Virginia Woman Hits Another Car And Continues To Drink Beer As EMT Tries To Assist Her

tricia+kight1Tricia Kight, 41, could not have made it easier for prosecutors. First she struck another vehicle seriously injuring the other driver. Then she was found to have five times the legal limit for blood alcohol level. Then, as the EMT attempted to treat her, she grabbed a beer to keep drinking. When the EMT pried the beer from her hands, she reportedly grabbed another beer.

Kight received one year and 10 days in prison — a sentence that the permanently injured victim may view as light. She will understandably be required to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at least three times per week.

Police report that Kight had not only consumed a 12-pack of beer, but she had also taken two Percocets. She was reportedly on the way home from purchasing more beer but never made it home due to the accident.

The woman struck by Kight suffered extensive neck injuries and now has screws and plates in her neck.

Source: Scripps Media

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  2. Nick

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    1. Issac – A Confederacy of Dunces is a great book. I heard they were finally going to film it.

  3. I’m curious as to what her driving record looks like. Usually people with such a serious alcohol problem have a history of driving while intoxicated and tend to chalk up multiple arrests for this. Pretty sure that this isn’t the first time that she’s been caught, although it may be the first time that she actually injured someone. Either way, her sentence appears very light, given the severity of the victim’s injuries.

    1. bam bam – I drove back from a drive-in in my early adult years a distance of some 30 miles where I was seeing double. Never hit anyone or anything. God protects drunks and idiots. 🙂

  4. We need Prohibition. That includes tobacco, alcohol, prescription drugs, meth, pot, herons, sea gull, tooth fairies, and war mongers.

  5. AA and/or counseling, plus months of probation reporting in person, is always “voluntary” in serious cases…you have a choice, AA etc. or long term jail in many jurisdictions….like where I live. We still seem to have too many drunks driving so there is always opportunity for more voluntary AA 🙂

  6. I don’t see much, if any, concern for the victim with the neck injury and years of pain ahead of her. How about making that drunk pay the medical bills and then a decade of hard labor without booze?. Forget the AAA. Stop playing games with these people ruining lives.

    1. m fenton – I think her insurance will pay for the damages. Had she not had insurance there would have been additional charges.

  7. Yes, AA has saved a lot of lives. Some people can quit on their own, others need a lot of help.

  8. Its astounding how much alcohol tolerance can build up in heavy drinkers. I knew a guy who drank a bottle of whisky a day, and I never found him “drunk” – he always *seemed* to be completely functional and in control.

  9. She is not as ugly as that new tv screen in the outfield at Wrigley Field.

    1. There are really some hard feeling about that tv screen at Wrigley Field. 🙂

  10. In fact, it probably took a couple of weeks in detox to dry her out.

    1. Lawrence – she continued drinking. So what she was when she was driving could have been lower. At 0.40 she is lucky she was able to lift the can of beer.

  11. Squeeky, Thanks. I like her political/cultural writing, I’m an art idiot.

  12. Mr Turley, much respect and admiration on your stand against Executive over-reach. I have a hypothetical for you….suppose a man has a minor fender bender, gets out of his car, sits on the hood with a six-pack and starts downing beer. How do they prove he was drunk before the accident or after??

  13. @NickS

    The Paglia book is not political or anything. It is just various art movements and trends through a series of images. But, there is a political undertone to some of the art, like the Fluxus movement, and Eleanor Antin’s stuff, which I had never seen before or heard of. But, she did this “100 Boots” thing which is wild and way out, like this image:

    The book is very reasonably priced, and on glossy paper. So it would be a great gift book for somebody if you are not into art stuff.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  14. Squeeky, Thanks, much. I loved the Keith bio. I wish I had a glossary of Brit slang when reading it. Let me know your take on the Paglia book.

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