California Professor Arrested for Allegedly Taping Students in His Apartment Bathroom

mark_landisnewAccounting Professor Mark Landis has been arrested in a bizarre alleged crime where the San Francisco State University and University of San Francisco professor taped students using his San Francisco apartment’s bathroom.

It was a male student who found a camera hidden in a tissue box on the toilet and went to police. San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon is quoted as saying that the camera was positioned to point “directly at their genitals.” Investigators say that they identified 15 people who were videotaped. What is interesting is that each of those videos was charged as a misdemeanor and Landis was released on $100,000 bond.

Landis resigned from San Francisco State last week. Such resignations are often advisable to prevent parallel investigations where prosecutors can use material generate in the university proceedings (without the benefit of constitutional criminal procedures). One interesting question will be whether any students will sue the university under a claim that they failed to supervise Landis or failed to act on some prior indicator of misconduct.

Source: CBS

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  1. What’s new?………… there are perverts everywhere. What is that old saying, …..Going to hell in a hand-basket. There were profs who were perverts when I attended college, a decade or so ago. They stand out like a sore thumb. the Dean of Women was a lez before it became fashionable at a Christian college no less. The whole college knew it. Nothing was done then nor will it be done now. Being around them made your skin crawl. He’ll just go to another college and the saga will start over. ……….. My advice, Parents get to know who your children’s Professors are and warn the kids that some of them are to be wary of as…… This is not so nice a world anymore. Sick is the right word for it. Does it surprise anyone that it happened in SAN FRANCISCO? Kudos for the student that turned him in and thumbs down on the Judge that did not give him at least a little jail time to think about why he was behind bars.

  2. Reminds me of Rockercenter in Hubbard’s Mission Earth doing the same thing in the ladies’ bathroom. Pretty sick. Catching it creates a punishment as the act is more despicable than felonious. Lost a job, a career perhaps, friendships for sure and any pride he ever had. Apart from making sure all video copies are erased or destroyed, we should not burden American taxpayers with this loser.

  3. Did he use duct tape left over from plastic and duct tape when the turrists was a gassin’ us?

    Barkin Woofer, you should have more r.e.s.p.e.c.t. for our resident historians and herstorians.

  4. Universities have policies for just about everything. They probably have a policy on fraternization with students. If the professor violated the policy or fell within the policy then a law suit is in order.

  5. I think it would be difficult to link the university to something that occurred in his apartment. An employer has no way to control or know what an employee does in their home, nor should they.

  6. Well, what did he photograph? Probably not Hand-washing if he went to so much trouble. How has he been using the pics he took? Maybe we are just so desensitized to invasion of privacy (sexual and internet etc) that we cannot empathize with the students who were photographed? Since these are students…just One of those pics might have done real damage for example had a prospective employer accessed it on the internet. .

  7. Beldar has that little ditty about teachers off a bit.

    Those who can. Do.
    Those who cant. Teach.
    Those who cant teach. Preach.
    Those who cant preach. Teach preachers.
    Those who can teach preachers……

  8. What’s SFU’s Fraternization Policy? When off duty and off campus property?

    Part of a Policy:

    Virtually all faculty members, administrators, and staff members are, or can appear to be, in a position to exercise power or authority, directly or indirectly, over students,
    whether or not an individual student is enrolled in their classes, are subject to their direct supervision, or have some form of business to transact with offices at the College.
    Many students are at a stage in their development when they may be particularly vulnerable to the influence of faculty members, administrators, and staff members who are in positions
    where they can affect the terms and conditions of a student’s standing at the College.

    If a student consents to a romantic relationship with a faculty member, administrator, or staff member, the existence of such a relationship could have unintended adverse effects
    on the educational environment of the College. In some cases such a relationship can end unhappily or become problematic, resulting in charges of sexual harassment, and even physical or psychological abuse.

  9. One might notice that I said he “was merely trying to learn them…” Those who can, do. Those who cant, teach. Those who cant teach, teach teachers. Those who cant teach teachers, teach accounting. It is all about numbers in public eduction.

  10. I do not think that his employer should be held to account for his methods of bathroom etiquite. Students in that school are known for not knowing how to wipe their rears and whatnot and he was merely trying to learn them some good behavior. The videos were to be shown in class at the end of the semester.

  11. I wonder if a possible aggravating factor in any civil suit by the students against the university might be that the invitation to the party occurred during class time or advertised using notices or e-mail from his university account. In absence of that or similar circumstances does it work to favor the university because the professor can claim it was an event outside the purview of the university?

  12. Satan puts people into a jail. Jesus does not do that. Don’t people know anything about Jesus. People not teaching people about Jesus is why we have ISIS and Hamas.

    1. artiewhitefox, I retrieved a comment you wrote from the spam filter. The comment was at 1:08.

  13. This is a sign of how puritanical America has become. Everyone must go to prison. I can certainly see victims attempting to sue Landis. But other than that… what is the big deal ? Prosecutors and their supporters are insane. #PrisonWorldAkaAmerica

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