf, can’t be evaluated without reference to Hitler wouldn’t you say?

  17. There’s a difference between education and indoctrination. In my mind education is teaching critical thinking, skepticis, and a need for further inquiry. Indoctrination relies on assumed traditions that may not be questioned. The D’Souza film might be a good topic for discussion and analysis, as might the Michael Moore films. In the 50s when kids were shown films of the President, flag waving, military propaganda, those should have been analyzed and debated, not taken at face value. But a teacher would probably have been fired for doing that then and maybe also now.

  18. Well mespo, Your “utter contempt” is duly noted but I don’t know specifically about which you speak. “Despicable and unmanly.” I reckon there must have been some back channel conversations. Is this the end of the paternalistic scolding, or will it continue? I do not choose to get into a pissing match w/ GBers. I had a problem w/ both Raff and Elaine. I was brought up that you deal w/ the people w/ whom you have a problem, not anyone else. That keeps it in focus and helps to stop escalation, which often occurs here. So, you have vented. I’ll now go on to the substance of this post.

    Because this guy pled guilty does not mean he was not selectively prosecuted. Like collusion, selective prosecution is very difficult to prove. Imagine Michael Moore being prosecuted by the Bush Administration for his 9/11 polemic on some horseshit charge. Would you be so cavalier?

    This “right winger” voted for Obama, wrote just today about my opposition to capital punishment, has never voted for a Republican for President, I could go on. Ideologue friends of mine right and left don’t get me. Saucy and I chuckle about this. But, you have a chip on your shoulder right now. So, it might be prudent to suspend debate.

  19. Mespo, Given the arc of History. I’d say you must read it to study Hitler but it’s not necessary to understand Hitler to understand the theme. But this is a diversion.

  20. Not sure why there is a problem with this movie when there is discussion. We had to put with Al Gore’s film and the Common Core.

  21. As a real libertarian, as opposed to a self-loathing conservative ashamed to admit to intellectual bankruptcy, I find D’ouza to be little more than a goose-stepping nazi with a grab bag full of myths, platitudes and lies.

    If superficial blind allegiance to a nation state (but only when run by the Republican political cult) is your thing, rush out and consume the D’ouza propaganda.

    The mindlessness of both the Republican and Democratic Cults is going to eventually lead to a civil war, and I look forward to it. I’d like to sell as much ammo as possible to both sides. These authoritarians hell bent on using violence, or the threat of violence, to control others deserve to experience the misery they seek to inflict on others.

  22. The issue is not whether the movie has merit, but whether the State of Florida ought to be enacting a law compelling that it be viewed. I think not.

  23. Paternalistic scolding? Nick, you didn’t have a problem with me, you made a false and disgusting accusation and repeated it and I called you on it. Along with Paul and Karen. So no, you didn’t have a problem, you created one out of whole cloth by making up false accusations. Let’s keep the record straight.

  24. Tom Blanton wrote “The mindlessness of both the Republican and Democratic Cults is going to eventually lead to a civil war, and I look forward to it.”

    The Republican and Democratic Cults are indeed ruining the country, but civil wars tend to get out of control. Have you read the history of the Spanish and Russian civil wars, especially regarding the aftermath? You have noticed what is going on in Ukraine, right?

    P.S. I firmly believe that all students should be forced to see Triumph of the Will and Lord of the Flies, with Reefer Madness in between.

  25. I think having middle and high school kids watch political documentaries is a good thing. Making them watch is tricky.
    There is a enormous amount of material out there.
    But first you have to teach them critical thinking skills and ensure balance among the points of view.

  26. mhj,

    Good point!

    Dealing with teacher unions, school boards, PTA’s is another issue.
    Get this, there’s a family in my area with 7 brothers. Their all highly paid public school superintendents.
    Then you have some double dipping pension padders who came out of retirement and are working in the system again.

    So, back to your question. According to who? And what’s the cost? Ya got me.

  27. I agree, never mind the content of the film, it is not for any legislative body to say, any more than presentation of Darwinism should monopolize exchange of ideas about the origin of life.

    D’Souza, himself, once a liberal, converted to conservative politics, as with Arnold Schwarzenegger, after coming to America and seeing, first hand, about what was really going on. The noise about this legislative proposal, however, is disingenuous and misdirected, considering the sheer volume of lunacy and left wing dogma that already monopolizes nearly all of academia, government, the media, and popular culture, for which dogma there is already far too much silence, if not strictly adhered to, can mean the loss of your livelihood, reputation, and even your life.

