Oval Office: Minimalist Style

8LJSzf1This picture was posted on social media of the Oval Office empty for cleaning. What I find most interesting is how it captures with relatively small size of the office. There are adjoining rooms but spaces were simply smaller back then. At the time, this was viewed as a spacious grand room for the Chief Executive.

This was not an official picture but a snap taken by someone who works at the White House. I expect that White House is not entirely happy particularly if it is used as a metaphor for critics about the President’s vacation and times away from the office. The White House tends to carefully control such images and the picture of a vacant office is not one that they would likely release. There is no denial of the picture’s authenticity but I wonder if there is an effort to track down the ad hoc presidential photographer.

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  1. A cubicle in the mail room would be more appropriate for the Nobel Peace Laureate and his criminal predecessors.

    Even during the best of economic times the use of public funds to opulently decorate and refurbish government buildings is waste fraud and abuse.

  2. Interesting, most people have a certain concept of personal space. From personal experience I can attest that the amount of sqft allotted in Midtown is much, much smaller than that allotted in NJ. There’s really only a certain size that a single individual needs beyond which you actually get lost in the space itself. That space is dependent on the person more than the stature of the office. Manhattan is in love with personal bathrooms (why share), corner offices (more than one view) and the floor its on (again related to view).

  3. Jack, Never overestimate attorneys. This is someone who worked w/ them for 35 years.

  4. Just fyi, the original call, as reflected in the incident report, was for a “stealing in progress”, i.e. petty theft. It was only after Michael Brown was killed that the police used a search warrant for the video and changed it to a robbery and then closed the case.

    1. Thanks for the link, Jack. Very interesting read. I might add, however, that Michael Brown’s partner, Dorian Johnson, admitted through his lawyer that the two of them robbed a convenience store. The police describe it as a strong-arm robbery. The surveillance video shows Brown clearly shoving and pushing the store clerk who was trying to get him to pay for the cigars they were stealing. I don’t know how anybody could watch that video of Brown robbing the store and not come to see Brown as a thug. Even if Brown were alive, describing him as a robber and thug is accurate and true, so it would not be defamatory.

  5. David,
    Libel? Really? I guess that I just imagined that you called Michael Brown a “slain robber thug”??

  6. There is a duplicate in the Jimmy Carter museum in Atlanta. You get to see it from a door or maybe to doors (can’t remember). You can look as long as you want but you can’t go in.

  7. So that’s what the oval office looks like without a chair.

    I am so sharing this picture with Uncle Clint. 🙂

  8. Someone tried to sidetrack it w/ race baiting but you all stayed focus. That is key, stay focused and don’t be distracted.

  9. Darren, This photo is the LEAST of our bozo President’s problems. But, it’s all about visuals and images w/ this President. It got him elected but it sure ain’t worth a tinker’s damn for governing.

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