UCSB Professor Miller-Young Pleads No Contest To Battery and Other Charges As Supporters Denounce Her Victims As “Terrorists”

milleryoungWe recently discussed the controversy surrounding a confrontation between Thrin Short, 16, and her sister Joan, 21, and Feminist Studies Associate Professor Mireille Miller-Young. Miller-Young was then charged with criminal conduct including Theft of Person; Battery; and Vandalism. While initially pleading not guilty, Miller-Young has now entered a no contest plea to charges to the three misdemeanors. Despite the videotape of the incident and violation of both criminal law and presumably university regulations, Miller-Young remains employed at the university.

Miller-Young will now be sentenced on August 14th, though jail time is unlikely.

The more pressing question is, now that she has admitted to criminal conduct in stopping free speech on campus, how will the university respond. I previously wrote a critical piece of the response by Michael D. Young, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs which seems to treat the pro-life demonstrators as the problem while encouraging faculty and students not to attack such “outsiders.”

The response from some faculty supporting Miller-Young and her actions has been itself alarming. Some 2000 faculty and students have signed a petition in support of Miller-Young while only 150 have signed a counter petition calling for her termination.

milleryoungincident2Students have clearly learned a lesson from Professor Miller-Young that free speech is only protected when we agree with the message. Consider the truly chilling view of UCSB sophomore Katherine Wehler, a theater and feminist studies major: “They are domestic terrorists, because the definition of a terrorist is someone who terrorizes.” Wehler added:

“I have a lot of feminist friends that went to them [pro-life protesters] with an educated academic response, because they were extremely triggered by these images, and the activists were saying this is for ‘women’s rights,’ . . . As feminist scholars and activists, we were insulted to hear that their cause is for women’s rights, because we felt personally attacked as women. Then, we were repeatedly called murderers. That is not okay. . . In my opinion, Professor Miller-Young would never attack anyone as the media suggests unless feeling an invasion of her own personal space like anyone else would in a fight or flight situation . . . If the university did decide to revoke her employment, there would be a large uproar because she is so celebrated.”

I cannot tell you how depressing it is to read a student who holds such views of free speech. Colleges and universities were once the very bastion for free speech. Faculty once instilled core values of pluralism and free expression in students. Wehler is a former student of Miller-Young, who appears to have had quite an influence on her understanding of free speech in our society.

Source: Independent

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  1. on a related note, Michael Yaki, the aforementioned Pelosi appointment, has nominated this professor to be the Civil Right liaison for all California universities. Yaki stated, “This brave and intelligent woman has shown the tenacity and temperament to enforce the speech we deem appropriate and protected. She is the type person this country needs teaching our young people how to think and speak.”

  2. JT, That student was taught those “values.” And, she will go on to teach those abhorrent “values” to others. This is the educational industry. When I returned to college in 1999 I was appalled @ the controls on speech and intolerance of differing opinions. Liberals not only love, they demand echo chambers. People like this are the terrorists, not those kids merely offering a different viewpoint. This is a HUGE problem. If you care about it, make wwwthefire.org a favorite on your computer.

  3. Once the government chooses an epithet – Jew, Communist, racist, terrorist – it becomes the favored word used by society to marginalize/discount certain groups (or to justify abhorrent and illegal behavior).

    The supporters of Ms. Miller-Young are attempting to justify their distasteful views by characterizing the victims as either deserving of illegal treatment or as the aggressors.

    These actions are morally dishonest, but typical of behavior by fanatics of both the left and the right.

  4. I have been concerned for decades about a tendency among some mind-sets to not just protest against a speaker, but to interfere with the ability of the speaker to speak. The actions directed at the protesters at UCSB is similar to people who try to prevent speakers from saying what they want to say. I’ve never understood why it is so difficult for some people to understand that a “heckler’s veto” is unacceptable in a free society. What happened at UCSB is a step beyond incessant heckling that prevents a speaker from speaking.

    Standing up for speech that one hates is the true measure of commitment to the ideals on which this nation was founded. An academic institution should be a bulwark for free speech of all kinds.

  5. It seems that this woman has forgotten or never knew about the REAL free speech fights that we had to wage back in the 60s and 70s. There was not a golden period of free speech back then by the way. It had to be fought for at Berkeley and all over the USA. It is even more troubling that she is viewed as being on the left, since her position is that on the extreme right. She needs to be gone ASAP.

