Georgia Teen Who Received Heart Transplant Goes On Crime Spree Before Dying In High-Speed Chase

anthony-stokes_c0-17-640-390_s561x327Anthony Stokes became a cause célèbre in 2013 when he was turned down for a heart transplant because of his “history of non-compliance” from juvenile delinquency to low grades to other bad habits. A public campaign led to a reversal of the decision and he received the heart transplant recently. He is now dead after going on a crime spree, including the attempted shooting of an elderly woman and running over a pedestrian.

On Tuesday, Stokes took his new heart out for a crime spree that began with a carjacking at a mall. He then kicked in the door of a home and burglarizing it. He then fired a shot at an elderly woman who was able to call police. He then took the police on a high-speed chase where he hit a pedestrian and then a pole.

At the time of the transplant controversy, the family spokesman Mark Bell objected to the doctor’s criteria and said “I guess he didn’t think Anthony was going to be a productive citizen.” The objections to the denial raised valid question of the criteria used in such cases in terms of the predictive “positive” contribution of a recipient.

While it seems the center’s “contraindications” proved prophetic in this case, there remains the question of whether doctors should make such judgments based on a recipient’s character or social record as opposed to age and health.

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    1. trooperyork/Trooper York/Trooper york – I hope you are all the same person. 🙂 If it was going to be a chest implant it would not take so long.

  1. @NickS

    Thankfully, some places, like California, have plenty of resources to spend on thugs!

    Los Angeles (AFP) – A federal judge in San Francisco has ordered California to pay for a sex-change operation for a biologically male prisoner that could cost as much as $100,000.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  2. All resources are limited, a basic rule of economics. Money and PC call the tune in too many allocation of resources. This organ allocation helps folks who may be on the fence see that. The rich and protected classes are elevated in our culture. All others are SOL.

  3. The problem is that some deserving family man or a Mom or a young girl with her life all ahead of her didn’t get a transplant because it went to Mickey Mantle, Larry Hagman, David Crosby or this Michael Brown clone guy. That is the real issue.

    Money and politics call the tune. As usual.

  4. @trooperyork

    Certainly giving the thug a heart transplant was a bad decision, but in retrospect, isn’t is great to say, “I told you so!” I suspect that is what really stings some of the lefties here. The argument isn’t all theoretical and symbolic anymore. The “wave function” has collapsed, and we find out the cat was a bad little kitty!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Squeeky – with some hormone work she will make a good looking woman. Needs work on her lips.
      I am contemplating ’boutique surgery’ (a term I just learned) and several doctors are running me through a bunch of tests to make sure I am a good surgical risk. At the rate they are going it will be mid-May at the earliest. God knows how long it would be if it were heart surgery.

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