Georgia Woman Steals Police Cruiser and Then Takes Police On 132 MPH Chase While Yelling At Them Over The Police Radio

emmerli-wilcoxson-crashes-stolen-cruiser-synthetic-weedThe criminal bar has been dealing more regularly with the emergence of “synthetic marijuana” across the country, including incredibly potent form of the drug. Hospitalizations are rising and so are crimes referencing the drug. However, this seems a serious no addition to illegal drug markets. Emmerli Wilcoxson is a case in point. The Georgia woman was allegedly high on synthetic marijuana when she took police on an over 130 MPH car chase. That is bad enough but we was driving a stolen police cruiser. And, oh yea, she was driving on a suspended license.

Police say that, while dodging them at high speed, Wilcoxson was screaming at them in the police radio. She eventually plowed into back of a Chevy Cavalier, hit a wall and then hit another vehicle. The driver of the cavalier was seriously injured.

Otherwise detailed accounts of the case fail to mention how Wilcoxson was able to steal the a Cobb County police car.

Wilcoxson has a history with police. In October 2010, Wilcoxson allegedly threatened to kill a North Carolina police officer and was critically injured after being shot in Raleigh.

As you might imagine, the police charged her with everything short of genocide. She currently has 24 charges against her, including aggravated assault, theft by taking, obstruction, fleeing, interference with government property and numerous traffic offenses, including failure to maintain lane, driving within a gore or median, reckless driving and speeding.

Source: WSBTV

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  1. JT, Could you post some billy goat trail pictures instead. I almost lost my breakfast this morning.

  2. Darren Smith
    A “Gore” is a triangular region where two lanes merge or divide, especially on exits.

    Thanks, I learned something today.

  3. I wonder how much “synthetic marijuana” really is synthetic marijuana?

    The market is clearly not closely regulated for quality and purity. My guess is that much of what is sold as synthetic marijuana is likely a variation of the many chemicals sold as ‘bath salts’ and marketed with a wink and a nod as not suitable for internal consumption.

    If my guess is correct then stories of wild behavior resulting from synthetic marijuana should not reflect on the legal use of marijuana.

  4. Perhaps if the real thing was legal we would have less demand and less use of these dangerous synthetic alternatives.

    But our reliance on prohibition on things (which NEVER works), which can not be evil in their own right, instead of purely laws that criminalize evil and destructive behaviors leads to the creation of black markets, crime, and the creation of pseudo-legal alternatives such as the synthetic marijuana this lady was using.

    With interdiction having a 0.01% success rate while billions are spent pursuing it. With American illegal drug money fueling the most violent criminal enterprises the world has seen in hundreds of years, perhaps it is far past time to consider alternative approaches to the prohibition of substances.

    A starting point would be the descheduling of all drugs, allowing our current system of doctor-pharmacy-patient to use what is most appropriate for the patient, including addicted patients undergoing treatment for their addiction, with medical boards able to discipline doctors who abuse this power for profit instead of the medical good of their patients.

    The arbitrary distinction between good drug / bad drug that exists in the DEA scheduling is simply ridiculous and founded in the past need to try and control certain groups – from people of color to hippies, without any true rational scientific basis.

    We should end this farce now

  5. Too bad she wasn’t killed when shot in 2010. Of course, you probably have had the usual suspects protesting that, too.

  6. From the appearance of this woman, she needed help way back when she was a sparkle in her father’s eye. We need to focus on caring for young people before they give birth to more desperate tragic struggling oppressed mentally ill, self-medicating offspring. Give young people opportunity, hope, satisfy their basic human needs, give them education, compassion, care, respect, pride. That will go much farther in reducing such traffic hazards than prison ever has.

  7. Hmmmm. Guess you can’t call it “wacky weed” if it was synthetic. I wonder if it is getting more prevalent than meth. You have to be careful wandering around the Appalachian mountainside so you don’t wander onto a meth shack.

  8. Actually, I did not know you could not drive in the gore until I read a report was somebody in a high-speed chase was cited for it.

    BTW, the mugshot is lovely. She looks fully-baked.

  9. A “Gore” is a triangular region where two lanes merge or divide, especially on exits.

  10. One would think the lane travel, driving within a gore or median and speeding would be wrapped in as probable cause for the reckless driving charge.

    Messed up situation for sure. She should have stuck with organic marijuana. Artificial sweeteners, and apparently artificial weed, are bad for your brain.

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