    I always wonder how many more converts there would be if there was some balance when it comes to dogma. But when it comes to maintaining power and influence, balance is your greatest enemy, because not everyone has the capacity to see through the fog, like D’Souza and Schwarzenegger.

    I was wondering when D’Souza’s film would finally surface in this blog. It is almost as if the temptation to expose the legislative proposal was simply too tantalizing to maintain continued silence.

  28. Samantha, Funny how there are so many liberals who evolve into libertarians, conservatives, moderates. Seldom does it go the other way. “Anyone who is young and conservative, doesn’t have a heart. Anyone who is older and liberal doesn’t have a brain.” Winston Churchill

    I’m quoting Churchill and not being uncivil.

  29. I’d like all students to read the book and/or see the movie, “Johnny Got His Gun”.

    One civics class had an assignment that each student was to work in a political campaign for a congressional or gubernatorial candidate. Candidates or their reps were invited in so that the students would know something about the campaigns. The students got to choose the party/campaign.

    Different school, social studies teacher refused to teach anything about political campaigns. His reasoning was that it should be taught at home.

  30. More to the topic. We have many legislators practicing medicine without a license. Now they want to practice teaching without certification. Considering that most legislators are pretty much owned by one corporation or a dozen, this seems to be just another tactic to prepare tomorrow’s workers for NWO and move more money into corporate pockets along the way.

  31. America: Imagine the World Without Her is definitely worth seeing, but keep in mind it’s a movie that covers a lot of territory in a short time, so it’s interesting, but necessarily simplifies its territory considerably. It acts much more as a catalyst for finding out more about the issues raised than fully explaining them.

    My perception is that there were no straw men. Rather, D’Souza let a few on the far left speak for themselves, and he repeated what some on the left have stated about the United States, and then presented his refutations. I do understand that one could see some of it as straw man arguments if one were not familiar with voices of the left for the past 50 years though. (I saw the movie July 10, so do not remember it in detail and maybe I forgot something.)

    I will warn everyone that It would be infuriating to those on the left whose sacred cows are targeted, but I think most on the left already know to avoid it, unless they enjoy what I call sport anger.

    All that being said, my gut reaction to Florida Sen. Hays’s proposal is “No”!

    John (at 5:26) and Samantha (at 7:59) make excellent points. I got to thinking about Dewey, institutionalized patriotism, and dogmas…

    Still, D’Souza’s film would be good for older kids to see and discuss in social studies or government classes, maybe even as young as 8th graders. And of course the teachers would be well-equipped to counter what they disagree with!

  32. rafflaw:

    “Nick, you didn’t have a problem with me, you made a false and disgusting accusation and repeated it and I called you on it. Along with Paul and Karen.”

    Sorry, what??? I just viewed the blog this moment. Shouldn’t I have to post something before I’m in trouble?

    I disagree with legislating content like this for students. I already disagree with the Left-leaning films currently shown to students. Politics don’t belong in the classroom outside of History and Government classes, and even then, there should NEVER be a bias either way.

    I see nothing wrong with promoting the film to parents to watch with their kids, however, through commercials, free local viewings, flyers, etc.

    I watched Dinesh’s interview with Megyn Kelly a while back, in which he discussed his guilty plea. He said that he made a mistake, and tried to help a friend out with campaign contributions that clearly broke the law. (He explained what he did, but I can’t recall all the details.) He said he was wrong. He also went into how the court system is being used by the administration to target its critics. Many people openly break campaign law in exactly the same way as Dinesh did, which is why he didn’t think it was too big a deal at the time. But he was selectively targeted. There was a discussion about the financially successful computer whiz kid who released federal documents, paid for by taxpayers, that it would not allow taxpayers to see. He committed suicide because he faced a long prison sentence. Very young guy.

    I believe that anyone who breaks campaign finance laws should be prosecuted, including Dinesh. But the nature of his crime does not negate his movie, or his opinions. I don’t think it should be treated the same as going 5 mph over the speed limit. We need campaign reform, including preventing Unions from mandating that all of their employees donate, against their will, to Democratic candidates. I would love to take a lot of the money out of politics, so we won’t have a David and Goliath scenario as often.

