Truck Crashes and Spills 45,000 Pounds of Butter on Highway . . . Troopers Send For Sand Truck, Which Then Crashes Spilling Sand

wrtv_abc_butter_truck_jc_140801_16x9_992Today has been truly bizarre on the news front. In Indianapolis, a truck crash and spilled 45,000 pounds of butter on I-465 causing the world’s slipperiest road. Officials eventually called in a sand truck, which then promptly crashed. There are days when a highway trooper just wants to stay at home.

The diary truck crashed around 3:30 am and clean up efforts failed. Then the sand truck called in this morning rolled over on its way to the scene.

The truck driver reportedly admitted fell asleep before his rig crashed and split in half.

Cleaning up a butter spill in summer presents uniquely bad conditions of a highway crew. Clearly they have not called the real experts in such a crash:

Source: Indy

24 thoughts on “Truck Crashes and Spills 45,000 Pounds of Butter on Highway . . . Troopers Send For Sand Truck, Which Then Crashes Spilling Sand”

  1. The butter might melt and go away. The sand? Not so. Leave it there tho. It might be needed down the road. So to speak.

  2. I thought this was an Onion article, at first, and that it was going to end with a colony of feral cats cleaning it up.

    What a mess, literally.

  3. I think I remember a story many years ago about a truckload of squid that overturned and dumped on the highway… (in the summer, of course)

  4. If there is litigation regarding the butter crash, no doubt there will be concerns about the attorneys churning the case. This story reminds me of a line from a Firesign Theater album: “And there’s hamburger all over the road in Mystic, Connecticut.”

  5. I remember reading of an accident that happened on an interstate highway and caused a similar condition due to grease or something being on a tanker that crashed. Fortunately there was a plant that makes Dawn Dishwashing Soap nearby.

    The company offered for free its product to clean the highway and it worked. It was surely a great bit of advertising for Dawn Dishwashing Soap.

  6. And just what is a “diary truck”? I can see milk products written all over it.

  7. Paul Schulte, I’m seeing packages that look like butter packages in the spill.

  8. I guess the phrase “Every thing’s better with Blue Bonnet on it” has much to do with perspective.

  9. Brings back memories of a crazy crash in NJ….Buckle up, it’s the Law.

    Former Goldman Sachs CEO and NJ Gov Jon Corzine was being driven by a NJ State Trooper speeding (100mph). Corzine was going to meet radio talk show host Don Imus.
    Don Imus was making comments about female basketball players at Rutgers University.

    Corzine’s driver, State Trooper Robert Rasinski, 34, came under scrutiny for allowing the governor ride without a seat belt, a violation of state law.
    GOV Corzine remained in critical condition on a ventilator with 11 broken ribs and a severely broken leg; Rasinski wore a seat belt and walked away from the crash.

    1. Germ – good catch. 45,000 tons would crush the highway. States have truck weight limits.

  10. The largest monetary case I ever worked was in the early 90’s. It was a HUGE cold storage warehouse fire in Madison called Central Storage Warehouse. It was a subrogation case and I was hired by my old firm from Chicago. They had almost all the plaintiffs. I think the loss was $75 million. The fire was known as the world’s largest grease fire. The huge warehouse was loaded w/ Oscar Mayer products[Oscar Mayer is in Madison], ice cream for several local dairies and lots of government butter and cheese. I was on the site every day for 3 months. The grease was knee waist deep and it was kneed deep for about a half mile in both directions on the busy road, closing it for a few weeks. I and others working there routinely fell, becoming COVERED in grease. The fire was during a warm May. Can you smell the stink after a couple days? I still can.

    Most of the subrogation was handled by private attorneys. But, the local US Attorneys office handled the litigation on the govt. butter and cheese. Guess who were more diligent?

  11. Ok – it is either milk or butter or cream. Cannot tell from the picture but it seems more milk, which would be a big mess regardless. If it is butter, it would be in packages or blocks. Regardless, milk and butter are very different products.

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