Long Island Doctor Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Kill Competing Doctor and To Burn Down His Office

279B57E600000578-3040684-image-a-4_1429129084204There is a bizarre case out of Long Island where Dr. Anthony J. Moschetto, a cardiologist, allegedly had the office of another doctor torched, then attempted to have the doctor killed to get his business. The evidence in the case presented at the press conference is equally notable, though less compelling than the rest of the reported case against Moschetto.

Then Moschetto allegedly tried to hire an undercover police officer in a failed attempt to have the doctor hurt or killed. Police say that he used drugs, guns and blank prescriptions as currency for the hit on his competitor. He also allegedly offered $5,000 to have him beaten and put in the hospital for a couple of months and pay $20,000 to have the other doctor killed.

2798EE4E00000578-3040684-image-a-12_14291339911092798EE4A00000578-3040684-image-m-11_1429133984968Moschetto allegedly hired two men to burn down the victim’s office, though the damage proved minimal since Co-defendants James Chmela (left), 43, of Selden, and James Kalamaras (right), 41.

With the undercover officer, the case seems quite challenging for the defense. However, the display of “weapons” found in Moschetto’s house is less compelling — shown here. With the exception of the guns, the knives seems clearly to be collector and decorative blades. There is no suggestion that Moschetto planned to carry out the hit himself and these types of displays seem more sensational than relevant.

With two possible cooperating witnesses and an undercover officer, the pressure for a plea bargain will be significant.

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