  33. Nick:

    “This stupid proposed law originates from frustration.” I agree that this is likely the motivation. If they can’t get Liberal bias out of the classroom, then the next logical step is to simply add Conservative bias.

    But I don’t like making kids the subject of political campaigns, and with the overwhelming majority of teachers Democratic, a few Conservative movies wouldn’t change their attitude or indoctrination in the classroom.

    The only solution I support is a law that requires teachers to leave their political bias at the door.

  34. the science is settled.need I say more about critical thinking and open mindness in todays class room

  35. John, Civics is no longer part of the curriculum in any schools of which I’m aware. The education industry wants to keep students barefoot and pregnant vis a vis understanding government and politics. That’s a big reason why the US annually has some of the worst voter turnout in the world.

  36. Nick:

    “Samantha, Funny how there are so many liberals who evolve into libertarians, conservatives, moderates. Seldom does it go the other way. “Anyone who is young and conservative, doesn’t have a heart. Anyone who is older and liberal doesn’t have a brain.” Winston Churchill”


    Like so many things, you’re about 5% correct. Churchill is associated -wrongfully– with something like what you said. What Churchill is reputed to have said was ““If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty, you have no brain.”

    In reality, he never said it since has no application to his own life. At age 25, Churchill became a member of the Conservative party, his first political affiliation. Before that he was a soldier. He became a member of the liberal party several years later (1904) and remained so for 20 years, well past his 40th birthday. In 1924, he returned to the Conservative party at age 50. So his attributed saying makes no sense in terms of his own life.

    The actual author of the phrase was with Francois Guisot (1787-1874): “Not to be a republican at twenty is proof of want of heart; to be one at thirty is
    proof of want of head.” It was revived by French Premier Georges
    Clemenceau (1841-1929): “Not to be a socialist at twenty is proof of
    want of heart; to be one at thirty is proof of want of head.”

    Know your facts before you strike out to try and convince someone of something.

  37. mespo, The White Knight protecting the honor of the fair damsel. Let me know when your done being chippy and we can discuss Churchill. I have read about 20 books on him including History of the English Speaking People. But, you are sexy when you condescend. Too bad I hit from the other side of the plate.

  38. I am constantly amused by comments suggesting that progressives succumb to apoplectic fits when their “sacred cows” are attacked by the right. I have never suffered that sort of distress. The trick, I believe, is to remind oneself that no one’s cows are sacred.

  39. MikeA, Cultists from both sides of the spectrum go nuts when you attack their sacred cows. Saint Ronald Reagan is a right cultist hero. The fact that you don’t is because you are not a cultist. You are a free thinker and I believe the Jesuits have something to do w/ that. But, if you don’t think the cultist defend Obama like kamikaze pilots then you’re missing the show.

  40. since every ill in the world is blamed on liberals i think it would be fun for those who love to throw that word around at anyone who doesnt agree with them. to understand its true meaning…

    first let me inform you that liberal is a word that tavistock came up with. way back when it was known by another name. and its origins stems from its use to distract what was really happening in po lie tricks. but anyway lets move along because im sure nick and many others will attempt to argue me down about it.

    link 1. http://www.gnosticmedia.com/the-true-meaning-of-liberal-leftist-and-conservative/

    If you’re not ‘LIBERAL,’ what are you?

    By definition using antonyms, you are: uneducated, unintellectual, closed of heart, selfish, narrow, contracted, mean, small, fascist, racist, bigoted, homophobic, stingy, closed-minded, supportive of monarchies and slavery, against FREEdom of religious expression and speech, low in birth and mind, anti-American.

    If you’ve been out bashing ‘liberals’, you’re probably all of these things, as this would perfectly describe someone who would go out ‘liberal bashing’ (FREEdom bashing), which is also known as ‘liberticide’ – the destruction of civil liberties. (Webster’s International Dictionary, 1893)

    ‘Liber’ (as in liberal), is also the root word of ‘liberty’ (FREEdom from restraint); ‘Libertarian’ (one who holds to FREE will); ‘libertine’ (a FREEd man); ‘liberalism’ (the principles of liberals); ‘liberalist’ (one who is a liberal, or who favors the principles of liberals.); ‘liberalized’ (FREEd from narrow views and prejudices); ‘liberate’ (to make FREE); and several others. Liber is Latin for “FREE.”

