Florida Couple Facing 15 Years in Jail For Tryst On Beach

article-0-1FE0C18000000578-622_306x423article-0-1FE0C17C00000578-883_306x423A Florida fitness trainer, Elissa Alvarez, 20, and his girlfriend, Jose Caballero, 40, have been found guily in a notorious case where they were filmed having sex on a public beach in front of families with children. There is general agreement that Alvarez and Cabellero were disgusting and shocking in their conduct. There is little debate that they deserved to be arrested for lewd and lascivious exhibition, particularly with a videotape and calls to the police. However in a move that has become all-too-common , the prosecutors are set to punish the couple for not pleading guilty by pushing for an absurdly draconian sentence against Caballero of up to 15 years in jail.

Keep in mind that both Alvarez and Cabellero will have to register as sex offenders — a huge penalty that comes with social stigma and living restrictions. There is no need for a lengthy jail sentence. These two have been widely (and legitimately) called low-life pigs.

article-0-1FE0A1C400000578-602_634x436The two decided to go to trial despite the videotape and eyewitness testimony. They both insisted that they were not actually having sex. While it was a weak defense case, they have every right to seek a verdict. However, prosecutors now take the view that if they demand for a plea is ignored, they are relieved on any further duty to be reasonable and just in their indictments and sentencing arguments. I have seen this happen over and over again. It is vindictive and retaliatory against those who want to go to trial. I have had prosecutors tell me that “this is how the game is played” — you defy the state on a plea and they throw the book at you. However, the result is clogging our jails with excessive sentences and maintaining a crippling threat against those who simply want to seek a verdict on their charges. Assistant State Attorney Anthony Dafonseca voiced the same lack of any responsibility in seeking the maximum sentencing – blaming the couple the heavy potential sentence for seeking a trial: “We gave them a reasonable offer, what we felt was reasonable, and they decided it wasn’t something they wanted to accept responsibility for.”

Caballero is in the worst position because he served in the past for trafficking cocaine.

Once again, the conduct of these two deserves serious punishment, but 15 years? What do you think?

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  5. That the Lord is watching out for public morality. Indeed, If they had not been in the missionary position, hard time for life only should have been part of the sentence. Various Degrees of public sex has been a part of most cultures for thousands of years and there can be little doubt but that most of humanity has suffered. The very thought of children thinking sex is anything but private and shameful fills me with fury and a desire to direct our overworked and inept police departments to use more resources to stamp it out and violent criminals can be chased later. When I was a Lifeguard in the 60s’ on Daytona Beach we were forced to go so far as to tell them to “put a blanket over it.” How fortunate we got the Puritans and the Australians got the convicts where you merely get a ticket for this conduct on most beaches.

  6. My take on this case, that I have read about further from other sources, is that the behavior of the prosector and assistant prosecutor in seeking these sentences is a much greater affront to law, order and justice than the violation of the two defendants.

  7. I. Annie


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