Mother Arrested After 4-Year-Old Girl Distributes “Candy” That Later Tested Positive As Heroin

imagesAshley R. Tull, 30 of Selbyville, Delaware was busted for drugs in an especially costly way. Her 4-year-old daughter mistakenly brought packages of heroin to school and, thinking they were candy, handed them out to friends. Now, Tull faces not just charges for Maintaining a Drug Property but three counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child (based on her three children).

Authorities responded to an emergency call at the Hickory Tree Child Care Center after daycare workers saw children with small bags of an unknown substance. It proved to be heroin that the child found in her backpack. Several children came into contact with the drug and were placed under observation. A total of 249 bags of heroin, weighing 3.735 grams, was located in the backpack, according to Del. State Police.

Tull was released on $6,000 bail, but she has a no contact order for her kids (who are with a relative).


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  1. @Karen S. “I feel bad for the kids who are born addicted, or who lost the Mom Lottery and have to depend on women like the one in the above story.”

    I think you are entirely correct. The question is what is a reasonable response to this situation. It seems to me testing every pregnant mother is a bit broad. Since when did being pregnant become probably cause to require a drug test?

  2. “One-eighth of an ounce per bag (an “eight-ball”), or about 1/80th of a gram per bag?…. Typical Turley clarity and editing.”

    There are about 28.35 grams per ounce. An eighth of an ounce is about 3.5 grams. So the total weight reported of 3.7 grams is just over one eighth of an ounce.

    The article mentioned ” A total of 249 bags of heroin, weighing 3.735 grams”. We don’t know that either of those numbers is wrong. If one or both are wrong we don’t know what person or institution in the chain of reporting made the error. So far as we know JT has accurately reported the facts released by officials involved with the case.

    In my opinion the numbers raise questions of reasonableness. 3.735/245 = .015 gram.

    Bathroom scales are not even in the same order of magnitude. Electronic food scales seem to fall into a typical range for accuracy of 1 gram or maybe .5 grams for some units – not useful for the measurements required in this case.

    A quick google leads to a source that claims a reading error of .05 gram for a triple beam balance of the type that might be used by students. American Weigh Scales inc offers a consumer level electronic scale, the AERO-100, with a capacity of 100 grams and purported accuracy of .01 gram. We should note that an accuracy of .01 gram would not be sufficient to accurately weight .015 grams.

    It seems to me that consistently measuring .015 grams is getting close to the limits of accuracy for home users. We might even wonder if the equipment in a high school chemistry lab would have the capability to consistently make measurements with the accuracy required.

    I think we are left with the possibility that there were 3.7 grams of heroin. Maybe there were 249 bags. But the image I had of 3.7 grams carefully measured into 249 bags ready for use or sale does not seem likely.

    It seems to me that there is more to this story. Whether that makes any difference for the mother or the children is an entirely different question.

  3. William Berry, Disgraceful comment from a person w/ a huge chip on his shoulder. But JT won’t ban you. This is a welcoming forum. Now, back to Daily Kos, they need more haters!!

    1. @Nick – can you believe that guy? I couldn’t bring myself to… you know.

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