  6. Posts, like this one, exemplify the author’s personal integrity, which is so increasingly rare today among our leaders, among anyone, really, when one finds it, it is cherished as much as a loved family member.

    I find it remarkable when a liberal has courage to hold a liberal accountable, or a conservative holding a conservative accountable. Free passes have no place in a society that values integrity.

    It’s a national tragedy that we do not have fairness in our media outlets. If we had separation of media and state, as with separation of church and state, it’s certain life would be far better for the 80 percent of the population who can no longer survive without some form of public assistance. The media, which once considered itself the Fourth Estate, protector of personal freedoms and civil rights, has devolved into an embarrassing booster club for government at every level, enabling corruption of police departments, school boards, municipalities, legislators, agencies at the county, state and federal level, and all three branches of the federal government. Even families are corrupt. What Squeeky had said, some time back, about getting in trouble at school, meant getting in trouble at home, too, is remarkable. Too many parents today would give their child a free pass, then sue the school board. Why? Because parents perceive the school board as corrupt because the media has never held board members accountable.

    A lot of the partisan bickering in our nation probably has everything to do with the personal frustrations with corruption we experience in our lives at every level. And it all goes on the media. It’s a breath of fresh air in my life when this blog consistently holds feet to the fire, especially when those feet belong to a public official — liberal or conservative.

  7. The thought of thought police returning is disturbing. But indeed that is where we have come to. It is so sad to hear people speak of free speech while attempting to squash divergent viewpoints in the same breath. Is this a pendulum that will swing the other way?

  8. Samantha, Great comment. I’m going to only eat fruit, nuts, and vegetables today in honor of you. However, I was working in Chicago this weekend and have a bag of Garret’s Chicago Mix popcorn in my kitchen. That may be a problem.

  9. Well, if you have something to say, you need to be brave enough to say it. While there are mean old harridans like this professor and they should be castigated, the conservatives need to fight back and quit being such weenies. We have a 1st Amendment, but whst good is it without the balls to use it??? And FWIW, I would have snatched that old biddy bald -headed if she had grabbed my sign like that.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  10. That “old biddy” is probably your age Squeekers.

    The Professor was wrong, she had no right to take the sign from the two girls protesting. Hope she learned her lesson.

  11. Annie,
    It’s clear that she and her supporters didn’t learn their lesson. They only learned not to get caught.

    The ironic thing is the the pro-life demonstrators are taking a page from the left in their protest methods. Is holding sings that are in your face any different than burning a bra? Or a gay rights parade? Or a march across a bridge?

    My biggest concern is this concept of “triggers”. While any kind of assault is a terrible thing, this idea that sticks and stones are not the only thing that can hurt you is extremely troubling. It was even mentioned by a student who is clearly learning these concepts from the wrong people. Images and words are something that we should be teaching kids to ignore when they don’t like them. Instead we seem to be laying the groundwork for banning offensive images and words that might make someone unhappy or uncomfortable. If they truly are triggering PTSD or similar that’s an issue for a therapist, not a legislator. What I fear is that we’re raising a generation of kids that are ill-equipped to handle the difficulties of life. If words or an image is triggering such a reaction that it is incapacitating, then the adults have failed in raising kids that will be able to survive what life throws at them.

  12. Samantha-Great comment! Professor Turley’s willingness to hold both liberals and conservatives accountable is one of the primary reasons I read this blog.

  13. “Students have clearly learned a lesson from Professor Miller-Young that free speech is only protected when we agree with the message.”

    The students are merely reflecting what they have learned from the university, namely, that only sanctioned speech is free speech, and that if you disagree with someone, they have no right to their opinion.

    There is great irony that a women’s studies professor suppressed the spoken opinions of a young woman by force, and tried to cow her. And she appears to have the full support of the university behind her.

    What a lost teachable moment.

  14. Nick – nice, that she has been nominated as a Civil Rights liaison.

    Because the university view is the current Liberal view: that only their view is allowed. Anything else warrants a personal attack. Voice a non-Liberal opinion, and you may lose your job.

    Sad, how intolerant the “party of tolerance” has become.

