Bad Hair Day Made Worse: Connecticut Man Allegedly Trashes Hair Salon Over Bad Cut

hc-stamford-bad-haircut-arrest-0221-20150220-001This may be a case where the mugshot is admissible as core evidence in a case. Alan Becker, 47, reportedly objected to a haircut at the Loft Salon in Stamford and became even more irate when he was told it would cost $50. What happened next may guarantee an institutional cut for some time to come for Becker.

Beck reportedly became loud and offensive after seeing his cut . . . and the bill. He allegedly yelled at staff, customers, threw objects, and kicked a hole in a wall. He then left only to return with a demand that they “fix” the cut. The owner called the police.

Becker is now charged with third-degree criminal mischief and breach of peace and released on a promise to appear in court.

You can be the judge. Is this a cut worthy of a felony charge?

Source: Courant

12 thoughts on “Bad Hair Day Made Worse: Connecticut Man Allegedly Trashes Hair Salon Over Bad Cut”

  1. It’s a good thing he didn’t murder his mother over birthing such a stupid child!!

  2. He doesn’t even realize that women’s haircuts, for the same length of hair, cost more than men. Just like their dry-cleaning.

    Welcome to getting hosed.

    If I didn’t trash the salon years ago when a new stylist gave me “natural looking” highlights that looked like a skunk stripe down the center of my head, then he should have found some inner dignity and walked out.

    Some of his lady friends should explain to him that he was just supposed to show up at his best friend’s house, crying, for some wine and chocolate.

    Men don’t know how to handle these things. 🙂

  3. If this guy has no record[unlikely], I see him going into deferred prosecution w/ the proverbial anger management course requirement.

  4. My godfather, Uncle Mickey, was a barber. So I got free haircuts. My mother was pissed that he gave me haircuts like he used a soup bowl to cut my hair. Mom was Irish and took crap from no one. She marched me back in and told uncle Mickey, “I’ll pay you for a haircut if that’s what it takes for you to do a good job.” The haircuts remained free, and they improved noticeably. What Mom did not know was in his back room, Uncle Mickey had nudie photos on the wall. So, I was doubly pleased they worked it out.

  5. Like my Dad used to say after my Mom gave us all haircuts, “The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks.

  6. Scraping the bottom of the barrel is always great fun — clicks for Neanderthals, as my wizened great-grandmother — Lota Spinelli — used to say.

    Especially when one sees who the first, and second, to lap up the detritus is.

    Great topics covered here, as this post so aptly shows.

  7. Once his hair was cut, he lost his power and his freedom.

    He destroyed the salon with the jawbone of an ass.

  8. I always use a discount coupon at Great Clips. However, from his mug shot he is due a fix up and a discount.

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