State Department Classifies Dozens of Additional Clinton Emails

225px-Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_cropThe controversy over the use of a private server by Hillary Clinton has deepened with the classification of an addition 41 messages by the State Department. While Clinton has insisted that there was nothing classified on her email system and that any dispute is just a bureaucratic squabble “between agencies” the classification of many of these emails is no surprise to many of us who regularly deal with classified material. The classification of these emails will likely reignite demands for Clinton to turn over the server and raise the question of those thousands of emails that Clinton’s aides unilaterally deleted before turning over emails to the government. The classification level however of most of these messages are at the lowest level of such designations.

Clinton continues to stress that she did not send or receive any material marked classified. I have previously discussed why that explanation is less than compelling, particularly for anyone who has handled sensitive or classified material. As I discussed earlier, virtually anything coming out of the office of the Secretary of State would be considered classified as a matter of course. I have had a TS/SCI clearance since Reagan due to my national security work and have lived under the restrictions imposed on email and other systems. The defense is that this material was not technically classified at the time that it was sent. Thus it was not “classified” information. The problem is that it was not reviewed and classified because it was kept out of the State Department system. Moreover, most high-level communications are treated as classified and only individually marked as classified when there is a request for disclosure. You do not generate material as the Secretary of State and assume that it is unclassified. You are supposed to assume and treat it as presumptively classified. Otherwise, there would be massive exposure of classified material and willful blindness as to the implications of the actions of persons disregarding precautions. For example, there is not a person standing next to the President with a classification stamp in the Oval Office. However, those communications are deemed as presumptively classified and are not disclosed absent review. Under the same logic, the President could use a personal email system because his text messages by definition are not marked as classified. This is the whole reason that Clinton and others were told to use the protected email system run by the State Department. We have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to secure such systems.

Clinton portrayed the dispute as entirely removed from her controversial decision to use a personal server — a move that gave her total control of the server and ultimately allowed her staff to delete thousands of emails before turning over emails to the State Department: “They can fight over it or argue over it. That’s up to them. I can tell you what the facts are.”

The second installment of emails from Hillary Clinton’s private home-brew server were found to contain classified material, though it appears to have been classified at the lowest level of “confidential.” As Secretary of State, she was one of the very top targets for foreign surveillance and yet refused to use the State Department system designed to protect such messages despite their importance to the United States. For example, one message reportedly concerned information then-Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman wanted Clinton to have before she took a phone call with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

The email controversy appears to bit part of an overall slump for Clinton who has fallen in recent polls. While Democratic loyalists still give her solid marks, polls show a growing view of Clinton for many as not being trustworthy.

The classification of much of this material at the confidential level is still much better than it could be. My assumption is that, if such to classification review at the time, many of these communications would have been classified at the secret level given their sensitivity and connection to ongoing diplomatic actions.

The review is ongoing for those emails turned over earlier by Clinton.

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  1. As people in Washington gain more and more power, they don’t think they need to live by the rules. That’s why there should be term limits.

  2. The leak to the NYT was from the WH. They HATE Hillary. What people who don’t know how politics really works do not understand is that the NASTIEST backstabbing is done intramural.

  3. Trying to figure out which emails are classified.

    Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton’s State Department

    Under Clinton’s leadership, the State Department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments have given money to the Clinton Foundation.

    The Clinton-led State Department also authorized $151 billion of separate Pentagon-brokered deals for 16 of the countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation,
    resulting in a 143 percent increase in completed sales to those nations over the same time frame during the Bush administration. These extra sales were part of a
    broad increase in American military exports that accompanied Obama’s arrival in the White House. The 143 percent increase in U.S. arms sales to Clinton Foundation donors
    compares to an 80 percent increase in such sales to all countries over the same time period.

  4. And then there’s the political disaster of Trump. He’s useful in that his irreverent attitude makes him talk about issues without worrying about PC, but inappropriate as a candidate for President.

    I find it inconceivable that this is the best a nation of millions of people can do as far as candidates.

  5. What I find most troubling is that these are only the emails that Clinton allowed us to see. She deleted thousands of others.

    I just can’t believe Biden is now possibly running, too. Remember when he said how surprised he was that an African American could be as articulate as Obama?

    Then there’s Elizabeth Warren, who’s still claiming to be a Native American in spite of definitive evidence that she is not, and using the “you didn’t build that line.” Bull. Small business owners DID build that infrastructure, roads, bridges, and schools. And we built our businesses with great personal sacrifice and financial risk. The people who have never worked have not built anything. We don’t mind helping out those in need, down on their luck, or those on disability, but don’t turn things around and claim we didn’t build anything. That’s just offensive. We all use the schools, roads, and bridges our taxes pay for, so don’t suddenly single out one group of people as being unfair for having used what we paid for.

  6. Either way, I’m not voting for Monica Lewinsky’s ex boyfriend’s wife…

  7. I hope that the information about Hillary’s sex acts with female impersonators does not come out. We need Hillary to run against The Donald. I think that The Donald will win the Republicon nomination. Immigration is a big issue. Mr. Gorbachov please build up that Wall !

  8. And they are looking for the missing emails from her assistants that did not go through the State Dept. server. Huma is also being charged with being paid when she was supposed to be on vacation.

    The wheels on the bus are coming off, coming off, coming off. The wheel on the bus are coming off. Early in the campaign.

  9. There are already calls out for a criminal prosecution for HRC. Her worst days are coming. A new movie on Benghazi is coming out, a new book name Bill’s latest bimbo and her numbers have dropped to 40%. Soon her positives will be lower then her negatives.

  10. Please note the ‘criminal investigation of HRC” has been dropped from this post from our favorite RNC host, Professor Turley. He also has dropped any mention of Inspector Generals. The NYT had to make two corrections to that ‘story’ which was ‘leaked’ to the Times by Republican staffers. Too bad Professor Turley sees no need to correct his partisan hackery.

  11. So many worthless politicians running for President…

    I’ll have a wager myself. Prove me an honest man who can serve the Office of the President with a high moral fiber, honest integrity, and unshakeable devotion to serving his own People, as is the quote “to be Chief is to serve the people.

    My wager is… there is none. Prove me wrong.

  12. Josh, We will get some Hillary sycophants defending her here. But, they like to sleep late.

  13. Queen Hillary team is busy:

    Deny the truth
    Blame the messenger
    Blame Republicans
    Demonize and intimidate critics

  14. Could you imagine a Biden-Trump election?

    The battle of the mouths.

    No idea who would win, but I know who would lose – the U.S.

  15. Biden is running. With all the sympathy coverage and then him being Obama’s shadow since the funeral, he will parlay his son’s death into a run for Prez. He’s a shameless politician.

  16. Clinton is doing what she always does – whatever she wants. Then shrugs it off – I didn’t break any rules, etc etc etc. Then after some times goes by, it’s old news – let’s move on. I hope this sticks this time.

  17. Independents don’t trust her. Better get Crazy Joe Biden warming up in the bullpen.

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