Go Hawks: Police To Go Undercover To Catch Football Thugs

images135px-Seattle_Seahawks_helmet_2012Ok, I may lack credibility since I am a Bears fan (and was raised to cheer for two teams: Da Bears and anyone playing the Packers). However, the Seahawks have taken on the thugs who increasingly occupy our football games. For tonight’s game (yes, finally, the season has started), police officers will go undercover wearing Packers jerseys to try to catch abusive or violent fans. I previously praised a similar effort by the Seahawks.

We have all lamented how families cannot go to games in many cities because people have become so vulgar, drunk, and generally disgusting. The threats against fans of the opposing team have turned violent in some cases. Now fans are being warned that they will be held to the Fan Code of Conduct will be ejected from the stadium for violations. They could also have their ticket privileges revoked. What I particularly like is a warning to season ticket holders that they will be held responsible for the conduct of their guests.

This is in my view a very positive effort to return a modicum of civility and decency to stadiums. I would love to take my kids to a football game. I simply fail to see what all NFL teams are not following the example of the Seahawks.

Fans can report any inappropriate activity that is disrupting their enjoyment of the game via text-message at HAWK12 (429512).

By the way, I have always found Packers (like most Bears fans) to be very decent and civil to opposing teams. Some team stadiums are notorious for rude and obnoxious fans. I have always heard about Bears fans being treated well as Green Bay and I hope that Bears fans show them the same courtesy. We have a great rivalry (with the Vikings and Lions) but it is always disappointing to hear people ruin the fun by venting their anger at opposing fans. It really has little to do with the game. These are people with anger issues or adolescent mentalities that use sporting events as excuses to drink and abuse people.

Bravo Hawks Bravo. I now have another reason to cheer for you tonight.

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