Saudi Arabia Jails Lawyers For Criticizing Court System On Twitter

Twitter Logo200px-Coat_of_arms_of_Saudi_Arabia.svgDespite claims from the government (outside of Saudi Arabia) that it is seeking to modernize its legal system, the Sharia-based Saudi system continues to churn out abuses that shock the conscience. The latest victims are three lawyers who have been jailed for Tweets denouncing the Saudi court system — widely ridiculed by lawyers around the world as a medieval anachronism.

The lawyers observed that the Saudi legal system was “retarded.” For that insult, they were arrested and convicted of “disobeying the ruler” as well as undermining and slandering the judicial system. They have received sentences up to eight years. Notably, the court also banned them from using social media, traveling, or speaking to the media. It was the classic “bag and gag” approach of authoritarian regimes for those who exercise free speech.

The comments were denounced by the government as being made “to undermine public order” and bring the courts into disrepute. Given the widespread view of lawyers of the Sharia system, it hardly took these three lawyers to bring the Saudi court system into disrepute. Indeed, this very case demonstrates why the system is widely mocked and ridiculed. One lawyer received eight years in prison and the other two received five years each. They are also banned “from appearing in the media or writing in it, and through social media whatsoever, even under different IDs/names.”

We previously discussed the earlier case where a Saudi court handed down a 10-year sentence for Tweets that insulted the Kingdom’s political and religious leaders. Clerics have called for Tweeters to be executed for blasphemous tweets.

Source: Yahoo

19 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia Jails Lawyers For Criticizing Court System On Twitter”

  1. Isn’t there something in the RPR and Judicial Canons that prohibit an attorney from making disparaging remarks against a judicial office holder?

  2. Our dogpack issues Fatwahs. If a dog is too fat then we get together and push him away from the dog food bowl after he/she has had enough. A Fatwag is a dog of a different color. When a fat human comes onto the marina docks we dogs will give a good wag to let em know that dogs need dog biscuits. Fat humans are sometimes more prone to giving out dog biscuits. As an Eighth Day Dog Adventist I do not believe in criticizing man or beast for their own notions of faith, religion or dogma.

  3. Saudi Arabia is not a civilized nation state. It is in the category of Pirate Territory. Fly over and flush- twice on Sunday. One cannot be a real lawyer in a place like that.
    I agree with Paul’s observation about Jesuits who teach.

  4. At least these societies have devised a way to bring their attorney miscreants to heel..Perhaps we should allow their courts to hear Tellez next time and see if some type of message might be sent to the legal community.

  5. Salty South Texas woman judge: “What’s he charged with, Mr. Bailif?”.
    “RAPE. your honor>” “Well, whack him on the pp”.

  6. Michael Haz

    Interesting how people never accuse Islam of being anti-intellectual, isn’t it?
    The leotards here, as good software citizen robots, don’t do it because their creators are also anti-intellectual.

    If their analysis-challenged-cohorts got wind of the similarities it could possibly explode like backfire like a ’53 chevy they go to crutch church in.

  7. Michael – All religions are anti-intellectual. The purposeful suspension of critical thinking is fundamental to believing in invisible gods.

  8. Oh, the irony . . .

    Wait, if Twitter has been declared by fatwah to be the source of all evil then couldn’t these lawyers claim there were merely helpless, frail humans powerless to fight against its pull?

  9. Interesting how people never accuse Islam of being anti-intellectual, isn’t it?

  10. There is a lite version of this in American Family Courts.
    The courts there have little compunction against sanctioning lawyers and litigants who speak out and against them.
    I have read and article on this exactly that should elucidate:

  11. The PC Police here would nail these barristers for using the word “retarded.”

  12. Just another a$$ backwards country along with the rest of the middle east. You cant give people freedom they have to earn it

  13. Maybe they need law journals where it is ok to criticize with scholarship.

    Some articles about what happens when “the king can do no wrong” takes hold would be a good start.

  14. You know that any international organization would agree with them. You cannot disparage the court no matter how bad it is.

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