Police Arrest Ten For Allegedly Burglarizing Sick Woman’s Residence Eight Times

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

everett-logoPolice in Everett, Washington made multiple arrests after a social medial linked crime spree at an elderly woman’s home while she was out of state seeking treatment for emphysema and heart disease.

Thieves waited after each other to burglarize the residence then pilfered and ransacked the house retrieving whatever remained. But police soon discovered the game and offered their response in kind.

The victim, who’s name we are withholding, received while in Idaho a telephone call from her neighbor informing her of the burglaries. She stated to reporters “[The neighbor] said it was quite substantial, that the whole house was trashed and the doors were broken. She was hysterical. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. It’s like, we’ve never had a break-in or a burglary or anything in any way. I’m trying to regain my health and I’m very, very tired. I’m wary of all the nonsense. I want these people put away and I want my stuff back.”

The victim returned home two weeks early only to experience the shock of seeing her home ransacked with debris up to four feet high and in complete disarray. Property stolen was in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Everett police believe the thieves somehow discovered her absence and broadcast in social media the vulnerability of the residence. Thereafter there ensued a tag-team approach to burglary where one group of thieves would wait until the previous left the house then they would enter and begin their taking of the victim’s property.

But once police discovered the burglary campaign they then set up inside the residence and waited for the next round of burglars to walk in to the welcoming arms of Everett PD.

“We would see someone come in, they’d dark out their headlights and park and jump the fence and we’d make an arrest,” said Det. Mike Atwood with the Everett Police Department. “We’d get set up again and it would be an hour and another car would come in and circle the house. It’s been pretty amazing to watch. Pretty disgusting to watch, actually.”

Police arrested ten at the scene and indicate that more arrests are likely. Over ten thousand dollars in goods have been recovered so far. The case is ongoing.

By Darren Smith

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  1. Olly-

    “The first step is to admit you have a problem”

    And though I tore you to ribbons in the classic liberalism debate because you know absolutely nothing about the topic, you still haven’t reached the first step and acknowledged that you’re a fraud. You have no shame.

    Olly, people that treat you like a joke don’t have a problem, it’s the people that treat you like you’re not that do.

  2. “Olly, I’ll never display an ounce of humility to you.”

    The first step is to admit you have a problem; so well done!

    That lesson is for free and good luck with the rest.

  3. Tyger-

    “It’s an intellectual discussion, to me.”

    That’s what a mental illness will do to you.

    “My rejection of many of society’s values is similar in a way to the Amish, but not for religious reasons.”

    No, yours are for homicidal reasons. Your mind has decayed to the point that you believe Stalin was on the right track in his response to crime, and you wish America would do the same. You’re a psychopath and the more you talk, the more clear that becomes.

    “I suppose SOME people would say they are mentally ill, too. ”

    Until the Amish start advocating the murder of tens of thousands of Americans per years as a response to crime, you’re just insulting them by equating your mental illness with their religion.


    “The reality is that understanding classical liberalism is not about the volumes of philosophers you can claim to have read. ”

    Brilliant argument Olly. You don’t actually need to know what you’re talking about, and if someone calls you on your fraud, it’s ” classic progressivism”, another term which you have no understanding of. However, if you’re going to lie through your teeth, might as well double down, right?

    ” The real irony however is the one person you actually should know hasn’t demonstrated the sense of humility necessary for that sort of critique.”

    It’s hard to be humble when debating a psychopath and a fraud.

    “Classical liberalism runs against the grain of progressivism and one cannot hold a true belief in both philosophies; they do not blend. ”

    You imagine, from your standpoint of total ignorance, but you just have to face the fact that that is a product of your imagination, an imagination totally undefiled by knowledge of either classic liberalism or progressive ideas.

    Olly, I’ll never display an ounce of humility to you. You repulse me. You’re a liar and a fraud, and you are thoroughly committed to both of those abhorrent personality traits.

  4. Anarchist,
    It must be rather dull for you to *ahem* participate in a blog in which you believe you know the other contributors better than they know themselves. The real irony however is the one person you actually should know hasn’t demonstrated the sense of humility necessary for that sort of critique. I’m not unfamiliar with your style; it’s reminiscent of a self-centered teenager who believes they have the world all figured out.

    The reality is that understanding classical liberalism is not about the volumes of philosophers you can claim to have read. That sort of score-keeping is classic progressivism; it’s angry, egotistical and intolerant. Classical liberalism runs against the grain of progressivism and one cannot hold a true belief in both philosophies; they do not blend. A true believer in either classical liberalism or progressivism does understand only one of the two is best suited to secure the social, political and economic freedom of the people. And understanding they’re beliefs are rooted in sound fundamental principles is what brings peace to the classical liberal; it’s also what torments the progressive.

    I don’t doubt Anarchist, that you’ve compiled an extensive read list. I’m sure you can express an opinion on many topics; some of which would be instructive to me and others. Unfortunately, what none of that knowledge has provided you is the virtue of humility; that is evident in nearly every comment you make.

    So, thank you for the opportunity to learn and I wish you peace.

  5. Execution isn’t murder. Execution is currently the penalty FOR first-degree murder in some states. There’s the precedent. I’m simply suggesting that it would be logical to extend that to other violent crimes to lower the incidence of them. It’s an intellectual discussion, to me. No justification for a personal attack.

    My rejection of many of society’s values is similar in a way to the Amish, but not for religious reasons. But then, I suppose SOME people would say they are mentally ill, too. Whatever. Name calling is a sign of immaturity and insecurity, used when there are no rational grounds for an individual’s arguments.