  41. definition #2


    Benjamin Franklyn was a wise man. It may be wondered what he would think if he were alive today. For more than a century, we in the US have experienced a gradual dilution of our republican principles, consequently also of our individual freedom and rights, all in the name of “democracy.” This dilution has been so gradual and subtle that it has not always been noticed. Even the term “liberal” has been perverted to mean not the rights of each and every individual citizen, but the supposed rights of one group or another over the rights of individuals. It has been said that human life cannot be weighed by the pound. But Stalin said that while one death was a tragedy, a million deaths are a statistic, indicating that from some perspectives human life can indeed be measured collectively. In fact, this is exactly what a pure democracy does. It votes as a collective to treat “the people” (a collective) and not individual citizens. This is what is being done to citizens in the US today. When the government says this or that is best for the majority, especially when the this or that being spoken of is some political expedient, the rights of individual citizens are abrogated.

  42. SMH, I sometimes use progressive but since they want to go back to the days of choo trains. Since they hate nuclear energy. Since they hate progress and the ultimate goal is “getting off the grid.” Since the progressive terrorist Ted Kaczynski hated progress and murdered people of science, I just have a hard time w/ progressive. I don’t think liberal is bad. I have some pretty liberal philosophies. I just tire of ideologues on both sides cramming their ideology into every issue. If you think for yourself almost everyone is liberal on some issues and conservative on others. Saucy and I marvel @ many of the folks here. And, although fierce independents, Saucy and I disagree on some issues. There is one person here who taunts us when we disagree or when Paul, Karen, Samantha, and others disagree. Well, when you think for yourself, that’s the way it’s supposed to work. The duopoly doesn’t allow independent thought. That’s why it must be destroyed. Think of how freeing it would be to not be a slave to the duopoly. Unfortunately, too many take comfort in the herd.

  43. “He was one of the numerous and varied legion of dullards, of half-animated abortions, conceited, half-educated coxcombs, who attach themselves to the idea most in fashion only to vulgarize it and who caricature every cause they serve, however sincerely.”
    — Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment

  44. Tried to read Crime and Punishment, Samantha. That was before Prozac. Maybe I should get an RX and try again.

  45. Nick, Dostoyevsky is a delight. I think Churchill read him, inspired by: “When reason fails, the devil helps!” — Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment

  46. Nick Spinelli
    Tried to read Crime and Punishment, Samantha. That was before Prozac. Maybe I should get an RX and try again.


  47. Churchill was an enigma. Clinically depressed, calling it his “Black Dog.” But, also optimistic. One of my favorite quotes being, “A kite soars highest against the wind.” The relationship between him and FDR was fascinating.

  48. “Then, I remember, I maintain in my article that all… well, legislators and leaders of men, such as Lycurgus, Solon, Mahomet, Napoleon, and so on, were all without exception criminals, from the very fact that, making a new law, they transgressed the ancient one, handed down from their ancestors and held sacred by the people, and they did not stop short at bloodshed either, if that bloodshed — often of innocent persons fighting bravely in defence of ancient law — were of use to their cause.” –Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment

    Nick, Everything about Dostoyevsky was understanding of the downtrodden, compassion for those oppressed by bureaucracy and the well heeled. Pretty much all Russian novelists made a mockery of bureaucrats, especially. Liberals wouldn’t take to it very well. You’d see it as treasure.

  49. Gene in Graham WA who wrote: “I’ve seen the movie. As a Libertarian I found it refreshing to see a more positive perspective from someone that has come to this country from a pretty poor background. To see America as an idea. The Constitution as a set of Principles.”

    I’ve not seen the film yet, but as I read your comment, I wondered what prompted you to comment on D’Souza’s ‘pretty poor background”? There was nothing poor about it…his family was quite well off Catholic and he enjoyed a fine Jesuit education there at a time when few could…So, if you see this would you explain that comment? Its not as if anyone from Mumbai is a requisite beggar.. Just saying.

  50. What about Ron Paul’s tutorial for kids, youth & young adults? Anyone know more about that?

  51. Funny how the attempt to legislate a particular book/movie as statutory required but regarding Pre-Algebra 101 it seems every college and high school in the state uses one of perhaps hundreds of publications; and algebra last I checked hasn’t changed in a long time.

    Somehow I keep thinking of China’s little red book.

