Fatal Attraction In A Confined Space: Woman Is Rescued In California After Trying To Climb Into Man’s Home Through His Chimney

California-Woman-Genoveva-Nunez-Figueroa-Meets-Man-Online-and-Gets-Stuck-in-Chimney-to-See-Him-pic-620x348Just in case you were wondering of the fatal attraction of some Internet relationships, you might want to ponder Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa. Nunez-Figueroa was pulled out of the chimney of a man in Thousand Oaks, California. She was trying to get into the home of a man who said met on online and went on a few dates before he broke it off. She was not ready to end the relationship apparently. She was previously spotted on the roof of the man but ran off. This time she was found stuck in the chimney in the ultimate “why don’t you love me?” scene.

California-Woman-Genoveva-Nunez-Figueroa-Meets-Man-Online-and-Gets-Stuck-in-Chimney-to-See-HimNeighbors reported that they heard a woman crying around 5:45 am. The man was not at home at the time. The rescue squad had to break down the top of the chimney to eventually pull her out of the small space. The rescue team eventually lubricated Nunez-Figueroa with dish soap to hoist her out. It must have been a terrifying time.

She has now been charged with illegal entry and providing false information to a peace officer.

Obviously, the defense counsel is likely to explore an insanity defense and the facts could not be better suited to such a defense — though insanity defenses are more difficult than people who assume.

Source: USA Today

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  1. I briefly saw this story and actually this woman is actually fairly attractive and seems to be a fit for the man other than the fact they apparently don’t get along. Aside from this chimney story, I’m not privy to their relationship but somebody should sit this a–h—- down and tell him he should just consider marrying her. She chose you and she’s passionate about it…..something to be said for that actually…..

  2. Larry

    I just realized this is a new opportunity to create a collective noun.

    “a flue of jilted girlfriends”

  3. @Nick and Riesling

    Thank you both!!! I am glad you liked it! I wish JT would change the title of this article to Affairs of the Hearth. That is really too good a pun to just be restricted to a little Irish Poem.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  4. Wow, this is like as Freudian as all get out! Here you have a chimney (vaginal symbol) and her trying to push her way into it (phallic symbol) all over a failed romance. Anything as primal as this deserves an Irish Poem!

    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a girl in the flue,
    Of some dude that she meant to pursue.
    But her size it did thwarth,
    This affair of the hearth
    But some lube helped the crew pull her through!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Report

  5. DBQ, Much of the pro bono work I do is helping people get restraining orders. I have a connection w/ an organization for battered women and get requests from them sometimes to help a woman through the process and give her someone to call besides the police. It can be a REAL pain in the ass sometimes. But, I also help folks referred by friends or family. Sometimes it’s just a neighbor situation where a person is being harassed for a myriad of reasons. I will also just be in the Clerk of Courts office reading a file and hear someone needing help. I will offer assistance which also pleases the clerk. That’s a win/win, help the person write their petition and have clerks that will be grateful. All part of the craft. But, restraining orders are often a waste of time. If you’re dealing w/ an obsessed person you often need more than that. Cops despise calls regarding restraining order violations and often make the victim feel like a loser.

  6. Darren,
    The owner may need a regular chimney sweep to make sure that there are no more jilted girl friends in there! Or at least put a fool proof cap on the chimney!

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