Abduction Caught On Tape Of Woman In Philadelphia

1415061984685_wps_22_Carlesha_Freeland_Gaither1415062471619_Image_galleryImage_The_entire_incident_was_cThere is a deeply upsetting video (below) released by police of the abduction of Carlesha Freeland-Gaither, 27, who was forced into a car by a man as she walked home from a family party on Sunday evening. It is painful to watch the father of Carlesha beg this man not harm his daughter.

Germantown+Abduction+Carlesha+Surveillance+CompositeThe 22-year-old nursing assistant was returning from her godson’s birthday party around 9:40 p.m.

The car itself was parked just outside of the camera range but the man can be seen approaching Carlesha and then grabbing her and pulling her a block into the waiting car. The car is a four-door Ford Taurus and is shown below.


Woman+Abducted+POI+ATM+PicsLater detectives revealed that they have a picture of a man using Carlesha’s bank card in Maryland.

Carlesha was heard screaming for help and reportedly kicked out the window of the car. Her glasses and cellphone were dropped in the street. The car appears to be shaking.

This is a great deal of evidence for a criminal case from the video to the bank shots to the car make. The odds are quite good for an arrest but of course that is not the concern of all of us. The delay in a release of the victim raises obvious fears about the intent of the attacker. I can only imagine what this family must be going through. It is a terrible statement on our society that a woman cannot walk a few blocks around 9 PM without such an abduction. She appears to have fought and screamed as is often recommended. However, the man is shown overpowering her. She is shown dropping to the ground but it does not ultimately prevent the man from forcing her in the car.

Carlesha appears a wonderful person from a very loving family. For me, I am still rocked by the words of her father Carl Freeland, who fought back tears and said “Please just send her back home. Just let my daughter go. Whatever you want, whatever you’re asking for, I’ll give it to you.”


Source: NBC

13 thoughts on “Abduction Caught On Tape Of Woman In Philadelphia”

  1. Thank goodness she’s OK. I guess rampaging King Football wasn’t involved in this one.

  2. Hooray! I’m so glad she was found alive, AND her kidnapper was arrested. There was already a warrant out for his arrest for murder, so very lucky she was found in time.

    Thanks, Mespo!!!

  3. Wow! The odds of finding this woman alive were long. Many prayers were answered.

  4. Waiting for the twist ending where the animal who did this turns out to be employed in law enforcement (Corrections officer maybe)

  5. Never borrow trouble, I always say. Never abduct it, either. Can you imagine having that bitch in your house? Dayem!

  6. I saw the interview with the father, too. He asked the kidnapper to take him instead and let his daughter go. Brought tears to my eyes.

    He must be going out of his mind with terror, knowing his daughter is in mortal danger but being helpless to protect her.

    They say she kicked out the back window of the car when she was taken. From the video, she looks really tiny, and he just shoved her by sheer size and weight.

    I hope she is OK, but I fear for her life. I hope they get her back safe. This story has been preying on my mind.

  7. Saw the tearful mom on the news last night. People play the race card too often. But, there are times when it is warranted. Usually, it is only when white girls are abducted that the press jump on it. I surmise the fact that there is surveillance video of the abduction helped put this on the national news. Whatever, at least it is getting publicity. Cops need help finding this shitbird.

    A lesson I taught my daughter, female students, and athletes. In a situation like this DO EVERYTHING to not get in the car. Scream, bite, kick lay down, ANYHTING to not get in the car. Because if you get in the car, you will be raped, tortured and killed. It’s as horribly simple as that. If you’re going to die, do it on your terms, right there on the street. But, chances are pretty good you won’t die there. If you can get the abductor fearful of attention, he’ll flee. DO NOT GET IN THE CAR. Teach your female children, grandchildren, nieces. This video can do a lot of good.

  8. We can only hope she is returned alive. Sadly, this is not always the case.

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