DNA Reportedly Proves Harding Sired Daughter With Mistress

220px-Warren_G_Harding-Harris_&_EwingElizabeth Ann BlaesingDNA testing has reportedly settled one of the longest running scandals in presidential history: Warren Harding’s fathering of a daughter with mistress Nan Brittan. The Harding family and supporters long trashed Brittan for her account of a long affair and child, but the testing of the grandchildren of Brittan has confirmed her account.

It turns out that Warren G. Harding was not only a uniquely poor excuse for a president (according to historians in various polls) but a uniquely poor excuse for a person. While popular before his death in office, Harding is now viewed as the worst president by many historians and regularly listed among the worse failures. Various scandals like Teapot Dome undermined that legacy, but it was not until after his death that his affairs came to light.

220px-Florence_HardingPortrait_of_Carrie_Fulton_Phillips_holding_two_puppiesHe was of course married to Florence Mabel Harding (left). However, he had an extramarital affair with Carrie Fulton Phillips of Marion (right), which lasted about fifteen years until 1920. Despite letters clearly showing the existence of the affair, Hardings family and supporters fought to destroy or bury the letters to protect his reputation. There was a lawsuit over the letters which eventually were handed over to the Library of Congress.

Harding-master315JP-HARDING2-blog427Harding later had the affair with Nan Britton, the daughter of one of his best friends. What is truly astonishing is that her father, Dr. Britton, had told Harding that his young daughter had a crush on him. Harding met with her and said that he discouraged her. He was still having an affair with Phillips at the time. Later however he began an affair with his friend’s daughter. After she graduated from high school, she went to New York and began the affair with Harding while working as a secretary. She would later write the first tell-all book entitled The President’s Daughter after she was left with nothing to support herself or her daughter. This included an account of making love in a coat closet with the president.

Britton said that Harding promised to support her but that the First Lady saw to it that she received nothing. The blame on Florence Harding however missed the point. Harding took no steps to support his mistress (or his daughter) after his serial adulterous relationships. The family and friends of Harding attacked Britton — even claiming that Harding was sterile and could not produce children. Like the earlier affair, the Britton affair resulted in its own lawsuit — a defamation lawsuit (Britton v. Klunk) where she alleged defamation over the claims that she made up the affair. She lost due to the lack of evidence to support her account. That evidence now exists in the form of DNA with a 99.9 percent certainty.

Elizabeth Ann Blaesing died in 2005. Her mother Britton died in 1991. However, Britton’s grandson, James Blaesing, 65, is still living and fought to vindicate his grandmother and mother. He has succeeded against the determined efforts of the Hardings and their supporters.

James Blaesing insists that this is a “true love, especially on her side, and I know he felt the same way. And he got trapped.” I hope that that is true but I am less generous toward Blaesing’s new found grandfather. While taking care in every other aspect of his life, Harding did nothing to ensure the future for his mistress or their child. He also had an adulterous affair with his best friend’s daughter after a long affair with another woman. That does not offer one much faith in Harding as a person or a president.

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  1. Maybe there is some factor in politics which promotes guys with itchBays for wives to high office. I don’t think that The Donald will cheat on his wife. What a Fox. By the way, what does the Kennedy Foundation say about all the hookers that Bobby and John Boy porked while in office?

  2. Pogo said,
    “And he still enjoys significant influence, thankfully.
    So adultery and mendacity didn’t matter then and don’t matter now.

    What is honor? Just a word.”
    Well, SC voted to put their philandering Governor Mark Sanford-R, into the House of Representatives. I guess they didn’t hold honor in such high regard.

    1. Annie, They didn’t even care that Sanford, the governor, left without notice, without designating a person to act in his stead in case of emergency, lied, left the COUNTRY, was incommunicado, and of course was cheating on his wife. That shows how much the GOP voters care about such things. Hell, a couple of DUIs will make his resume complete so he can run for President or serve as VP as the idiot duo Bush/Cheney did.

      1. randyjet – doesn’t the Constitution of the state have a succession in office clause? Our’s does. And it has been used several time since I have lived here.

  3. Compared to the wild and rampant escapades of JFK and his wing man, Bobby, this guy looks like a boy scout. JFK did more women in a single afternoon than Harding could have dreamed of sleeping with in a lifetime. How many of these horndogs sired offspring out of wedlock? Plenty. My only surprise? Just how homely and plain the mistresses appeared to be in these photos.

  4. Chief Consort – the god being referenced is the one who is going to smite you mightily.

    I like to think that God has a sense of humor and recognizes sarcasm.

    1. Chief Consort – the god being referenced is the one who is going to smite you mightily.

  5. Warren was the first Feminist President, as Ms. Brittan learned she could be a single mom who didn’t need a man (*spit*) for her identity or for money.

    Warren was also the first black President, as his behavior mirrors the vast majority of black families, being matriarchal and within which black men merely sire and nothing more.

    Warren was also,clearly, the first Clinton, PBUT.

  6. Our presidents, were not only morally bankrupt but since 1865-1871-1873-1933- 1945- 2008-20013-2015
    Oversaw and ( overlooked) the financial ruin spawned by them, and predecessors.

  7. OK, he was a lowlife. But politicians should be allowed to have a mistresses. Because if they’re not doing it to their mistresses they’re doing it to the country.

    1. RSA – if they are doing it to the mistress they are doing to the country, too.

  8. Darren – to ‘save the family’ it was not uncommon to disown the mistress and their offspring. Today you just move them all into the same house.

  9. I thought Jimmy Carter was our worst President, but then there was Obama.

  10. The comment by Darren Smith above is spot on. The Harding Family needs to be told to shut up.

  11. I recognize society engendered different mores ninety years ago, but the Hardings dishonored themselves greatly in their abandonment of his daughter and her mother. How loyal to one’s country can a president be when he will not recognize his own child?

  12. I wonder if I’m correct in finding it typical of America’s puritanical attitudes, that the character of a man who has not drawn breath in nearly a century arouses such venom in a jurist and scholar but noted for excessive displays of passion.

  13. I always thought Buchanan, beside being our first gay President was also our worst. Of course, Harding gave him a run for that title. Then we have W Bush who will surely rank near the bottom as he sat for 20 minutes while the US suffered its worst attack in history and did nothing.

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