  15. randyjet:

    “It is even more troubling that she is viewed as being on the left, since her position is that on the extreme right.”

    Sure, randyjet, labelling pro-life women as “terrorists” who are anti-woman puts her on the extreme right. It is enjoyable how conservatives are blamed for the misconduct of Liberals.

    On this very blog I have been told I should leave the planet, I’m stupid, racist, and want poor kids to die, all because I voiced fiscally conservative opinions.

  16. Karen, It always goes back to the fact that they truly believe they are better than you, smarter than you, and that they simply need to spread their secular gospel. They are fundamentalists w/ a secular deity.

  17. There is nothing worse than a fundamentalist with a secular deity. I am of the 8th Day Adventist Religion. We believe that God Created Dog On The 8th Day for the purpose of giving guidance to mankind. After that day God got out of the picture and you should pray to Dog. So those of you with a secular deity like the Constitution or somesuch thing need to be talking to your dog.

  18. Samantha – great post. Completely agree.

    Everyone, but especially the media, should hold people accountable for their actions, regardless of whether the politics align with their personal view.

  19. Karen, The Onion started in Madison. It is a groupthink town and that was a perfect environment for Onion satire. I have read it since its inception and am heartened to see how it has grown.

  20. The professor at ASU took a plea the other day. She still has a federal lawsuit filed, not sure where that is going. It seems that it is going to be important to video tapes all of these demonstrations from now on.

  21. Paul,
    Which is why police seem to be ever more concerned with stopping video of their actions despite Supreme Court rulings, state laws and department policies.

    If you want a laugh, go find the report recently when someone tried to take photos of DC federal buildings. I think it was Buzzfeed. The security guards might not know much, but they know the word “terrorism”.

  22. Bailers – terrorists do take photos of local important buildings they want to blow up. However, almost all have their pics on Google and are easy to find.

  23. @NickS

    “. . . It always goes back to the fact that they truly believe they are better than you, smarter than you, and that they simply need to spread their secular gospel. They are fundamentalists w/ a secular deity.”

    How very true! The Left are the New Puritans, trying to cover up us topless conservatives and telling us what sex is all about. That is why the smarm is sooo overpowering.

    But I think there is also something about the symbols to them. “Abortion” is more of a symbol than a procedure. If it is legal, then all is right in the world, and they will clamor for abortions on 8 1/2 month old fetuses all while blathering about a war on women. That is why the Trayvon Martin silliness sooo enraged them. Forget the facts, a blaaaaccckkk kid got shot. That is also why they seem so unable to argue in a fact based manner and have to result to name calling so quickly. It’s all symbolisms and superficialities to them. IMO.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  24. Annie – “The Professor was wrong, she had no right to take the sign from the two girls protesting. Hope she learned her lesson.”

    Annie, what lesson would that be? Act like a jerk and get overwhelming support from colleagues?

  25. So if you believe in the women’s right to kill a fetus would the following statement, “To bad the procedure wasn’t used on this lady” be offensive? Just asking.

  26. I am curious as to what sorts of classes you have to take to get a PhD in Feminist Studies? Is there any real scholaship involved?

  27. The lesson would be to not prohibit free speech by those you disagree with. I doubt she’ll ever snatch anyone’s sign again.

    Squeeky, how as a conservative, can you say you will volunteer with Hillary Clinton’s campaign and then vote for her? She doesn’t represent any conservative ideas. How do you reconcile this?

  28. @annie

    Hillary is a realist. Like any good political sort, she will say the things she needs to get elected. Sooo, she will pay homage to your SYMBOLS, like the EPA, and then reform it to do sensible things. This should not come as a surprise to you, Didn’t you vote for Obama twice???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  29. Squeeky, so you would vote for a known hypocrite? Wow. You think she would be in favor of the right wing ideas you espouse? Really?

  30. Clearly Squeeky, you’re voting for an ideal Hillary you have made in your imagination, she is a liberal, she doesn’t represent anything you hold dear.

  31. Squeeky, Kudos. You may be the most informed and intellectually honest Hillary supporter out there. Although, that is damning w/ faint praise.

  32. Squeeky, I had a wacky idiot try and tell me Russ Feingold didn’t want my votes or support. Haters gotta hate.

  33. Nick – did you read the Onion satire after 9/11, where they were “interviewing” the hijackers in hell. They were complaining that instead of 52 virgins they got harpies and hell. It was awesome.

