Sometimes a Line Up May Not Be Necessary . . .

1407812989000-frederickThere are some people who tend to blend in on a line up and then there is David Tyron Harris. Harris, 32, was arrested this week in Maryland one one count of second degree assault and one count of strong armed robbery.

He was arrested with Daontae Keenan Diggs, 18, Frederick, Md. The police say that they responded to a report of an assault with injury and were able to follow a blood trail to an apartment where they found various people involved in the fight.

The Frederick Police Department is asking any witness to contact Detective Jeffery Putman at 301-600-4112. Callers may remain anonymous and contact the Frederick Police Department Crime Tip Line at 301-600-TIPS. (8477)

The expectation is that at least Harris is a difficult to forget.

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  1. i left out no piercings of your lips, cheeks etc its ugly and bazaar lets not even speak of the piercing of certain body parts

  2. sorry but there is nothing wrong with tattoos tasteful ones. i have one tattoo on my upper right shoulder which says ” family 1st ” thats it and all when you go past one maybe 2 tasteful ones then you border on the bazaar and ridiculous face, head and full body tattoos are beyond the worse and in some cases are considered satanic as for piercings little girls with earrings are the way to distinguish us from the little boys one piercing not your whole ear and definitely not those piercings that split your ears in half

  3. Piercing your ears is not painful. If you take care of the piercings there will be no infection and will be healed up in a very few days. It is a tradition in most Latin countries as well as Italian. Little baby girls get their ears pierced and wear some small golden hoops. Unless you are allergic to metal or use cheap earrings you don’t even know you are wearing them.

    I had my ears pierced at the same time that I was baptized in Mexico at the Cathedral of Guadalupe at the age of 6 months. A bit old at 6 months but we were traveling. I wear my gold hoops all the time, when I’m not wearing other jewelry. Even to bed so that the piercings won’t heal up. That happened once to me.

    Not sure about elsewhere or currently but in Mexico when I was growing up, it was a status thing.

  4. leej described the situation on another blog – judgement part of this guy’s brain hasn’t matured. His living conditions have probably been pretty horrific, as well.

    I don’t know about ear piercing on a child. It’s about the same pain as getting a shot and we force infants and youngsters of all ages to mess with their immune system by getting about 50 shots before their teens. There is a good reason for ear piercing. Earrings! With pierced ears you can wear earrings of many designs, even studs, little ones. Without pierced ears you are stuck with large ear pinchers that hurt, a lot. My ex- didn’t like pierced ears and was verrry upset that I disobeyed him when I got mine pierced. Too bad I didn’t get them pierced before we were married so the marriage could have been called off. 🙂 20-20.[sigh]

    1. bettykath – when you are an adult you can pierce whatever you want. However, when you do it to infants then I think it borders on child abuse.

  5. In my prior life as a human my father had a tattoo on his left arm. When we kids asked about it he gave the following sermon. It was not a sermon on the mount but all four kids listened and don’t have tattoos.

    He said:
    “One tattoo, drunk at a carnival.
    Two tattoos, Navy!
    Three or more tattoos: INMATE!”

  6. This blog sometimes has a “find the kitty” test. Well, find the image of the state of Maine on the guys mug shot.

  7. I should also say, the tradition only now lives on in the US where there are concentrated Italian communities w/ a steady influx of Italian immigrants. That is exclusively in the northeastern US. I grew up in one of those communities.

  8. Paul, I don’t know. I never researched the tradition. We didn’t follow it w/ my daughter. My wife is German, and the tradition does seem to be female driven.

  9. Paul, I have a very unique[just busting balls!] experience w/ circumcision. Our adopted Colombian son was not circumcised. He was 2-3 years old when we adopted him. He kept getting urinary tract infections. His pediatrician, @ age 10, recommended circumcision. Well, before they hacked away @ my sons Johnson I was going to do some research. I learned it was the right thing to do medically. Let me tell you, of course his mother had empathy but she simply could not have that personal connection as a father seeing his son’s penis cut on. I showered my boy w/ anything he wanted during his painful recovery.

    You mentioned female circumcision on the other thread. There is no medical use for that. It is just male sexual domination of women and it should be stopped.

    1. Nick – and you do not think piecing the ears is a female domination thing?

  10. Paul, It is an Italian tradition to have your infant daughters ears pierced. And, Italian moms would hear comments like yours and in typical dago fashion tell the person to go shit in their hat. What about circumcision? Ironically my old man HATED tattoos. He died in 1989 before the madness began. He was not a lecturer. He modeled responsible behavior and trusted his children would so the same. But, every time my old man saw a tattoo he would point it out and mock it. None of his 4 kids ever got one. One of his 10 grandchildren has to date.

    1. Nick – there are some in the Nanny State who have come out against Jewish circumcision because no painkiller is used. And for a long time they didn’t use pain killers for any infant, although I think they are now, because they are aware of the pain threshold of infants.

  11. This proves it!!! Tattoos cause people to commit crimes, especially violent crimes. I hold the NTA responsible. And their lapdogs in Washington. BTW, there is nothing in the Constitution that gives people the right to own a tattoo. Tattoo use is a privilege, just like driving a car. At a minimum, the government should mandate tattoo training; you should be required to register your tattoo; and crimes committed while tattooed should garner higher sentencing.

    Until we ban ink, no one is safe.

  12. Are the police are going to need to hire a henna tattoo artist in order to conduct a proper lineup? That will probably be the contention of this guys attorney.

    1. Steve – I have always thought that mothers who allow their pre-teen or infant daughters to have their ears pierced are abusing the child and should be arrested.

  13. Should mentally deficient folks be given the same punishment as more lucid folks?

  14. Not sure you would ever get a good lineup without 5 five other guys with full face tattoos.

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