Reality Check: Illinois Police Officer Arrested As Allegedly Serial Burglar

549dba0cbb29b.preview-300When I was in Chicago this week for Christmas, Brian Barker, 41, was all over the news. The Edwardsville police officer is accused of being a serial burglar, including break ins while on duty. He seems wanting as a police officer but as a crook he is even worse. They found stolen items in his home and there is a security tape reportedly of him burglarizing one of the locations. The end came fittingly at the Reality Salon and Spa for Barker.

The security camera at the Reality Salon in Edwardsville allegedly shows Barker, in uniform and on duty, stealing $450 from the cash register there. He is also accused of burglarizing a house across the street from his own home.

Barker has been charged with a dozen counts of burglary, one count of residential burglary, and aggravated unlawful possession of stolen firearms. The last charge involves mainly stolen handguns.

If you are interested in hearing from the Chief of Police during most of Bedell’s service, he is not available. Chief James Bedell was indicted and sentenced to 18 months in federal prison in 2013 for embezzling $140,000 from the city.

Barker is facing a nightmare from a criminal defense standpoint. The police claim to have him on videotape and stolen items in his house. More importantly, committing crimes while on duty is one of the greatest aggravators that you can face in sentencing.

Source: STL Today

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  1. ‘the chief is a good guy, I lived there’, really, are you related, stupid or just a mindless idiot. yeah, nubor and dickman ticket has done a wonderful job. I can’t even begin to imagine how much they was able to carry off. See,”,Mr.. I Lived there”.. when you are a crack dealer, you don’t surround yourself with dedicated law enforcement. No you get reprobated pos. The count of officers now removed by real law enforcement is about 8, Not to mention the ones they let just walk. Do the research., The EPD is up for the craphole of the decade award. And a special mention to the fire dept. good job, like the tire shop across the street, it burned to the ground. People, do the dam research and its not in the Edwardsville news paper, they hide it too…

  2. In Albany NY in the 1970’s conventional wisdom held that the police department was the city’s major source of crime. Especially burglaries. It’s not unusual.

  3. Darren…I’d agree. If charges are proven I’d want see consecutive, not concurrent sentences. Nothing is worse than a corrupt cop, bar nothing, and they should be held to a higher standard than the ordinary bloke. I’ve known a lot of police offers in my time and none but one meets the criteria of corrupt. One of my best friends was head of Internal Review, and what he found was sad at the best. However, it wasn’t among the police officers, it was among the city politicians. Others may have a different experience…but mine informs me. Our last mayor, before our reformation, is doing 28 years. in a federal pen…and he deserves every minute of it. It cost his mommy (famous her for her “ya’ allz boy” remarks during his last campaign) her job as a Congressperson, which is no loss to anyone in the city…she was a magnet for corruption herself. Now and then, an 85% black city figures it out and votes ….I repeat, votes…for better government. I truly hope it succeeds. Fact is, I am sure it will.

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