And The Greatest Living Woman Is . . . .

new-york-statue-of-libertyJust when I thought that I could not get more depressed about humanity, Fortune Magazine released its second annual list of the “extraordinary men and women.” The greatest female leader? Taylor Swift. Not German Chancellor Andrea Merkel. Taylor Swift. She was just two below Pope Francis.

Fortune Magazine selected those people who “are transforming business, government, philanthropy, and so much more.” The list was (1) Apple C.E.O. Tim Cook, (2) European Central Bank president Mario Draghi, (3) People’s Republic of China president Xi Jinping, (4) Pope Francis, and (5)India prime minister Narendra Modi. Then at 6 comes Taylor Swift according to Fortune.

Fortune based its ranking on the fact that Swift “the highest-paid woman in the music business.” After all what has Merkel done? She does not have a single POPS song to her credit.

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  1. JT

    Back to your being depressed about humanity, from a glass half full perspective, she is sixth and the magazine is Fortune, not a rag accepted as a benchmark of intellectual or spiritual stuff. The fact that she is even included on the list is depressing, of course, however this is Fortune magazine and their world is the material world.

    If she gets closer to the top or shows up in more humanly focused media venues, then I would raise an eyebrow.

    As I posted earlier, there are more serious examples of the vacuous state of the American mind. Again, I ask you to comment on the fact that the US is the only country that allows dangerous pharmaceuticals to be flogged through the media to the average Joe or Jill. The industry targets those least equipped to make a decision regarding the need for these drugs and then lobbies the medical profession and government to engage the desires of this duped public.

    This is a far more relevant subject regarding your depression stemming from this humanity, peculiar to the US. Take it up a notch.

  2. @happypappies: “KKK’s ‘white pride’ billboard stirs controversy in Arkansas”

    ‘Aren’t these costume parties getting a little stilted, maybe we should try a luau next time.’

    I am not worried about the Klan. I grew up at a time when the Klan was active. Fortunately, in our town the bigots only blew up class rooms in the middle of the night when no one was present and thankfully no one was hurt. Today, in large part, we know how to handle the clan.

    My worry concerns those who deny they are bigots, the ones who think there is a principle that justifies their discrimination, their bigotry, their hatred. We will have to push back. But, fortunately, this time the battle will be with words. Understanding takes time. It won’t end tomorrow or the next day. But we have all the time we need. Change is going to come. You can count on that.

    1. bfm

      But, fortunately, this time the battle will be with words. Understanding takes time. It won’t end tomorrow or the next day. But we have all the time we need. Change is going to come. You can count on that.

      Yes bfm “Changes in the Face of Strain Time may change me but I can’t trace time” David Bowie

      Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.
      Soren Kierkegaard

      1. @happypappies

        From Jonathan Chait we have this report:

        “Indiana Governor Mike Pence announced today that he will support new legislation to amend and clarify his state’s religious-freedom law, which may or may not have opened the door to legalized business discrimination against gays. Pence was forced to revise the state’s law by a swift and overwhelming social backlash supported by a number of business leaders.”

        So it looks like public opinion, well business opinion, can still sway political leaders.

        I don’t know what is so complicated about this. If you run a business then you serve all comers in part because business is not religion. Not unless you worship the dollar.

        Churches can’t run profit making businesses – not without giving up the protections we give to churches. And businesses cannot claim protection we properly give to churches. Seems like a nice clear dividing line to me.

        I have no problem giving churches and those engaged in worship broad range for their practice.

        I object to those who try to inject their religion into ordinary affairs, especially commercial affairs, to affect those who have no interest in that religion.

        I especially object when those efforts to inject religion into ordinary affairs either are or seem to be a cover for blatant discrimination.

        There are all kinds of regulations that determine how to run a business. One of those regulations is that you server all those who come to buy your product or service.

        1. bigfatmike


          Are you still cool with it when they don’t let the Jews into the Country Clubs Mike? Is that what you are saying because that is what I am hearing.

          Once again, I am 15 years old and the owner of the Country Club is telling Mike Shannon that Curt Flood cannot join because it will upset the folks, you know, please understand Mr. Shannon.

