Can You Guess What Brandy Was Charged With?

brandy-allenIf you guessed stealing eye shadow, you win this morning’s mugshot challenge.

Brandy Allen, 31, of Fayetteville woman was arrested on suspicion of stealing $144 worth of eye shadow yesterday from the Ulta Beauty Store. The specific charges are shoplifting and disorderly conduct.

While everyone is entitled to a presumption of innocence, the mugshot indicates that Brandy has a problem. Indeed, the question is whether the mugshot can be entered into evidence if the prosecutor argues that she is in fact wearing the evidence from the theft.

That may be tough however because witnesses say that Allen used a friend to distract store employees but Allen was spotted and then approached later by officers. She was asked by the manager to open her purse. The store employees said that she then tried to run her fingers over the top of each of the eye shadows to make them look used. When an employee spotted red eyeliner that she had shown Allen, Allen reportedly broke it in half to make it also look used.

She then screamed profanities, including “No one [expletive] saw me steal anything.” Not exactly how most defense attorneys would want her to put it.

You know the real kicker? Ulta is actually looking for a cosmetic beauty advisor at that store. My guess is that the opportunity has faded like last week’s eye shadow for Brandy.

I would strongly suggest that Allen consider a more simple, natural look for trial.

Source: 5 News

19 thoughts on “Can You Guess What Brandy Was Charged With?”

  1. [expletive, not explicative] unless those engaged in [expletive] explained what they were doing.

  2. “No one [expletive] saw me steal anything.” How would she know what those people who were engaged in [explicative] saw or did not see?

    1. Ummmm, lets see, how did she know what they saw of did not see… because she did not steal anything so they could not have seen her, because she was very careful, because she checked and they were all on break, they are all wore very thick glasses, they were all blind, she flashed them so she knew exactly where they were looking and it was not at the merchandise… is this a trick question?

  3. “No one [expletive] saw me steal anything.”

    Well, that pretty much eliminates using her silence against her.

    But she might have a problem defending the charge for felony bad taste.

    1. bfm – I do not think her statement is an admission of guilt. It could have been more artful, but what can you expect from someone with taste like that.

  4. OMG, this doggerel Irish Poem just came to mind:

    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    A silly girl stole some eye shadow.
    And spread it all over her face, though
    She just messed it up
    And, Alas!, the poor schlup
    Ended up looking worse than R______ Maddow!

    Was that catty???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  5. “She then screamed profanities, including “No one [expletive] saw me steal anything.” Not exactly how most defense attorneys would want her to put it.”

    Ah….the Bart Simpson legal defense strategy. Veeeery clever

    1. DBQ – she did deny her guilt, just not as artfully as her defense attorney would like her to.

  6. Not America’s next top model with a kisser like that. But justice is blind. If guilty,
    some community service raking leaves in the fall and cleaning sewer drains. No makeup needed.

  7. Ulta does has samples you can use so the prosecution would be hard pressed to convince a jury that she was not wearing the samples.

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