Video Captures Man With Two Earphones in Ears and Reading Cellphone and Running Laptop While Driving

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 11.46.31 AMWe have previously discussed drivers doing their makeup or reading while driving, including some captured on our own cellphones. However, a cyclist hit the jackpot n Aberdeen with this guy who is wearing earphones in both ears with his laptop open near his lap while reading his cellphone.

The cyclist confronts the man who drives off with evidence embarrassment.

This driver shows the statistical margin of drivers who clearly will not respond to any level of educational or even deterrent programs. Despite the widespread stories on distracted driving and laws combatting such practices, this guy combined all three of the most common forms of distraction in a drive down a highway.

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  1. definitely not in atlanta. no Marlboro cigarette, cup of coffee and skoal. the hazard is confusing the coffee and the spit cup.

  2. Research has shown that those who claim to be multi-taskers do not and can not do the job to its full potential. This is another one of those who are living in denial–their lives, or the lives of others are in serious danger.

  3. we have one cell-phone, which is almost never turned on. we got it for road emergencies, period.

    we almost never have the radio on, because traffic is too bad in town, and on freeway trips, it’s more trouble than it’s worth trying to find a decent station!

    the one “distraction” we do indulge in is (while my husband is driving!) my reading aloud from whatever book we’re in, but I’m a scaredy-cat driver and keep at least a half an eye on the traffic too, so I shut RIGHT up if I see anything hinky approaching! until we’re passed or he tells me to go on.

    there are a couple of really empty stretches on our route and keeping the driver company is often my main contribution on these jaunts.

    There are times when I’m really glad my 22yo has no interest in learning to drive! (he has his bike, this town as fair bus service, and of course, he has his chauffeurs!)

    1. chimene – in AZ if you did not get your license right away they take your manhood card away permanently.

  4. I’m always amazed at how many times my wife tells me from the passengers seat that the truck driver we just passed was on his cell phone. What we started doing was taking down the license plate and calling the truck company to tell them.

    slohrss29, I agree. My issue is that we already have enough laws. We just need to start making the penalty severe enough. I believe here in NY, we have a 3 strikes law about phone usage. But I wonder how that even works since any time I’ve ever gotten a ticket, it has never been for what I did. The towns just want their money and take speeding tickets and reduce them to “parking on the pavement” whatever the hell that means. Our justice system is really just a lie factory.

  5. How this guy is doing all this I have no idea, but then I used to see women doing their makeup in the rear-view mirror as they were going down the freeway. Scared the hell out of me.

  6. My car is hands-free for the phone, which is very nice and I do have the GPS which is essential, since my wife can get lost in a parking lot. The GPS also updates on traffic, speed and traffic cameras. 🙂

  7. I absolutely understand and respect where Aridog is coming from. I have stated it before, driving is a privilege, and all driving offenses should be a lot tougher. As noted, people need to feel the sense of responsibility for rolling off in a hurtling 4,000 mass of steel. Consequences for not obeying the law should be tremendous. If you cook out of your house and think you can beat that red light on the corner, it should be in the back of your mind that if you don’t, it’s a $10,000 moment. I think if that demand starts there, cell phone usage will not be deemed to be worth the risk. After all, everyone of our vehicles is a possible agent of death, why not act like it?

  8. “Smart phone and cell phone use while driving should be against the law.

    What if you’re using Google maps for their spoken turn-by-turn directions?
    Imagine you are lost in a bad part of town.

  9. Nick…I am one of those troglodytes who never even turns on the radio while driving, with momentary exceptions for traffic reports from a local all news station…3 minutes at most.

    Jim22 … I have to disagree. Smart phone and cell phone use while driving should be against the law. The blue tooth option to defer is the least offensive option. You are driving a 4000 lb or so lethal weapon, and it deserves your foremost attention. The “consequences” after you’ve injured some one or killed them is little recompense. A cure beats punishment. I live in an area with lots of little kids who are not exactly predictable, so it is my job to pay strict attention…and not be on the phone. If up to me, the penalty for yakking on a phone while driving should be severe…say $500 or so….paid in 30 days or license to drive lost. There just is no excuse for it…for the same reasons you say you do not have a cell phone. Trust me, I resisted until the last moment….when my job required at least a cell flip phone. The Army can be a bit adamant. It is NOT a necessity. Short of a neuro-surgeon on an emergency call in, there is no excuse. And all he/she needs is notice to come to the hospital STAT….30 seconds, or less, max time on the line. “Freedom” has its limits and that is where you needlessly endanger others. Freeways and urban roadways are not the open skies where spaces between vehicles is measured in thousands of feet, not 10’s of feet. You get in your vehicle, leave the phone alone. If you don’t have one, because you do not need one, even better.