          Give me a Break.

          Yes, I am sorry, but we do not allow Homosexuals in here. You see – we are now past the cake stage and into you can’t come in my store. Because I don’t like the way that you live your life even though you follow all the laws and pay taxes bigfatmike

          Don’t you understand that the Civil Rights Acts passed gives people the right to go in and out where they want to go? How many more land mark cases have to pass before people truly are Christian in their behavior and love their enemy

          The Whole World IS SUPPOSED TO BE A CHURCH

          Especially if you say your religion keeps you from serving someone. You cannot serve 2 masters so that is a lie anyway.

          1. @happypappies: “Are you still cool with it when they don’t let the Jews into the Country Clubs Mike? Is that what you are saying because that is what I am hearing…. Don’t you understand that the Civil Rights Acts passed gives people the right to go in and out where they want to go?…. The Whole World IS SUPPOSED TO BE A CHURCH ”

            Thank you for your response. But I don’t have a clue where you got that. My remarks must be even less clear than usual. If this keeps up I may have to fire my editor.

            Recent remarks of mine pointed out that we either we are all safe (from discrimination) or none of us are safe.

            A different remark of mine pointed out that we should maintain a clear dividing line between church and religion on the one hand and business and commerce on the other.

            Recently I pointed out that complaints presented here that seem to blame the LGBT community are actually complaints about dress and decorum. Further I pointed out that dress and decorum are completely under control of businesses without inquiring about the partner or interfering with the lifestyle of the customers.

            It seems to me there is a fundamental contradiction between the view the civil rights act lets people go where they want to and the view the whole world is supposed to be a church. Who told you that? Where did that come from?

            I would argue that church is the one place where people have a right to discriminate all they want to. If the whole world is a church then that presents some very significant problems for the civil rights act. It is hard for me to see how or where the civil rights act would apply if the whole world is a church.

            Perhaps you should simply quote what you think you are hearing from me. I don’t recall mentioning Jews or country clubs at all. Perhaps you have mistaken me for a different big, fat, hairy man.

            But Right now I wonder if you aren’t suffering from an elaborate case of tinnitus. BTW, if you hear me saying anything else tonight, don’t answer back with you SSN or bank account number.

            1. bigfatmike

              I am confused now.

              Okay. You usually make a lot of sense but there is a lot of hate and bigotry going around here. I simply brought up some examples of my personal philosophy and expounded on them as we have agreed before that we do respect one another but don’t always agree.

              That being said – here is Wikipedia’s definition of a Church

              Church is a religious institution, place of worship, or group of worshipers, usually Christian.

              Mike —- Christians are taught not to discriminate —- and to love their neighbors as themselves and to love the Lord God First and a host of other things. Did you see the letter I posted. Christ says a lot about love and he deplores hypocrisy and that is what these Christian Businessmen want everyone to swallow as their reason.

              What difference does it make if you said anything about Jews and Country Clubs? The Example is good and it holds water. You know full well they were discriminated in this very country until recently and even now you hear all kinds of anti Semitism. It is more religious balkanization. We came here for freedom of Religion – now there are nasty shopkeepers saying no no no. And it will go backward into we will only serve our kind. Because we can. And because we are a Christian Nation 🙁

              What a circuitous argument you just put up. You said to keep business and commerce from religion. Soooo. What is Jewish and Country Club and Black man that is a famous St Louis Hall of Famer and in 3 World Series being refused admission because his skin is black?????

              Come on Mike — What does the First Amendment say? Color Race Creed Religion Press, we had to add to get the Blacks in, why do you even let the women in? Our Civil Rights bill never Passed.

              Don’t even say I am not making sense. What isn’t making sense is the reasoning behind why a business is allowed to refuse service when it’s no more than discrimination disguised.

              btw, many Christian Preachers want us to use the whole world as a Church to spread the word and help people.

    1. Max-1 – so? One guy doesn’t go to a meeting. Big deal. You are the one person we can depend on to jump in on any issue that even gets close to discrimination against gays. And you have taken the bait. po is our go-to guy for Islamic issues and Inga is our go-to girl for feminist issues.

