Bad Elf: New Jersey Man Arrested For DUI While Dressed As Elf On A Shelf

16612540-largeBrian Chellis, 23, has some serious naughty issues to address back at the home office. When police responded to a DUI call at 3 am, they found a gray Toyota van next to the loading dock of a Target store with its engine running, lights on, and music blaring. Inside, they found Chellis was dressed as an elf on a shelf and allegedly loaded smelling of a bit too much of the old holiday nog. Chellis was asleep at the wheel.

images-1vbeSgt. Pat Harden turned off the engine and woke the elf who he said appeared confused and had an open beer in the car. After field sobriety tests, Chellis was transported to police headquarters for a breath test and issued a summons list for DUI, careless driving and possession of an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle. In other words, the ultimate naughty list for the juiced Elf.


Source: NJ

13 thoughts on “Bad Elf: New Jersey Man Arrested For DUI While Dressed As Elf On A Shelf”

  1. Paul C., I think he may still be in a box, my husband has admitted not getting all boxes down. As if I don’t have enough to worry about. My country, the world, talk about pressure!

    1. Sandi – it may be that your elf on the shelf could no longer take the pressure and ran away from home.

  2. All they can prove is that he had an open container in a car. He can say he started drinking after he stopped and was not operating a motor vehicle. Pretty simple.

    1. Nick – there have been several seasonal articles on the challenges of being an elf. It is the stress of doing all the work and Santa getting all the credit. Microaggressions, you know.

  3. I dub this elf, Buddy. Elf is one of the flicks we watch every Christmas. We also watch A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life and always end w/ Bad Santa. Billy Bob is perfect!

  4. Let’s give this elf credit. He realized that he shouldn’t be driving in his state and pulled off the road. He should be commended for his commitment to public safety

  5. The music was blaring? If it was this song, the cops should have gave him a warning.
    Then send him home in a taxi cab. It’s a Winter Wonderland. Frolic and play the Eskimo way.

  6. I am surprised more elves have not been caught. There is a high alcoholism rate among elves. AA has separate meetings just for elves who are getting into the program and did hear that their is a rehab place in Lapland that specializes in elf therapy.

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