  52. Studying history and government in school significantly involves a review of different viewpoints and political opinions. As a parent, all I ask is that the viewpoints studied be inclusive so that the students can develop a broad perspective.

    The use of films and documentaries is simply a new form of media used in today’s classrooms. Unfortunately the education establishment has proven to lean in the liberal direction, hence the effort for legislative correction. But what is really needed is comprehensive reform at the K-12 and college level to insure objective inclusion of all relevant viewpoints and and to encourage tolerance of opposing viewpoints. As the annual uproar over college graduation speakers shows, the US education establishment has a long way to go.

  53. Bindar, Good comment. It is my understanding D’ouza’s background is similar to Fareed Zakaria’s, absent the Catholic education. Fareed is liberal so the MSM accepts him. I like both D’ouza and Zakaria, both are eloquent, intelligent, intellectually honest people w/ a much different perspective on their adopted country, which they BOTH love.

  54. Jim Mc, Great comment. The liberal education industry is incredibly intolerant. And it has failed miserably, in part because of that intolerance.

  55. samantha:

    ” Everything about Dostoyevsky was understanding of the downtrodden, compassion for those oppressed by bureaucracy and the well heeled…..”


    Yeah, he’d love those conservatives cutting benefits for the “downtrodden.” And he’d certainly fight any efforts to help them no matter how imperfect.

    Do conservatives even read what they write? Can they read? Must they reinvent even literature?

    Hey, I do know why the Repubs love Fyodor though and it likely springs from this quote from their favorite subject “Poor Folk” which pretty much describes a lot of their blog postings:

    “I don’t even know what I’m writing, I have no idea, I don’t know anything, and I’m not reading over it, and I’m not correcting my style, and I’m writing just for the sake of writing, just for the sake of writing more to you… My precious, my darling, my dearest!”

    As to his views of the conservatives of his day forever chiding the poor that there must be something criminal in their plight:

    “Remember particularly that you cannot be a judge of anyone. For no one can judge a criminal until he recognizes that he is just such a criminal as the man standing before him, and that he perhaps is more than all men to blame for that crime. When he understands that, he will be able to be a judge.”

    No, Fyodor was no conservative. He had too big a heart for that.

  56. Samantha, The template is conservatives are stupid, lazy and heartless. Liberals are smart, hard working, and caring. It’s all in the little red book. Once you realize liberals are better than you it all makes sense.

  57. FWIW, the neo -Puritan PC crowd can ‘t function if Americans are proud and self -confident. That is why they loves them some “America Really Sucks! ” Michael Moore -ish movies, and hate the beejesus out of the Dinesh flick. Show these guys a film of Valley Forge and they will b*tch and moan about how Von Steuben was prevented from wearing his cute little flowery frock in public.

    It is a psychological thing. For them to be relevent, and profitable, they have to trash American swagger. Just like the preachers used to trash Elvis and rock ‘n roll. I suspect that if this film was Mein Angst, about troubled gender -screwed up kids, some here would have less objection to it being required.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  58. Squeeky, The “America Sucks” leftists never can explain why the world wants to live here. Why people die trying to get here by any means necessary and LOVE this country they hate. I think it’s really self loathing @ its core.

  59. There is a lot of self loathing. Some of these people are like flagellantes in pursuit of their goals. For example ,every country on the planet protects its borders in some way, yet America is supposedly racist if it does so. Ridiculous.

    Squeaky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  60. mespo, when I saw your comment yesterday, I said to myself, I think I will post a something, custom tailored to draw your fire, to watch you, the predictable creature you are, poke your head from a hole like a groundhog, check to see if the coast is clear, and… well, it worked. But you are twisting your conclusion from what I said, confusing Dostoyevsky’s views with those of a character’s.

    “Who diggeth a pit for another one, the same shall fall into it himself.” –Fyodor Dostoyevsky, “Poor Folk (People)”

  61. You can’t imagine how stupid the whole world has grown nowadays. The things these scribblers write! ”
    ― Nikolai Gogol, Dead Souls

  62. Mespo, conservatives seem to have a gift for twisting the meaning of any given literary work from the Bible to Dostoyevsky, to fit their world view. It’s a talent of sorts, the gift of self delusion.

