Logan’s Run: Boston Man Falls Through Ceiling Of Women’s Airport Restroom and Then Allegedly Goes on Rampage

Naked-Man-arrestedCameron Shenk, 26, presents what can only be described as a tough defense case. A woman was in a bathroom stall in Terminal C of the Logan Airport in Boston when Shenk reportedly fell through the ceiling naked. It went from bad to worse from that point on.

Shenk allegedly was bleeding from cuts to his head and body when he ran from the bathroom naked and assaulted and seriously injured an 84-year-old man. He then allegedly resisted arrest and injured a police officer.

The current list of charges is pretty daunting: attempted murder, mayhem, assault and battery on a person over 60, assault and battery on a police officer, lewd and lascivious act, and malicious destruction of property over $250. It is clear that the police want Shenk in jail for a very very long time though the attempted murder charge is not fully explained in most articles. However, there is an account that he bite the old man on the ear and tried to strangle him with his cane.

Shenk is a student at Harvard University Extension School, which is independent of Harvard College.

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  1. I just remembered that the “happy looking pleased with himself face” on our dog “Ari” that I use as an avatar was taken shortly after he nailed me on the left forearm when I let the jute sleeve slip after he was in the air….whoops. I congratulated him as “Good boy, good job.” I made the error, not him. At 95 lbs of over sized male GSD he could give you a solid whack even on a jute sleeve. Without the sleeve it was attention getting on my side of the deal. Mind you, I adored that dog, and I miss him to this day…to me he could do no wrong, and never did … he even participated in some Children’s Mass services (at a parish I attend) when kids were all around the altar…would come out of the Sacristy on command and nuzzle the kids…who loved it. Not to certain about how the church hierarchy would have thought of that activity. Don’t care either. He served to show kids that fear is not necessary and that their affection for him was contagious. He’s gone now, but some older kids still ask about him. With kids he had the patience of Job, and by training he knew how to behave, especially around children.

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  3. DrSigne asked …

    Will the victims have to have rabies shots?

    Heh heh. Rabies is the least worry from a bite by a human. Try Hepatitis B … aka serum hepatitis, easily transmitted by a human bite that breaks the skin. HIV is also a possibility if present. My room mate (during our simultaneous divorce cases), a police officer, acquired Hep B twice…first time from a junky’s needle hidden in the back seat of a beater that stuck him during a search…second time from a human bite on the forearm, during an arrest, that broke the skin severely. Hep B is serious but survivable with care and proper diet, and abstinence form alcohol, from what little I know…there is no antidote for it. It laid my friend low, in considerable pain, for about 6 months each time. I imagine in today’s world, my friend would be charged for bouncing said bite perpetrator’s head off the car roof a few times to get her to let go. Persuasion wasn’t working…and I was there to witness it…I thought he’d been overly kind.

    I’ve been bitten by big dogs, during training for protection, but never worried too much…they’d had rabies shots, and a lot of peroxide and cue tips (to swab out the punctures), plus a few butter-fly tapes, and a wipe or two by alcohol swabs (ouch) seemed to do the trick. One bite (around the knee) did not bleed and that one worried me, but vigorous digging and swabbing of the punctures also seemed to work to clear out any latent infection of whatever kind. When training dogs like mine, most of us who do it know you do NOT go to a local hospital if you need more intense care and sutures…you drive out of town to a small town ER and say you were bitten by a stray dog whilst changing a tire on road xx. Otherwise, the authorities will come for your dog. Truth be told, if you get chomped while training, 95% of the time you made a handling mistake…not the dog, he/she did what is trained to do…at least in every case I felt personally.

    That said, if bitten by a human and the skin is broken, I am heading for the closest level 1 trauma center immediately…two are near my place. The peroxide and swab routine did not help my friend one bit. My opinion is that a dog’s mouth is far cleaner than most humans. YMMV. Now if a horse truly bites down on you, a piece will be missing…again off to the trauma center. Most of what people call horse bites are really “pinches”…a method horses use to communicate now and then. I do not suggest anyone ride in tennis shoes or sneakers…the toes are then an easy target for a rank animal.

    Of course, if you are medical doctor, then I am preaching to the choir. I may just be paranoid about human bites…just because of what I’ve seen.

    1. Aridog – I would agree. The only time I have been bitten by a dog, it was a mistake I made, not the dog.

  4. A quick Google search reveals that this guy went into the bathroom, entered a stall, undressed, climbed up into the ceiling, and then fell. So that is why he was up there. He has no history of mental illness and yet, clearly, what he did was deranged. One story quoted his father to this effect: You can learn a lot from Snow White, sometimes apples are poisoned.

    This happened in November, there were a few stories around Boston in the week following the incident. It would be interesting to read a follow-up – just what was this guy’s problem?

