Two Fleeing Felons Allegedly Toss Out Bag Of Cocaine . . . Which Lands On Police Car

vazquezvalesAs a Bears fan, I am used to turnover passes at critical moments but this is ridiculous. Kissimmee (Florida) officer Christopher Breuer was trying to pull over a gold Acura at 2 am after the car allegedly slammed into his cruiser. However, the car kept going after Breuer put on the lights. Trailing the car with this spotlight on the occupants, he then saw the sun roof open and a hand threw out a bag of cocaine . . . which landed on the hood of his police cruiser. Luis Vazquez, 30, (left) and driver Jose Vales, 38,(right) are now under arrest.

The Acura eventually pulled into a 7-Eleven and Breuer asked who throw the cocaine on his car. Vazquez initially denied that they had thrown out the bag, but driver Jose Vales, 38, reportedly fingered Vazquez. They have both been charged on drug felonies but Vazquez was also charged with evidence tampering for throwing the cocaine.

Of course, the biggest problem will be ribbing in the cellblock as Vales and Vazquez become the criminal equivalent of an urban legend. This is why Jay Cutler is still better off as a NFL quarterback than drug dealer.

Source: Smoking Gun

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  1. Karma.

    Are they going to claim they were rushing to cooperate with turning over evidence?

    Is this a game show, Let’s See Who Can Destroy his Own Life Fastest?

  2. Why, of course, Nick. Why would you have anything positive to say about the ending of federal asset seizures?

    Perhaps you could begin to work on the state asset seizures? You know, the ones done by the Republicans.

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