  63. It figures that this guy is from Florida. There is more news on this blog from FL than any other state. All the news that’s fit to print. And then some. They have a governor down there who shaves his entire head. He must be bald and wants to go all the way. For those of you considering that I suggest that its better to have some hair around the edges. As for compulsory films for brats: The Little Rascals.

  64. Beldar – Makes no difference where the guy is from. All levels of government make requirements for reading, etc. for their students. There are canons of literature that need to be read, canons of math to get through, canons of history, etc. Sadly, much of this material is constructed and controlled by liberals who control the school system. Requiring a conservative documentary among the 10-15 liberal ones they will see is not a big deal.

  65. Paul Schulte: Well there are cannons to the right of me and cannons to the left of me and then there is Canon Law. I prefer the law of the jungle. Planet of The Apes was required reading and viewing for us before they let us come to Earth as Dogs.

  66. mespo:

    “At age 25, Churchill became a member of the Conservative party, his first political affiliation. Before that he was a soldier. He became a member of the liberal party several years later (1904) and remained so for 20 years, well past his 40th birthday. In 1924, he returned to the Conservative party at age 50. So his attributed saying makes no sense in terms of his own life.”

    So, basically, Churchill was conservative for a couple of years when he was young, then Liberal for many years, and when he was older, he became a Conservative. How is that at odds with the saying? Also, if he was quoting someone else, does that make it any less his opinion? Do not the young eagerly vote for higher and higher taxes, on “other people,” until they reach an age and station in life where they no longer get a tax refund every year, but owe. And, suddenly, it does matter when they raise taxes. And perhaps that tax money should not be wasted.

  67. Good movie on GW, Dredd. Amazing honesty from that man! He plays the BS game he’s told to play then admits it in a statement like having to catapult the propaganda!

  68. In regard to Critical Thinking

    “Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills, critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning {aka “knowing what you’re talking about}) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.

  69. Palescot,
    Since your source didn’t provide a link, I decided to go to the TexasGOP website. Maybe you can provide an alternate source, but this is what I found in less than 1 minute:

    “Knowledge Based Education- We oppose the teaching of values clarification and similar programs that focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority. Rather, we encourage the teaching of critical thinking skills, including logic, rhetoric and analytical sciences.”

    There seems to be a bit of inconsistency here so perhaps you can clear this up with a link to your source. You know, so we can continue to pursue critical-thinking skills.

  70. @barkingdog

    Oh I luuuvvvve Tennyson!!! His Shropshire Lad and “going down to the sea again.” No English poet did it better, except maybe Yeats with his sally into the gardens thingie! Oh take me to your leda!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  71. Just a minute, I had to go out, and there many links in it so it will probably be caught in the spam filter. but let’s see what happens.

    Nice Word Press, of course everyone loves you……

  72. John,
    Sorry I made a hash of the post.

    This happened a couple of years ago and made “the news” so to speak, It seems that since 2012 the Texas GOP has edited the statement to avoid this. Having watched Texas Board of Education repeatedly try to put creationism in science textbooks, and attempt to replace Thomas Jefferson with Thomas Aquinas and John Calvin as members of the Enlightenment (never mind that they were dust in their caskets by the time the Enlightenment came around), I would say that members of the board are in agreement with the thinking of many conservative christians that education and critical thought are antithetical to faith, and they are right.

    At the Texas Board of Education (let’s call it TBE) there is a cornucopia of what I would call seeing history thru the eyes of a theocratic authoritarian .

    As listed in the RationalWiki the TBE has tried to;

    • Focus on the “significant contributions” of pro-slavery Confederate leaders during the civil war. In general, historical figures of less orthodox religious views (Jefferson, Paine, Franklin) or political tendency (union organizer Dolores Huerta) were harshly demoted or removed completely from the study program, whereas a slew of more marginal figures from the revolutionary period, such as Charles Carroll and Jonathan Trumbull, were added – what the added figures had in common was, without exception, that they were vocal defenders of orthodox Christianity.

    • The study of Sir Isaac Newton was dropped in favor of examining scientific advances through military technology, and another curriculum amendment describes the civil rights movement as creating “unrealistic expectations of equal outcomes” among minorities, and at the same time drops references to the slave trade in favor of calling it the more innocuous “Atlantic triangular trade”.

    Note; Frigging Issac Newton? the inventor of Calculus? Frack. A simple no nothing he was. Apparently.