  34. It appears that some folks are very confused about the politcal philosophies their ‘heroes’ actually represent. Too strange, but hey it takes all kinds to make the world go round. This is simply lazy mindedness and hero worship.

  35. @annie

    I think it was lazy mindedness and hero worship to vote for Obama. The goober has zippo experience, and he was obviously writing checks with his mouth that he couldn’t cash. Then, to vote for him twice??? Unbelievable.

    OTOH, Hillary has both age and political experience. Her first reaction to most criticism is GFY, although it is expressed more politely. I don’t think she buys into all this silly Lefty stuff because she is out there building up a fortune and keeping a lot of it sub rosa.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  36. In my view the professor’s employment should be terminated. She was convicted of assaulting a student. Her political views are irrelevant. I don’t know how a university or any education institution could retain a faculty member convicted of such a crime.

    She should consider herself lucky she wasn’t convicted of robbery because her actions could be considered such.

    If I was one of the university’s administrators I would be deeply concerned of lawsuit in federal court and the potential negative retention issues in keeping her employed.

  37. Darren – the victim is from another school. However, the point is the same. She has injured someone whom she should be protecting. Off with her head!!!

  38. The poster girl for public “education.”

    You just knew this person was going to be a huge success in life at first glance.

    Say no more.

    Privatize the education industry.

    Oops! There’s one now. Affirmative action, government control of industry/economy and redistribution of wealth all in one tidy picture.

    The inmates have taken over the asylum.

  39. There is no conceivable defense for the actions of Prof. Miller-Young, with the possible exception of temporary insanity. She is fortunate that I do not sit on UCSB’s tenure committee, if there is such a thing. Perhaps she needs to be reminded that “The Feminine Mystique” appears perennially on lists of frequently banned books. Someone devoted to feminist studies ought to be on the forefront in defending freedom of speech.

  40. Eric:

    I read Sandra Korn’s column. It is earnest, but wrong. “Academic justice” cannot serve as a template for tolerance because it is a largely subjective notion. Her argument essentially permits the censorship of academic views that counter what may be the acceptable or prevailing academic truths at a moment in time. Using her reasoning, one could justify censoring, disciplining or terminating a tenured professor of atmospheric sciences who expresses skepticism concerning anthropogenic climate change.

    Prof. Miller-Young may indeed be a bigot.

  41. language is used to keep the people in check. repeat something enough times and eventually it becomes the truth for those who are susceptible to the brainwashing of it

  42. I also agree with Darren. Prof. Miller-Young’s antics, regardless of the criminal disposition, create civil actions for assault and battery. She and UCSB should anticipate a lawsuit.

  43. Mike – the whole idea for social justice, academic justice, sexual justice, etc. is for progressives to control thought, speech and activity. Add to this net neutrality.

  44. Paul Schulte:

    My views on social justice are heavily influenced by the Catholic Compendium of the Social Doctrine (which includes a large body of writings) and the work of people as diverse as John Rawls and Thomas Merton. However, I am opposed to any attempts, from either the left or the right, to control speech or thought.

  45. Mike -since I am agnostic, I care little for what the Catholic Church is teaching or preaching, except as it may or may not affect me. As a concept, I am against ‘social justice’ as promulgated by progressives.

  46. Mike Appleton: “Her argument essentially permits the censorship of academic views that counter what may be the acceptable or prevailing academic truths at a moment in time.”

    What does that imply? To me, it implies that “academic justice” requires the dominant power to enforce one’s preferred truth in the community so it is set as the acceptable and prevailing academic truth at the moment in time – for all time.

  47. Free speech and debate is what helps us all to think, analyze, and hopefully make sound comprehensive decisions.
    I’m so much into free speech, I can hardly wait for “Masculine Studies,” to be embraced on college campuses. Wouldn’t that be an interesting debate between the two gender studies departments.
    Seriously, until public college campuses stop hiring their liberal brand of professors and give all thinkers an opportunity to teach, free speech will continue to be hindered and we will continue turning out limited thinking graduates who, in turn, will destroy our society as we have known it. Just take a good look at Yaki, Pelosi, Boxer and several other Northern California grads–scary isn’t it.

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