Car Theft Suspect Racks Up A List of Wrecks and Criminal Charges in California

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 9.21.17 AMThe video below shows an extraordinary car chase in east Los Angeles. The gunman ultimately carjacks another car and leaves a path of destruction in his path after police tried to stop him on suspected car theft. He is now looking at a long list of crimes that will make the original car theft look trivial in comparison. Police shot the man as he tried to carjack another vehicle.

The car chase began around 5 p.m. and then unfolded on various highways and side streets. The use of lethal force in this circumstance will likely be viewed as facially justified based on (1) the fact that the suspect was armed, (2) he had threatened various citizens in the course of felonies, (3) he had endangered people in his reckless driving, and (4) was in the process of threatening citizens with yet another carjacking.

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  2. I have always believed that the jury was right, the prosecution didn’t make its case. I’ve continued to be skeptical that OJ did it.

    There is a book “OJ Simpson is Innocent and I can Prove it” by William Dear. He makes an excellent base that OJ’s son Jason should have been treated as a person of interest.

    Jason has long suffered from “intermittent rage disorder” and takes medication to control the rages. He stopped taking the medication shortly before the murders. He had previously viciously attacked two different girlfriends, nearly killing one (with a knife) and, at the time of the murders, was on probation for assault with a deadly weapon (a knife) when he attacked a previous employer.

    On the night of the murders Jason was substitute chef and was looking forward to cooking for Nicole and her family, including his step-siblings. Nicole stood him up. Jason’s alibi wasn’t. He has no alibi from 9:50 pm on. The murders took place between 9:45 and 10:05. The restaurant is only a few minutes from Nicole’s Bundy residence.

    Dear collected items from Jason’s storage shed that was auctioned off due to lack of payment. Items include a “cut and kill” knife, a photo showing Jason wearing a black knit cap and a yellow haired dog, and the ashes of the dog. The knit cap found at the scene had A-A hair and blond dog hair. The A-A hair was not matched to OJ. The knife butt matches the injury to Nicole’s head. One of Jason’s ex-classmates informed Dear that Jason was trained in hand-to-hand combat as well as field knife training while attending the Army and Navy Academy, whereas O.J. hates the sight of blood.

    There were fingerprints, blood samples, and blood and skin from under Nicole’s fingernails that were never identified. Jason’s fingerprints and DNA were not collected or compared.

    The day after the murders, OJ hired criminal defense attorneys for his two oldest children. While his daughter testified, Jason wasn’t even interviewed until he gave a deposition for the civil trial.

    1. bettykath – I agree that Jason should have been a ‘person of interest.’ However, the LAPD decided that OJ did it and looked no further.

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