Bling Zing: Daughter of Hong Kong Chief Enrages The Public With Taunting Posting Over Her Diamond Bracelet And “All My Beautiful Shoes and Dresses and Clutches”

Hong-Kong-leaders-daughter-creates-controversy-with-Facebook-postHong Kong chief executive Cy Leung is having a bad month. He is the mouth-piece for the authoritarian Chinese communist government in a city that was promised a modicum of democracy. As expected, the Chinese government has simply disregarded the commitment that it made in the handover of the city from Britain. A new flashpoint occurred when Beijing said that people in Hong Kong could vote for the leaders but only from a list of candidates approved by the Communist party — a curious concept of democracy. Now however he has his daughter to worry about. Chai Yan Leung decided that this was the week to taunt citizens by flashing a new diamond necklace and saying that it was purchased by “silly” taxpayer money.

When people taunted her about her showing off her new bracelet while young people were facing her father’s troops in the streets, Chai Yan responded with her own barbs, particularly at the suggestion that it looked like a dog collar:

“The necklace on my profile pic is not a dog collar, silly!!! This is actually a beautiful necklace bought at Lane Crawford (yes – funded by all you HK taxpayers!! So are all my beautiful shoes and dresses and clutches!! Thank you so much!!!!)

. . . Actually maybe I shouldn’t say ‘all you’- since most of you here are probably unemployed hence all this time obsessed with bombarding me with messages

. . . It’s ok, your mother still loves you”.

220px-2013_Policy_Address_03b_(cropped)Her father faces demands for his resignation but Chai Yan, a 22-year old law student at the London School of Economics, felt that this was a good time to flash bling and trash citizens.

She has proven a handful for Daddy in terms of controversy. She previously was ridiculed for saying that the stabbing of the former editor of the Ming Pao was not related to press freedom. She also posted a picture of herself with what looked like slashed wrists. She also attacked her mother, Tong Ching-Yee, with a posting that said “Courage and loyalty are the virtues I value the most. My mother embodies the exact opposites of both.”

The business about the bracelet is so stereotypical and inflammatory that my first thought was that she is a pro-democracy activist seeking to fuel the protests. However, it is not being interpreted that way. She apparently meant these comments.

As I have discussed before, I remain amazed that China continues to impose a single-party state that purports to be Communist while a small percentage of Chinese have become fantastically wealthy. The postings are particularly inflammatory given the long-standing complaints of public officials making themselves wealthy off of corruption and self-dealing.

Source: India Times

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  1. @ Paul

    Your observation about the hunger for status goods is quite true. My sister in law is a sponsor for students from mainland China. Each year, for the last 5 years, she has two girls in college, I believe they are junior level, who spend 6 months with here while they are attending a College in Oregon (Go Ducks!). The are from mostly wealthy families and a very few from a family which has literally sacrificed everything to give their daughter the opportunity to get a finishing at a Western college.

    We had a nice discussion with them this last visit. Very very interesting. Lot’s of discussions about what they want for their future, their studies, how things are different or the same in China and the US. (I could elaborate, but then this comment would be a novel) However, the highlight of their experience IS the shopping and bringing home of luxury goods. Coach is a prime example. Perfume is also a big hit with the girls.

  2. Progressives are stupid people.
    You are an idiot if you think that this woman is closer to being a Republican than a Democrat.
    Shes literally living off of communism at the top.

  3. One of the things you have to realize about the Chinese, regardless of their wealth is their hunger for ‘status’ goods. I spent hours shopping with a woman from mainland China who had a notebook full of goods (down to the exact item number) to buy here in the US to take back to China. She had a field day at the discount mall where they had a Coach store. She was able to pick up 6 Coach purses (that was the limit).

    The Chinese have lots of money, but nothing to spend it on. They are not creating luxury goods, so they have to get them outside the country.

  4. ‘under capitalism is is one man standing on the shoulders of another. But under communism is is just the opposite.’

  5. Almost all young people in China are only children. This in itself makes for a strange society. I taught English to a group of Chinese youngsters here in Germany. Their parents had paid a pretty penny to send them abroad. They were absolutely adorable and had a lot of respect for teachers and older people in general. One problem: 10-year-olds who could neither bathe nor dress themselves! I don´t know if it was because their parents treat them like babies for as long as they can since they can only have 1, or if they´re so weathy they pay people to do that for them. In any case, their English was quite good.

  6. Yeah, good point. If you ever read what a person has to do here to be a third party candidate, you find it’s almost the same thing. Maybe worse.
    Still feel the tanks will be coming again to Hong Kong soon to revisit Tiananmen Square.

  7. The Hong Kong voters can only vote from “a list of candidates approved by the Communist party.” Only a slight variation on our duopoly monopoly.

  8. A prime example of “Convergence”. That word conveys the notion that Communist societies and Capitalist societies and their respective nation states would, over time, converge and be similar. Communist China and the Soviet Union would adopt Capitalist ways and the Capitalist places like the United States and Great Britain would become more left and socialist. It is unlike the notion in America of Red States and Blue States. It has nothing to do with the racial electoral theories of Lee Atwater. The Mao hat in China has been replaced by the male leader in the Zoot suit and the wifeypoo with diamonds. In America we have BP commercials about all the good they are doing in the swamps of Florida and the oil fields offshore. We have Obamacare but it is no where near a social medical system which Canadians enjoy.

  9. Someone else has Chai Yan beat. Imelda Marcos of the Philippines owns 3000 pairs of shoes. Top that sugar plum. Imelda is a smart cookie.

  10. Isn’t it interesting that the children of the ruling elites in many totalitarian and theocratic countries live in London, New York and Paris where they can have freedom while their daddies oppress any human they can get their hands on.

  11. A model socialist society, showing us all how communism never exploits the proletariat for the enrichment of the elite.

  12. QUOTE “while a small percentage of Chinese have become fantastically wealthy”

    Glad that can’t happen here….. 🙁

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