Town Mistakingly Posts Signs Threatening $250 Fines For Uncollected Poop And Then Told That The Fine Is Only $25 . . . So Town Moves To Change Law To Fit The Signs

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 6.31.46 AMGiven the pig poop story this morning, we might as well continue the scatilogical theme. The Town of North Hempstead has made a rather interesting decision that seems to confirm the view of many that some laws are solutions in search of a problem. The government put up new signs around the town threatening $250 fines for dog waste violations, but received complaints that the law actually sets the fine at $25. A typo had increased the fine 10 fold. No problem, the town said, we will change the law to match the signs.

Town officials said it would be cheaper to raise the fine than replace the erroneous signs.

The town board is holding a public hearing on the matter Dec. 9.

Notably, the signs chastise citizens that all of this “IS REQUIRED BY LAW” but it appears that is now meant to be expressed in the future tense in Hempstead’s new approach of posting and then passing laws.

Source: CBS

60 thoughts on “Town Mistakingly Posts Signs Threatening $250 Fines For Uncollected Poop And Then Told That The Fine Is Only $25 . . . So Town Moves To Change Law To Fit The Signs”

  1. This whole thing is a classic “I know better than you” and it isn’t about poop, it’s about revenue! The anger should be at the TAX. Why didn’t Roberts send it back to have all euphemisms for TAX fixed? It never would have passed!

  2. And consider the quality. Super quality in and super quality poop. Taking the size of spoiled puppy and the quality array she is offered, the town might owe me! The quality of your Great Dane’s poop must be considered. With legalities these days, the town will find this a minus situation financially and end the fee completely. And if facilities aren’t provided, human offerings might put their fine through the roof and riots and looting might ensue. The town is in deep

    1. Sandi – unless you can prove the quality of your super poop I think you are going to have a problem. 🙂

  3. I just listened to “Silent Night” sung acapella by Petitonix. Beautiful. Commented on Pig poop on airplanes. Now this. Where is this Town Hall in Hempstead, for those tea partiers wanting to create a fuss. Which George Bush said that? Bill, why do you read this blog? It must be upsetting to you. I know your comments are unsettling to me. What if a human being is terribly ill and must evacuate or die? $250? Don’t think $25 will bother most, but $250 for dog poop? Mine’s a toy poodle. Of course, we always carry a receptacle,mso no problem for us.

    1. Samdi – are you suggesting that the fine be set by the size of the poop? Toy poodles would pay less than St. Bernards?

  4. What points Paul? The tea baggers freely admit they are trying to raise taxes on the poor while cutting taxes for the rich. Even if Americans support increasing the minimum wage, the tea party wants to abolish it. They want to tax the sun – that is right in your home state. They want to interject religion (only Christian religion) into schools. Ayn Rand selfishness! No healthcare (whatever happened to repeal and replace – guess the replace got lost). These are not in dispute. That is your base platform.

    Once again, the tea party in a positive form lasted about two days. Then big business took it over. A shame even one person bought their garbage.

    1. Bill W – somehow you think all Republicans are Tea Party members, however, very few are. The Republicans are also afraid of the Tea Party. The Tea Party is anti-tax. You saying the Tea Party is pro taxes is like saying Planned Parenthood is anti-abortion.

  5. Bill, there are roughly slightly more half of all American voters who don’t want to go back to the days of using th ER has one’s healthcare provider. However, this ACA won’t have a chance of morphing into something better with a Republican majority Congress. Pretty pathetic.

  6. Inga – If he says he is an agnostic, I’ll take him at his word. Maybe the religious stuff just follows buying into the whole right wing program.

    btw – congrats for coming out in support for healthcare even if the healthcare program stinks. Appreciate that you focus on saving American lives.

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