  5. Everyone who has been to Harvard, Yale and the other IVY-LEAGUE-SCHOOLS who had pledge to join a frat had a Hell week even Hillary Clinton and George Bush got naked for the cameras in the Ivy League.
    Read for example http://nowiknow.com/naked-at-harvard-and-yale/ and http://www.messynessychic.com/2013/11/12/that-time-harvard-and-yale-took-naked-photos-of-all-their-freshmen-students/
    Pledges are even sometimes blind folded and told to find their way back to the school. For example in the middle of main street on a Saturday night. The schools call it building character.
    One said he needs to be branded a sex offender then maybe they need to look at what they do themselves.
    A woman in New York posted over 200 pictures of her 4 kids naked during this last summer. Is she guilty of producing child porn? According to the law. YES.
    No longer is there any innocent people even if they are private nudist. She called the set of pictures “Innocence of Summer.” If it is still it would be a miracle. If she is not in jail that too.
    So, explain how a streakier is guilty of being branded a sex offender
    Change the structure of the Ivy League in order to change how pledges are made to do this kind of stuff.
    By the it is 2 to 3 times a year done.

    1. I do not know if this help any, but ASU has a masturbation (co-ed) club. Evidently it is a club sport and not intramural.

      1. College Clubs even have some crazy web sites. But if you look into what College it is. It usually turns out to be “College age” not a real College. People living like they were in a College Dorm and partying as if they were in College. Even wearing College outfits. All to get you to send them MONEY to help their lifestyle and not get a real job, it is just a reality show one.

        1. RobertRexEdwards – my alma mater is one of my regular Google feeds and when this popped up a couple of years back I did check it out. It is a real club with real college students really masturbating. They meet regularly to reaffirm to themselves and others that masturbation is healthy and a life choice. I am not sure if staff and faculty are allowed to join.

  6. spankin his monkey no doubt.

    Squeeky needs to do a bit of poetry for this one.

    There once was a man in the ceiling
    who started cuffin his puppy
    he then started reeling
    and fell through the ceiling….

    I need Squeeky’s help for a fine finish.

  7. Despite what they show on TV and movies, suspended ceilings aren’t all that strong. The ceilings are used mainly because they allow easy access to plumbing and electric for maintenance. The framework for the ceiling panels are suspended with wire to joists above. You might be able to stay in the ceiling area for a bit, but they are meant to hold the weight of the tiles, spread out over a large area, not for the weight of a person in one area.

  8. As per joaneisenstodt’s questions: What actually happened? What is above Terminal C women’s bathroom? How did someone get up there? Why did the ceiling structure cave in? Did he maliciously do something to break through it? If so, what exactly? Why was he naked? Was he high or mentally disabled? Was one of the assault charges against him because he landed on or harmed the woman in the stall either physically or by dropped debris? Was he cut and bloody from his fall or from something that happened before it? How did the assault of the elderly man actually occur? Did he pick him at random or did the 84-year-old try to stop him or was he just in the way of the nude dasher? What actually happened to the police officer who tried to arrest him? Will the victims have to have rabies shots?

  9. hinky, Yale students will be ALL OVER this. We need to bust on ChipS if he has the stones to comment on this thread. LOL!

  10. The fact that this fellow is somehow connected with the Harvard University Extension School provides an opportunity to take a few shots at Harvard. I believe the Extension School has open enrollment classes and on-line classes and certainly not a part of Harvard College. I doubt if the Extension School has a pledge week.

    As for a defense, look to past indications of mental problems. He was caught red-handed (or more accurately – bare a**ed) and his defenses are limited. I am surprised that his accused crimes do not include some that would land him on the sex offenders list.

  11. The picture above does not look like his court pictures. In his court pictures he favors Matt Bomer from “White Collar”. Funny Matt Bomer was in one movie as an stripper. Maybe he wants to make his break like Bomer They do favor each other a lot.Maybe he will land a good paying job even with this Harvard prank that flopped and exposed more than just himself to the public eyes.

  12. Being that he is at Harvard then I would guess it it hell week pledge week that got him into this trouble.
    At one time a candidate for Congress was blackmailed because of his City Streaking as a Pledge blindfolded.
    Do not forget the football player who because a model just because of the comments he got streaking on a dare from the frat house. His picture was even at the Football game that he last play at. It was blurred but his grin on his face was his pride.
    So was this another Haze hell week that made a turn for the worst. If it was such a stunt then there will be at least one witness for the fraternity may even 2 and either a camera or film of the event as proof to that he completed his task.
    Now if he admits it was college prank then he will not be accepted as a frat brother in any college. But if they did do this and he is still ousted then did they get his permission to record the event to show to everyone.
    Either way if he is a student at Harvard and a pledge then most likely he was tricked in to the criminal acts. The defense for an overt act induce by another party is whether or not he would done such an act if no so influenced by his peers or authority above him.
    For example a person who had never done drugs but was influenced by policeman to make a buy and he would tear up his traffic ticket. But then when caught by an UC was not helped by his handler who had no authority to even use him as a CI.

  13. Is the lewd and etc just being naked in the attic? And the attempted murder falling on the woman in the toilet?

  14. His defense is that he is dealing with the microaggressions from Ferguson and NYC. He was clearly not in his right mind. I do not understand the attempted murder charge and the assault on someone over 60. I think the prosecutor is over reaching.

  15. There must be more to this story, the “what”, “where”, and “why” seem to be missing.

  16. Why was he naked and from where did he fall? How’s the woman who was in the stall? And are assault-on-someone-over 60 charges really different than those on ppl younger??

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