    • Board member Cynthia Dunbar herself called the amendments important steps to overturning what she believes is the myth of a separation between church and state, which – of course – is also the expressed goal of David Barton, whose work the board relied upon rather heavily.

    David Barton is a faux historian, and I call him a fake because his only credential is an academic degree is in Christian Education from Oral Roberts University. Which seems to be a correspondence course. If you’ve never had to defend your thesis from the criticisms of a group of PHDs, you can’t say your the kind of historian he says he is.

    If you are in agreement with M. Barton we wouldn’t have much to talk about.

    If you are unaware of tfn.org/site/PageServer/PageServer?pagename=issues_religious_right_watch_david_barton_scholarship_criticisms M. Barton he has created an industry for himself by saying things like “the Constitution is straight out of the Bible”, “Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson had already had the argument about the Decent Of Species and they dismissed it.”….. Forty years before the voyage of the Beagle.

    Some people call it liarsforjesus.com Lying for Jesus. My take is he’s just another conman preacher scamming the rubes.

    Among other critics are Warren Throckmorton & Michael Coulter, Professors at a conservative Christian College. Their worldmag.com/writer/michael_coulter/ extensive and thorough critique of Barton is at World magazine, a christian site

    His supporters come the wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominion_Theology Dominionist partition of Evangelicalism.

    In 2012 that was the boilerplate of the Texas GOP. A google shows the hubbub.

    The best article of the time is the in the austinchronicle.com/daily/news/2012-08-18/half-true-what-politifact-got-wrong-about-the-gop-and-critical-thinking Austin statesman. You will find all relevant links to the discussion there.

    The materialist critique is dailytech.com/Fearful+of+Evolution+Texas+GOP+Looks+to+Ban+Critical+Thinking+Education/article25070.htm at Daily Tech.

    What I posted is the original wording, and I think it reveals what the authors, and those that approved it think.

    The Jesuits say unexamined faith is blind obedience to dogma, I’ve always found that a useful guide for religion, politics and economics.

    PS There is a great documentary recounting the affairs of the TBE,pbs.org/independentlens/revisionaries/” rel=”nofollow”>The Revisionaries.

    Let me finish saying that I have many friends in STEM fields, they have discussed the insertion of fundie beliefs into public education with their SouthEast asian coworkers in various contexts. the response is always the same, “Good, more jobs for us”, us being non-Americans.

  73. Can I just say how much I admire the Word Press Co. and their boffins. And the people running this website? First Rate.

  74. Well, while your waiting, perhaps you will review the Texas GOPlink I posted earlier and comment on their actual version.

  75. Thepalescot,

    You might now be aware but on this on our site but the spam filter snags any comment having more than two hyperlinks. For this time I edited your post by dereferencing the links so that it would work and approved it for viewing.

    If you would like to provide more than two links to the readers, you can always do so within additional comments.

  76. The Jesuits say unexamined faith is blind obedience to dogma, I’ve always found that a useful guide for religion, politics and economics.

  77. Ok Darren, I knew it was an issue, but I needed the post to be cohesive and not get into a “wahtabout” kinda thing.

    John, I had embedded the links to make for easier reading, I guess that isn’t going to work.

    Darren, could i do just this repost with unembedded links if you’re around. I’ll be up for another hr I guess.

  78. So after all the drama, you posted what you claim was true 2 years ago and didn’t find it convenient to your agenda to disclose that? Thanks.

    God bless!

  79. Thepalescot,

    Unfortunately the non-embedded links suggestion will not work either. WordPress treats these as the same. The only way to treat this is to wipe out the www and the protocol and just make it like example.com/foo.htm and that might work, but to encourage people to actually read it as a matter of convenience it is better to post actual links and perhaps over two as additional comments.

  80. Oy! All the actions of the TBE and the Texas GOP prove that they are in agreement with the previous statement.They have repeatedly tried to impose a barely literate interpretation of the Bible, of not following tracts by Aquinas, Luther and Calvin, along with dismissing other philosophical contributions to Protestant thought in favor of primitives that wandered the American outback in the 18th and 19th century.

    The whole Apocalypse/RevelationLeft Behind/in America thing is a fever dream of some prod who stayed out in the sun too long. No other Christian faith worldwide rejects reason like American Fundamentalists. I guess you’re the guy who scrubs the rust off the sides of the ships, eh?

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