  10. Airdog,

    I have never been to war, but my heart gos out to anyone who has had to experience it. Fire and EMS scenes are the closest I’ve ever come. You train over and over, but when the blank hits the fan, it is chaos. Making quick decisions and trying to perform flawlessly is taxing. My first fatal turned into a double fatal. An elderly couple decided to do a u-turn on the NYS Thruway all the way from the right most lane. When I see people attempting to do an illegal u-turn on a highway now, I want to chase them down and beat them. You also get to see the worst of people at these scenes. At the Thruway incident, we managed to get a lane open on the shoulder and we caught people taking pictures with their phones.

    As for what to do about it? I’m actually against laws prohibiting phone usage. The laws should be on the other side of an event. You cause an accident and it can be proven you were on your phone, then you lose your license. Kill someone, you go to jail forever. The problem is we do not make the penalties harsh enough. Let the people play Russian roulette if they want as long as they know that there is something really bad waiting for them when they screw up.

    By the way, I still do not have a cell phone. I hate when the phone rings at home, why the hell would I want one attached to me?

  11. Ari, Hands free is less of a distraction, but still a distraction. But, so is getting into a song on the radio and singing like you’re Joe Cocker. Hell, changing the station on the radio is a distraction. I’ve worked cases where that caused an accident. You cannot eliminate all distractions.

  12. I confess I have no solution for the “smart phone” while driving except for diligent enforcement of prohibitions. Where I live it is against several laws, and yet happens more often than not….what are people thinking when they take a 4000 lb vehicle on the road, and relatively high speeds, and distract themselves in the process? I posit that they are not “thinking” at all…and that is the danger. My better half’s new vehicle, a cross over SUV, has the means for her to answer a call hands free and say she’ll call back later. At least that gives some measure of not interfering with attention on the job at hand…driving. We have myriad children in our neighborhood, and the worst thing to happen would be to harm one of those kids by inattentiveness. Yes, they dash out between parked cars…and you need to be ready for it, always. Nothing would crush me more than to harm a child for no good reason other than some innocuous telephone call. I am not sure I could survive such an event….at least not sane.

  13. Starting close to 2 decades, any accident I investigated, resulting in litigation, included getting cellular phone records of all drivers. I drive a lot. I can almost always tell, by the way the person in front of me is driving, if they are using a cellular device. They slow down a bit, they swerve slightly to erratically, and are generally inattentive to other vehicles. I then pass the person and see the cellular device.

    The case that caused me to start getting cellular records happened back in the 90’s, before cellular phones were so ubiquitous. It was a death case. The plaintiff[surviving spouse] sued our client for merging improperly onto an Interstate highway. Our client said the plaintiff just drifted from the right lane, into the merge lane, causing the collision. Our client did not see what the plaintiff was doing. The police photos showed a cell phone. I got the records and it showed the plaintiff was on the phone. The plaintiff was a contractor and he was speaking on his cell w/ a building inspector. I located the building inspector. He remembered the conversation and remembered the phone call ending abruptly. He had not heard of the accident. Cops in San Diego are vigilant in ticketing people for using cell phones while driving. They ticketed Maria Shriver when she was First Lady. I abide their vigilance.

  14. Ditto what slohrss29 said.

    I am not “macho” enough either to forget the tragic events I have witnessed, each one has shaped my outlook…and made me, forced me, think of ways we could avoid them. Even in war. A few night s ago I woke up in a drenching cold sweat and shaking like a leaf in a stiff breeze. I know why, I just wish it were not so. Going from “kick back” to full action where milliseconds count is wrenching…anyone who thinks otherwise has never been there, done that. I only wish I’d never have been through it anywhere. MY wish for the rest of us is that we’ll not let it happen again.

  15. As a first responder this is the best PSA I’ve ever seen.

    I’ve been to these scenes numerous times and this video captures what it is like fairly accurately. I always tell people that these accidents affect more people than just the ones who get hurt. It’s very surreal when your pager goes off at 2:00am or in the middle of a BBQ you are having and you find yourself suddenly thrown into a situation like this. We had one that was so bad that we had to have a counselor come in to talk to our group. I’m not macho enough to say that these scenes do not follow me, they do and I hope they always do since it reminds me I am still human.

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