  6. Sandi-

    ” Is this evidence of a problem with Obamacare?”

    I hate to burst your bubble, but probably not. It’s not uncommon for doctors to refer their patients to specialists that treat conditions which they don’t. For instance, everyone in Oregon with complicated eye issues has to go to Portland for treatment because that’s the only place where there are specialists with the experience in those matters practice, and that’s been the case since well before the ACA.

    However, a true Republican would just claim the old lady had to travel because of Obamacare regardless of whether that was actually the case or not, so I’m disappointed in you for letting the grand ole party down by asking questions when there are political points to score.

  7. Olly-

    “LOL! Sure, that must be it Anarchist.”

    It is. You’ve been pretending to have expertise on classic liberalism, but it turns out that you actually know nothing about it. You would just sprinkle posts with classic liberal terminology and hope no one looked too closely. You don’t have the slightest grasp of the concepts. You’ve never read, or even skimmed any of the works that comprise it. You’d never even heard of Locke, Hobbes, or Rousseau. You’re a complete and total fraud, and if it doesn’t bother you that you were unceremoniously exposed as such, then you have no self-respect either.


    Ya, the guy that’s calling for the murder of tens of thousands of Americans per year as the best method to control crime.

  8. Wow. A black pot calling a stainless steel kettle black. Viciously, too. Pretty obvious who is really the angry old man in this discussion on values.

  9. LOL! Sure, that must be it Anarchist. If believing that will help you get you through another day, then by all means. 😀

  10. Just rechecked the article she was “seeking help with emphysema and heart disease.” Everett is a pretty big area. Why did she have to go to Idaho? Everett certainly has facilities for these medical problems.

    Anybody know why?

  11. First, they should all do cleanup. And every weekend for long periods of time helping elderly. How old were these guys? Under 18, parents are responsible for $$$ to replace loses. Also, any benefits received for anyone under 18 should cease (food stamps, school). Over 18, all benefits eliminated and eligibility suspended forever. Any income earned by any of these people should have 25%, after taxes paid to victim.

    I had never thought of house siting as a problem for the elderly. Senior centers might be able to help. Maybe an alarm company could install a few alarm devices. These devices would be returned for next user. Great advertising. College students with a community service requirement could get a lot of hours credited.

    But why did she have to leave town for a health issue? People in Canada have had to do that. Is this evidence of a problem with Obamacare?

  12. Tyger-

    ” you are so far off the mark with your assumptions ”

    It’s not an assumption.

    “I believe I live within a criminally minded society. ”

    There’s your mental state, as professed by you. That perception isn’t one that is held by the mentally sound. You’ve clearly become so unbalanced that you now believe the entire society you live within is “criminally minded”.

    “when you can’t refute the logic of an opinion”

    There is no logic in “your” statement. You’re just parroting the view of one of the most prolific killers in history as you advocate transforming society into an inhuman police state, just like that killer did.

    Death solves all problems – no man, no problem. -Stalin

    You’re seriously deranged, and the only one that doesn’t realize that is you (and possibly Olly, but there’s very little Olly understands).

    “Humanity’s answer to way too many questions in life is violence and aggression”

    More evidence of disconnect between yourself and those around you. You are calling for the murder of “criminals” as the standard of the criminal justice system, while still maintaining that too many people employ violence to solve their problems. That’s the thought process of a lunatic.


    Still smarting from the drubbing I gave you on the subject of classic liberalism? It’s your fault buddy. If you didn’t make a habit of intellectual fraud, it wouldn’t have been necessary.

  13. For anyone interested, H. G. Wells wrote a short story titled “The Country of the Blind” and was the basis of the movie I described. In it, the solution to the problem of the lead character’s eyesight which caused his “insanity” was to remove his eyes. You can read it at: http://www.online-literature.com/wellshg/3/ and read more information about it at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Country_of_the_Blind

    I believe the “movie” I saw was actually an adaptation of the story in an episode of The DuPont Show of the Week on TV in 1962 titled “The Richest Man in Bogota” and starred Lee Marvin.

  14. Tyger,
    I’ve found it essential when dealing with Anarchist to scrub his commentary for anything resembling constructive, non-vitriolic input; and then respond to what remains (if so inclined). His most recent post to you would most generously look like this; obviously, not leaving anything of value deserving a response.



    “Anarchist, committing violent crimes is not an accident. ”

    What relevance does that have to the discussion?

    ” Found guilty, violent criminals should lose their rights and be quickly executed.”

    You mean like they do in Iran or maybe Somalia?”

  15. “You truly are a disturbed old man.” LOL! Anarchist, thank you, but you are so far off the mark with your assumptions about me here I won’t bother to rebut them. Typical of so many people’s reactions, when you can’t refute the logic of an opinion, you attack the character of the person holding it. I try to be respectful of others, even when I disagree with their perspectives.

    Humanity’s answer to way too many questions in life is violence and aggression, both individually and as a group. What is Right is not as important to them as Who gets to be in Control and tell everyone else what to do. The statistics on crime and the number of armed conflicts and outright war is simple proof of that currently and throughout history. And those who are wealthy think nothing of enslaving in one way or another those who have very little.

    Along with a lot of reading and observations of human behavior and events, my frequent discussions with people, including many very intelligent individuals, have led me to my conclusions. My values and rationality prevent me from participating in the violence as you suggest I would if I were not so old.

    Someone suggesting that I am mentally ill is something I expect as an ordinary reaction to my beliefs. Contrary to the popular saying, in the Land of the Blind, a man with eyesight would not be king, but instead would be considered insane. That was depicted in a movie I saw long ago and I have found it to be true in real life.

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