Teenager Arrested After Asking A Stranger On Facebook To Kill Her Aunt And Her Entire Family . . . Only To Learn The Man Was Her Aunt Under An Assumed Name

marissa-williams-2332f7208d0e6f00There is a bizarre criminal case in the making in Alabama where an aunt was having trouble speaking with her 19-year-old niece who had barred her from access to Facebook where she was connecting with strange men. The aunt proceeded to gain access by friending her as a fictional man. To her horror, her niece proceeded to try to get her (in her role as a man named Tre “Topdog” Ellis) to kill her and her family, including the family dog. The aunt went to the police and Marissa Williams is now in jail.

The aunt struggled to deal with her niece who was inviting strangers from the Internet to the house in Fosters, Alabama. The aunt barred her from going to parties with the strangers and monitored her account until Williams blocked her. That is when Tre was invented. On the first day they interacted online, Williams gave the fictional boy her phone number and home address and asked him to come over and get drunk with her. She also offered to have sex with him if he’d pay her $50 cell phone bill. Later, the conversation turned to Williams asking Tre to kidnap her and shoot and kill her aunt if she tried to stop them. She gave Tre details on how to get into the aunt’s bedroom to kill the aunt and her fiancé first before proceeding to kill her cousin and the family out — while she was loading the car.

Williams now insists that she did not really mean it, though the jury could find that hard to believe after sharing details with an unknown man on how to enter her aunt’s bedroom etc. She is now facing the charge of the solicitation of murder.

Source: al.com

16 thoughts on “Teenager Arrested After Asking A Stranger On Facebook To Kill Her Aunt And Her Entire Family . . . Only To Learn The Man Was Her Aunt Under An Assumed Name”

  1. Chilling.

    It sounds like she was living at the aunt’s house. What a tough decision. Move out and be independent if you don’t like the rules, or solicit a stranger to murder your aunt and her entire family.

    She sounds like a psychopath and I hope she’s off the street for a while. Somehow I don’t think she’ll “reform” into a great person.

  2. She tried to solicit murder of the family dog! The evil cat must have put her up to it.

  3. If she goes to prison, the legal system will be, once again, vilified for housing too many criminals. After all, it’s the corrupt American league legal system which imprisons too many of its citizens. I say let’s give her a key to the city. After all, our justice system has been responsible for a disproportionate amount of thugs in prison. It’s only fair.

  4. Keep your kids off of uttBayBook. The family should send Zuckerman a full account of this.

  5. “Are there no mental institutions?” This person needs to be studied and monitored close up for a while. She is dangerous.

  6. Thanksgiving is really, really going to be awkward at their house.

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