      At this point we know your responses so well we could write them ourself, so if you need a week off just let us know and one of us will fill in for you.

  3. sorry about the scribd link… didn’t think the entire document would transfer over via page link. memo to self.

  4. And expanding on Fair Use practices. A case pending…
    Where a picture is worth a thousand words, and dollars.

    Defendants Jeanine Pirro and Fox News Network, LLC submit this memorandum of lawin support of their motion to certify the Court’s February 10, 2015 opinion and order [ECF No.71] (the “Order”) for immediate appeal, under 28 U.S.C. § 1292(b), and for a stay pendingappeal in this and a related action.
    In the Order, the Court denied Defendants’ motion for summary judgment on their fair-use affirmative defense, declining to find that Fox News’ use of a historical photograph in a Facebook post commemorating the anniversary of the September 11attacks was “substantially transformative.” The Order thus presents a controlling question of law:
    For fair use purposes, whether a secondary user may transform a visualwork by placing that work in a new context and for a new purpose, withoutsubstantial physical alterations
    (continued… but you get the idea)

  5. Yep, Max, I do feel like I need to shake off the stench of bigotry that was displayed in this thread today.

  6. JT
    please note that my use of ‘shake it off’ in the above post will soon become illegal to use… Taylor Swift #6…

  7. Now Annie,
    No name calling… someone’s feeling are being oppressed.

    Maybe she can shake it off with a poem…
    … We’ve now come full circle.

  8. I’m sure the KKK’s deeply held beliefs are a bit stronger today in Indiana…
    … Now that they know as business owners, they can discriminate.

    1. “I’m sure the KKK’s deeply held beliefs are a bit stronger today in Indiana…”

      Some people believe that African Americans carry the mark of Cain and that there are sound moral principles to shun and separate from them.

      Who wants to manage the pool for when we see the first test case claiming a religious exception for serving African Americans? Anyone want to argue: its not bigotry, its god’s will?

  9. Little Rock mayor asks Arkansas gov. to stop ‘divisive’ religion bill

    (Reuters) – The mayor of Little Rock has asked the Arkansas governor to halt a religious freedom bill similar to one recently passed in Indiana, saying in a letter on Tuesday the legislation is unnecessary, divisive and could hurt the state’s economy.

    The Republican-dominated Arkansas House could vote as early as Tuesday on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, just as human rights groups, business leaders and others across the country protest the new Indiana law, which has the same name.

    Both laws aim to keep the state government from forcing business owners to act against their religious beliefs, but critics say they could be used to justify refusing service to gay and lesbian people.

  10. Annie,
    What does society call the people who enjoy knowing their disdain can drive countless teens to their deaths?

  11. Annie,
    What does common society call people who berate the sick as if their illness is their fault and that they deserve to die? And do it in pomp and circumstances…

    And what do the professional doctors call them?

  12. I borrow a post found elsewhere…
    I mean, imagine you’re a gay or lesbian couple. You find yourself stuck in Indianapolis overnight because a storm forced your flight to divert, and the airline can’t get you out until the next morning. The airport there is nice but sterile, so you cab it into the city center to get a bite to eat. As you enter the restaurant, your spouse or partner holds the door for you while you shake the rain off the umbrella, and you say, “Thanks, dear.” At the front of the house, you can’t help but notice some whispering and furtive looks. Next thing you know, the manager is striding up to you. “We don’t serve your kind here! Because Leviticus!” Now, do you turn away in anger and humiliation, feeling yourself — incorrectly — to have been discriminated against? Nahhhh. You walk back out in the rain thinking, “My, what an admirable person of faith! How lucky we are to live in an Exceptional land, where sincerely held beliefs cannot be imposed upon in the name of a fleeting fad like social equality! Equality?? Nay! Social engineering! I’m certain that if we only founder about in the rain in a city we’re unfamiliar with, my co-sodomite and I shall find a soup kitchen or dumpster from which we can feed, while the Good Christian Volk of Indiana dine comfortably in the bosom of Jesus. God bless the USA!”

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